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Example sentences for "boundless"

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bounder; bounders; boundes; bounding; boundis; boundlesse; boundlessly; boundlessness; bounds; boune
  1. In a boundless coil of mischief pure senselessness will entangle you.

  2. A speedy meal revived him, and he was soon discoursing on O'Connell and many other persons and things, with boundless force and vivacity.

  3. He went on to speak of Stanley's boundless generosity and brilliant gifts, his genial and attaching disposition.

  4. The boundless vista opened out by the six holy syllables is thus expressed by Edwin Arnold in the concluding lines of his poem, The Light of Asia: The dew is on the lotus.

  5. From my window I saw again, sharp and clear, the crests of the Himalayas, and beyond the mountains and valleys of Tibet stretched out in a boundless sea.

  6. We cannot decide which bank is nearest, and we seem to be in the centre of this boundless lake.

  7. Then I moved over to the Viceregal Lodge, and again enjoyed the same boundless hospitality of Lord and Lady Minto.

  8. But all was in vain--ride as far and as fast as I would, nothing was visible but a boundless sea of grass.

  9. Not a sign of man was visible in this stupendous park--a boundless ocean of grass and foliage.

  10. For a while she never thought herself quite safe when near the queen, but the dislike of the latter to her arose entirely out of her boundless affection for the boy.

  11. I have lost a friend of boundless kindness, at an age when it is very unlikely that I should find another.

  12. The deer, buffalo and antelope then roamed these boundless prairies, but they have all disappeared.

  13. Then because it is Life guided by Love it must also be Light, that is to say, the primary all-inclusive perception of boundless manifestations yet to be.

  14. Perhaps He sent the lad here to mould his character upon the plan of the great wide wilderness and boundless sea, and to fit him for some noble part that he is to play some time in life.

  15. Abel's great, generous heart went out to the child in boundless sympathy.

  16. Stories of this boundless fertility are rife here.

  17. We can almost see the shadows of the past escaping into the dim woods, or flitting over the boundless prairie, shivering at the fearful whistle, and seeking shelter from the wind of our darting.

  18. It will bring him in contact with all the famous of letters and poetry; he will fight over again numberless quarrels of authors; he will soar in boundless Pindaric flights, or sink, sooth to say, in unfathomed deeps of bathos.

  19. Therein the vicious brutality, the boundless injustice of rank.

  20. And that because of his humanity, his boundless love, his oneness with the disinherited of the earth, and his sympathy with the struggles and the travail, the hope and the despair of every human soul.

  21. When boundless wealth releases woman from every family care, she immediately makes herself a new set of cares in another direction, and has just as many anxieties as the most toilful housekeeper, only they are of a different kind.

  22. But his brother Jean has not ten thousand pounds a year,--nothing like it; but he makes up for the slenderness of his purse by boundless fertility of invention and delicacy of practice.

  23. Perhaps the chief of police feared that he had gone rather too far, though the stubbornness of his ideas was at least equal to the boundless devotion he felt for his master.

  24. But if the surprise of the correspondents had been great at meeting Nadia on the raft it was boundless when they perceived Michael Strogoff, whom they had believed to be no longer living.

  25. It is a boundless plain, a vast grassy desert; earth and sky here form a circle as distinct as that traced by a sweep of the compasses.

  26. They were then crossing a boundless desert, in the midst of which was lost the little river.

  27. A hushed agony was upon me, as before I had known its boundless bliss.

  28. For some moments I remained stationary, looking out upon the boundless landscape before me.

  29. These The unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, For which the speech of England has no name-- The prairies.

  30. In one direction the view is that of a boundless plain of verdure; and at intervals in the deep emerald is caught the gleam from the glassy surface of a lake, of which there are many scattered over the peninsula.

  31. What a boundless range for the workings of imagination!

  32. The prospect in this direction is boundless for miles around, till the tree-tops blend with the western horizon.

  33. In the rear lies a dense green clump of oaks, and in front is spread out the village, with a boundless extent of prairie beyond, covered for miles with cultivation.

  34. With other results of the tillage of that rich and boundless estate, the nation's mind, so long fallow, so negligently worked, I shall not at present concern myself.

  35. No class of his fellow-creatures was excluded from the influence of his boundless zeal.

  36. And here, at once, the glittering saloon Bursts on the sight, boundless and bright as noon.

  37. She passionately gazed at the vast sea, glittering in the sunlight, and the boundless sky empurpled with fire.

  38. As a means of impressing Leo not only with his friendship but with his boundless wealth, he determined to entertain his Holiness with hospitality so lavish that it would put to shame the very feasts of Lucullus.

  39. That whatsoever boundless wealth like his, And genius high, can compass, rare or fair, Was brought before the guest.

  40. Are the love and admiration that were paid you merely as an amiable woman to be compared with the enthusiasm I inspired, and the boundless empire I obtained over all that was celebrated, great, or powerful in the age I lived in?

  41. Many efforts were made to have his decree of exile annulled; but they failed through his own peevish insolence and his boundless ingratitude.

  42. It is a conundrum as boundless as truth and God's justice, and as solemnly deep in its sure consequences of evil as eternity, and as sure to come as that is.

  43. A singular group they presented, standing on the broad and seemingly boundless prairie--the March wind moaning through the old oaks, and rustling the brown grass.

  44. A single drop in the boundless deep of eternity!

  45. As a mother, so long as she lives, watches over her child, her only child, so among all beings let boundless goodwill prevail.

  46. And Buddhism is a subject which must continue for a long time to present the student with a boundless field of investigation.

  47. The apparent death is only the commencement of a new existence, a new link added to a boundless and uninterrupted chain of successive lives--a simple palingenesia.

  48. Through His all-atoning merit, He has brought us near to God: For the boundless grace that saves us We His name will magnify; He is coming in His glory, We shall see Him by and by!

  49. We must draw upon God's boundless stores of grace from day to day, as we need it.

  50. He had married, and this increased his difficulties, until party came athwart him with its promises of boundless honour and rapid fortune.

  51. From that instant I was another man; I breathed freely, and, recovering my voice and mind together, I plunged boldly into the boundless subject before me.

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