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Example sentences for "bounding"

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bounded; bounden; bounder; bounders; boundes; boundis; boundless; boundlesse; boundlessly; boundlessness
  1. The great desert tracts never had tree or plant life in profusion, but the hilly regions bounding these, and the inward slopes of the Sierra Madres were formerly covered with thick forests, and in some regions are still so covered.

  2. It embraced all that enormous area of territory of Texas, New Mexico, California, the whole of modern Mexico and Yucatan, and the present south-bounding republic of Guatemala.

  3. Again a bugle-call, and the sliding doors leading from the corral are opened, and a bull, bounding forward therefrom, stops short a moment and eyes the assembled multitude and the men on horseback with wrathful yet inquiring eye.

  4. He had not gone far when he heard a rustling of the leaves, and looking back, beheld the graceful form of Sally bounding towards him.

  5. Just then a little black terrier came bounding forward and frisked round the Captain.

  6. The trapper did not perceive him until he had approached quite close, when they again put on a full head of steam, and they went bounding forward at a rate which threatened to tear them to pieces.

  7. You would descend the long slope of Chumulari, and straggling through the labyrinth of rugged foot hills that surround it, you would reach the brow of the bounding precipice; but there you must come to a halt.

  8. On one side of the valley, near to the base of its bounding cliff, you might see a white vapour ascending from the surface of the earth.

  9. The log was jerked over the ground, bounding from point to point, occasionally swinging in the air, but only for a few seconds at a time.

  10. The valley measured from the edges of the escarpments of the upper plain FF is about a mile in width; but from the bases of the bounding mountains it is from three to four miles wide.

  11. Tis Juno prompts thy daring steps to climb, And girds thy bounding heart with matchless might.

  12. The hue grew darker and darker, as the mass of waters seemed sloping upwards as they went, till they looked like a dark mountain bounding forth to engulph us—and I retreated almost in fear.

  13. Below, the waves in surges roll, Bounding and white as Grecian steeds, That bore their monarch to the goal.

  14. And Atwater was bidding his girl farewell, when a man came bounding along the platform with a paper in his hand--the marriage license.

  15. He hated the national uniform as intensely as his master did, and came bounding towards Frank as if his intention was to eat him up at once.

  16. The measure struck the king favorably, and Arioch, with a bounding heart, was on his way.

  17. The conspirators, with bounding hearts, made their way in haste and entered the house of President Fraggood, and there gave vent to the fiendish joy of their malicious hearts at the success of their nefarious scheme.

  18. Partisan, bounding to his feet almost in fury; "great God!

  19. Above the dark margin of the earth appeared foreshores and promontories of coppery cloud, bounding a green and pellucid expanse in the western sky.

  20. Then Sir Humphrey turned, after a whispered word or two with Mistress Mary, and rode back to Jamestown; and the black lad, bounding in the saddle like a ball, after him.

  21. On the further side of the strait, the Isle of Wight upreared its green and wooded slopes in fair perspective; its northern shore, from Nettlestone Point to Egypt, bounding the view.

  22. The contrast was so pleasant, and forthwith the bounding of that gay heart, and all its bright dreams and sunshiny anticipations came flushing back again.

  23. She was seventeen only, and her heart was bounding high within her.

  24. Down, down it rolled, repeatedly bounding over rocks and through bushes, until it found a resting place quite out of sight near the bottom of the canyon.

  25. While on one down hill course we found ourselves continuously outside the road, bounding over stones, with the horses in a panic and on a dead run.

  26. A bounding movement, a roaring noise, a crowd of people who look horribly tired, a boy who passes up and down hurling pamphlets and sweetmeats into your face: that’s an American journey.

  27. The wide long area of the Row, its red-brown surface dotted with bounding figures, stretched away into the distance and became suffused and misty in the bright thick air.

  28. So leaving the rest to follow or not as they would—we got on our horses and started at a gallop, Shiekha and Sayad bounding on in front of us delighted at this unexpected run.

  29. This ridge was not altogether a mile and a half in length, and behind it there were other ridges of the same colour bounding the horizon with edges as sharp as icebergs.

  30. Southwards the country was exceedingly broken, hilly, and confused; but there was a line of hills bounding this rugged region to the eastward, and immediately beyond that range were the plains I had crossed in going to Mount Lyell.

  31. As he passed the animal he gave it a blow on the head with another stick, and bounding on after the other was soon out of our sight.

  32. Deer of various species were seen bounding along in unrestrained freedom, chiefly small animals; now and then a herd of pallah or koodoo would make their appearance, sorely tempting the hunters to go in chase.

  33. All at once the lion stopped, then gazing a moment at the intruders, galloped off after the cubs, but the lioness still came bounding on.

  34. Just as he spoke, a troop of graceful pallahs appeared bounding along in the distance.

  35. Mr Quince, springing up like lightning, bounding in the air with the pain, his hands behind him still adhering to the frying-pan.

  36. The bounding spurs which hem in the Banahal valley descend almost perpendicularly upon the Chenab, and dip at last very abruptly to that river.

  37. But this way of bounding the counties being found more inconvenient than the other, it was changed by a law into what it is now.

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