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  1. On this occasion Eveena and Eunané were with me, and the astronomic pictures which were to be presented to us, and which they could enjoy and understand almost as fully as myself, sufficiently occupied our time.

  2. A marvellously perfect example of Martial art and science is furnished by the Observatory of the Astronomic Academy, on a mountain about twenty miles from the Residence.

  3. But she was far more than a mere relative of these immortal leaders in astronomic science.

  4. Now, the point of interest in the present connection is that the astronomic relations which occasion these peculiarities are not constant, but undergo a slow periodic change.

  5. The remaining astronomic rhythm of geologic import is the variation of eccentricity.

  6. In a purely astronomic question the appeal lies, not to Scripture, but to astronomic science.

  7. Questions in astronomy, such as those which Turrettine and the opponents of Galileo entertained, must be tried, we hold, not by a revelation never intended to teach astronomy, but by the findings of astronomic science.

  8. And yet this scheme gave law to the world for more than six centuries, and lay like a nightmare on physical discovery, astronomic and geographical.

  9. He failed in discovering in all astronomy the fact of authorship, just as Turrettine had failed in finding in all Scripture the fact of astronomic construction.

  10. The astronomic objective with its small angle of aperture has not undergone particularly important improvements.

  11. Here we are to spend two or three days, making a series of astronomic observations for latitude and longitude.

  12. We also desire to establish an astronomic station here; and hence this will be our stopping place for several days.

  13. Two days were thus lost, and the intended astronomic observations were far less numerous than they might have been with the aid of a competent assistant.

  14. Intelligence was immediately sent to the commissioner, by whom the assistant he had retained in camp to aid in astronomic observations was sent to take the place of the surveyor.

  15. The smoke of this vast extent of combustion obscured the heavens and rendered astronomic observations difficult or prevented it altogether.

  16. The courses and distances thus measured, and corrected for the variation of the compass, were compared with astronomic observations for latitude and with longitudes deduced from chronometers.

  17. An express was therefore sent forward to stop the boats, and, the party encamping, astronomic observations were made for the solution of the difficulty in which it appeared to be enveloped.

  18. The commissioner and the remaining engineers were detained at Metis by the necessary astronomic observations.

  19. The result of the astronomic observations seemed to show that the main stream would lead too far to the eastward, and after mature deliberation it was resolved that the course should be retraced and the Mistigougeche ascended.

  20. Renwick and Lally on Lake Temiscouata, returned to the river Du Loup for the purpose of making astronomic observations.

  21. Every other year, he took a vacation of a few weeks in Europe to visit his astronomic friends, and to speak at their societies.

  22. Nautical Almanacs abet the practice by never publishing, consciously, contemporary values of astronomic constants; thus avoiding committal to doubtful results by the simple expedient of not printing anything not known to be wrong.

  23. The discrepancies between theory and observation attracted the attention of the astronomic world, and the idea of another planet began to be in the air.

  24. Day and night alone of our astronomic relations would remain.

  25. Humanity by this time would have been made acquainted with its sinister intent from astronomic calculation, and would watch its slow gaining in conspicuousness with ever growing alarm.

  26. Fire prevails in the heart and the thoracic viscera, which bear an astronomic relation with the south.

  27. In early life he had studied astronomic globes, purchased at the cost of many a dinner, and the orrery(sp), and attended lectures at the Royal Society.

  28. Paine recognizes a deity only in the astronomic laws and intelligible order of the universe, and in the corresponding reason and moral nature of man.

  29. Though we may not always be as patient toward them as we should be, it is our acceptance that the astronomic primitives have done a great deal of good work: for instance, in the allaying of fears upon this earth.

  30. There is no discussion of this remarkable subject, no mention in any other astronomic journal.

  31. My notion of astronomic accuracy: Who could not be a prize marksman, if only his hits be recorded?

  32. Logicians and detectives and jurymen and suspicious wives and members of the Royal Astronomic Society recognize this indeterminateness, but have the delusion that in the method of agreement there is final, or real evidence.

  33. Then we realize that the spiritual world does not form some now unseen and distant region of the visible creation, but that the astronomic universe is a speck lying in the invisible bosom of the spiritual world.

  34. What a splendid, almost incredible task man has already achieved in disentangling the apparent astronomic motions and converting them into the real ones.

  35. May we not trust that at last it shall be as complete as the evolution of the astronomic motions already is, and a divine empire of holy and happy men be the goal of history?

  36. As the astronomic world expands, the astronomer's mind dilates and must be as large as it in order to contain it in thought.

  37. In association with the measureless spaces and countless worlds brought to light by astronomic science naturally arises the question whether the other worlds are, like our earth, peopled with responsible intelligences.

  38. His great circles and spirals have a kind of astronomic completeness.

  39. Forms were distinct, but they were rigid, and painfully reminded me of the astronomic maps.

  40. It is by the aid of astronomic laws; for instance Newton's law.

  41. II Comparison with Astronomic Observations Can the preceding theories be reconciled with astronomic observations?

  42. Or else they observe an astronomic phenomenon, such as an eclipse of the moon, and they suppose that this phenomenon is perceived simultaneously from all points of the earth.

  43. Astronomic observations and the most ordinary physical phenomena seem to have given of these principles a confirmation complete, constant and very precise.

  44. To sum up, the only sensible effect upon astronomic observations would be a motion of Mercury's perihelion, in the same sense as that which has been observed without being explained, but notably slighter.

  45. So for the velocity of light a value is adopted, such that the astronomic laws compatible with this value may be as simple as possible.

  46. The astronomic universe is formed of masses, very great, no doubt, but separated by intervals so immense that they appear to us only as material points.

  47. If astronomic aberration happens, it is because the source, a star, is in motion with reference to the observer.

  48. I have said above that, according to the ordinary theories, observations of the astronomic aberration would give us the absolute velocity of the earth, if our instruments were a thousand times more precise.

  49. Michelson has shown us, I have told you, that the physical procedures are powerless to put in evidence absolute motion; I am persuaded that the same will be true of the astronomic procedures, however far precision be carried.

  50. All the new discoveries in the heavens waited upon the new astronomic methods, and the end is not yet.

  51. Even the pole star in astronomic time will vanish.

  52. In him astronomic science seemed to awaken suddenly to a true inductive method, and after him to fall into its old slumber for 300 years.

  53. Physical sages there were; but they were geometers and mathematicians, rather than astronomic observers and inquirers.

  54. The astronomic system credited to the emperor Yao (2000 B.

  55. Least of all would a layman ridicule or question the painstaking labor involved in astronomic work, though he cannot see a glimmer of light or intelligence in the enigmatical pages.

  56. Such an attitude of the mind renders one incapable of appreciating anything in astronomic research beyond that which can be measured and photographed.

  57. Unless we deny the astronomic measures, and the most convincing geometric operations, the Earth's diurnal motion of rotation is a certainty.

  58. In our somewhat foggy climates, it can only be discovered once or twice a year, and then only by looking for it according to the indications given in the astronomic almanacs.

  59. We can sound the abysses of astronomic space easier than we can sound the abysses of geologic time.

  60. Apparently, however, the deity has an astronomic significance and seems to symbolize a star.

  61. The two gods must, therefore, have either a parallel or an opposite astronomic and calendric meaning.

  62. In regard to the significance of this deity, he doubtless represents the personification of a heavenly body of astronomic importance, probably the polar star.

  63. K appears as regent of the year, is an argument in favor of his astronomic significance.

  64. It agrees with the calendric and astronomic character of the Maya deities in the manuscripts, that a number of the figures of the gods are used in connection with specified cardinal points.

  65. We mean that resulting from a certain slow astronomic rhythm, by which the northern and southern hemispheres are alternately subject to greater extremes of temperature.

  66. Astronomic space is strewn with dead worlds, as a New England field is with drift boulders.

  67. In our astronomic age there are probably vastly more dead suns and planets strewing the depths of sidereal space than there are living suns and planets.

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