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Example sentences for "astronauts"

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  1. Such a drug, which is of special interest to astronauts who might be required to subject themselves to varying belts of radiation, might be of even greater use in the cause of civil defense.

  2. Another possibility of handling some of the biological problems of space flight, suggested by another physician, would be for astronauts to discard the 24-hour Earth day and establish a longer rhythm for their lives.

  3. Astronauts will not be able to take large supplies of food on their voyages and probably will have to reuse what they do take.

  4. The purpose of this type of research is to understand and use reduced metabolic activity in astronauts on future extended space flight.

  5. Questions were answered concerning the physical and mental demands that the astronauts would encounter during space flight, and it was shown that these demands would not be excessive.

  6. Application to Spacecraft System A bioregenerative life-support system will be required in long manned space flight, especially with several astronauts such as would be required for a manned mission to Mars in the 1980 time period.

  7. It has been suggested that astronauts on prolonged space missions be put in a state of suspended animation until their destination is reached.

  8. Formula Diets The tacit assumption which now prevails, "Astronauts even on short-term missions require a diet of great variety," is apparently not well supported.

  9. The daily food requirements, for example, of astronauts during a voyage of several months can constitute a major portion of the weight and storage capacity of the spacecraft.

  10. Comparative appraisal of bone mineral behavior in astronauts participating in the Gemini and Apollo programs will be invaluable for future flight missions.

  11. Since motion sensitivity based on vestibular stimulation differs widely among individuals, the selection of astronauts may solve the problem of zero-g vestibular disturbance.

  12. NHK says they received it from a manned space station, but they've checked with NASDA and have been assured there are currently no astronauts in orbit by any nation.

  13. Japanese satellites and Japanese astronauts subsequently will be launched from either the Baikonur Cosmodrome or the Tanegeshima Space Center as schedules mandate.

  14. His latest book, The Right Stuff, deals with the age of rockets, the early astronauts and the world of military flying.

  15. When the seven Mercury astronauts were chosen, they were not the seven hottest test pilots in America, although they were presented as such at the time.

  16. The arrival of the astronauts as a type completely upset the competitive hierarchy of flying.

  17. It's very enjoyable to work on a subject like that after a long haul of writing about astronauts -- essentially because it's easier.

  18. Mercury astronauts and the world of military flying.

  19. Mission Specialist Hawkins said to the technician who was monitoring the auto-correlation noise reduc- tion systems needed to communicate with the astronauts once in space.

  20. He looked at the forest and imagined what astronauts saw when they catapulted into orbit.

  21. Unfortunately, most Americans no longer watch space launches, and those that do tune out once the astronauts are out of camera range.

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