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Example sentences for "bounder"

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boundaries; boundary; bounde; bounded; bounden; bounders; boundes; bounding; boundis; boundless
  1. It is not fair the way you have been treating me ever since that yellow-headed bounder came.

  2. Dundon hit a bounder down into the infield.

  3. White cut a high twisting bounder inside the third base, and before the ball could be returned he stood safely on second.

  4. Hathaway's expert contortions saved his head and body on divers occasions, but presently a low bounder glanced off the grass and manifested an affinity for his leg.

  5. The game opened with White's sharp bounder to the infield.

  6. Fear of exposure quite upset him, and what do you think the bounder did?

  7. I was struck quite dumb--speechless with indignation, and for reply I gave the bounder a blow that sent him sprawling.

  8. I was met by the bounder of a banker, the Lady Maria, and my uncle, the then Rev.

  9. I remember one night we were carousing at the ‘Oriole,’ Beebe and I at one table and the bounder with his audience at another nearby.

  10. He, bounder that he was, treacherously sent our letter, with a very complimentary one inclosed, to the Lady Maria.

  11. The bounder was an elderly cad, a noisy brute when in his cups, which was very often, I can assure you.

  12. Finally, she had the beastly cheek to threaten to leave him for a bounder of a Frenchman who sold sausages, or something of that sort.

  13. You cannot imagine how dreadfully difficult it is for a chap to keep in the straight and narrow path of rectitude; even if he is a bounder he will find it difficult to resist some of the temptations.

  14. Now, the bounder was in a quandary--fairly stumped.

  15. Then Church hit a fast bounder to the left of Arthur who made a great stop and throw to Hal, retiring Church.

  16. The next batter hit a slow bounder between the box and first.

  17. Everson hit a bounder to Hollins who let it roll between his legs, and Johnny was safe.

  18. He hit the first one hard--a bounder to Hans, who threw to Delvin, and Beach was out.

  19. When the bounder at Castleford had been discussed Lewisham presented his paper, and the precise young man with his eye still fixed on the waterproof collar took the document in the manner of one who reaches across a gulf.

  20. A bounder of that kind can't have a particularly nice time," he said, "anyhow.

  21. That bounder at Castleford has answered me," said the new-comer in a fine rich voice.

  22. He was rather a bounder too, but of course I had to help them.

  23. It was exhilarating, it was superb, it was ineffable, the joy of seeing Alan hand off a Modern bounder and swing the ball out low to him crouching vigilant upon the left.

  24. Mattison is the little bounder he always was--a month hasn't changed him--except for the worse.

  25. But Bounder blinked indifferently as the coming boat drew near and nearer.

  26. Do you believe me, Mr. Farwell, that there Bounder knows the engine of our boat!

  27. Just then Bounder raised his head and howled.

  28. Anyhow, I'm not going to exhibit myself as a joyous young bounder who thinks he can do anything he likes because he's the son of a rich man.

  29. She threw a half-glance at Norman, such as to absolve her in his mind from having intended this; but she shouldn't have given the bounder the opportunity of joining her in that way.

  30. She's a wicked old woman that and worthy of her bounder of a nephew.

  31. But how, if that bounder has got the place for himself?

  32. This would have been the ideal environment for our Gilded Rose; and I felt more venomous than before, if possible, toward the rich bounder who posed against such an unsuitable background.

  33. I believe I saw that Errol bounder talking to her--the one who was here the other day.

  34. The fellow is an infernal bounder through and through.

  35. I even met that little bounder at the Rifle Club the other day.

  36. Matthews had forgotten, too, what an imposing individual the bounder really was.

  37. What annoyed him, what amused him, what in spite of himself impressed him, was to see how the bounder ignored advantages of position.

  38. He knew more about the bounder than the bounder thought, and it was not he who had knocked at the bounder's gate.

  39. The bounder must have known, as he sat smoking his cigar and ironizing on the ruins of empires, that the safe and settled little world to which they both belonged was already in a blaze.

  40. The cheek of the bounder was really beyond everything!

  41. I reckon the daffy old bounder don't know no more'n we do about it," growled the rat-faced sailor.

  42. I'm afraid I'd be a blooming bounder as a wild man," laughed Clayton, ruefully.

  43. She wouldn't dream of it--a bounder like that!

  44. That kind of bounder never does any one any good but himself.

  45. This I do in honour of thy strangerhood, for I love the stranger and hold myself bounder to do him devoir.

  46. The loony thing then betrayed me to another bounder who happened in, but I found a way out and up onto the roof where I have been for quite some time now waiting for a chance to get down into the street without being seen.

  47. If it was not for losing the machine," the Englishman explained to the girl, "I'd let the bounder take it up and break his fool neck as he would do inside of two minutes.

  48. To which he replied that if a man was a bounder he found it exceedingly difficult to become a blue.

  49. But soon Bounder began to scratch at the door with his little, sharp claws and to make queer little whine-y sounds; and Bruno's bushy tail went "Rap!

  50. Bounder was jumping up and down and all over the room, and at last he spied Elinor's slippers on the floor and caught up one of them between his sharp little teeth and ran round and round the room with it.

  51. You see, Bruno and Bounder did not often have so nice a little visitor, and they were ready to begin play that very minute.

  52. Why, Bruno and Bounder somehow got into the house before seven o'clock that morning, and came leaping up the stairs, and went straight to Elinor's door.

  53. But Bruno chased Bounder all round the room trying to make him drop the slipper, while Elinor stood still and laughed and laughed and laughed!

  54. And just as soon as Elinor had had her breakfast, she ran out and had a fine romp with Bruno and Bounder in Grandmother's garden.

  55. Why, Bruno and Bounder didn't give her time even to call Nurse Norah and get dressed.

  56. But just then Nurse Norah came rushing in from the next room, asking what was the matter and in a minute, the naughty Bounder was made to give up Elinor's slipper, and Bruno chased him all the way out of the house.

  57. The bounder was interested, but, after a bounder's fashion, was either nervous or imagined that a show of hesitation looked shrewd.

  58. Your air of ingenuous ignorance is the cleverest thing about you," which agreeable implication of the fact that he had been privately observant and impressed ought to have fetched the bounder if anything would.

  59. What a bounder the unfortunate young man was!

  60. The only thing he did know was that she had a cousin who was obviously a bounder of the first water.

  61. He's been a bounder from the time he learned to talk, sets your teeth on edge; as some fellow said, every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot into it.

  62. The bounder cousin was coming out as he entered.

  63. Now, how comes it that such a refined and ladylike girl as that should have such a bounder of a brother?

  64. Perhaps a closer association with the bounder brother would produce a chastening influence.

  65. How could this imperial-looking girl have such an unmitigated bounder for a relative?

  66. The bounder cousin was the son of a self-made man, a parvenu.

  67. It would be perhaps too much to say he was either a bounder or a cad--he's not boisterous enough for the one or common enough for the other.

  68. His glance roved in the direction of Stella, talking, as it appeared earnestly, to that bounder of a cousin.

  69. Bounder was written all over him, in his appearance, his manners, his gestures.

  70. What is the mystery of the bounder cousin?

  71. She wasn't going to trouble about a title or a name: if a rich bounder came and proposed, he'd do.

  72. It was that young bounder who arranged things.

  73. You left the way open for that little bounder Carraby and he'll do for us.

  74. And she passed it on to that shocking little bounder of a husband of hers!

  75. I used to be a horrid little bounder before I met Jake.

  76. That's the fourth time you've called me a bounder since we came in.

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