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hotly; hotness; hott; hotte; hotter; hou; houblons; houer; houghed; houghs
  1. The thermometer is pretty regular, however, and ranges from sixty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit during the year, January being the hottest month, and July the coolest.

  2. Adam Hepburn, although fighting in the very hottest forefront of the battle, marvellously escaped unhurt.

  3. It was easy to see that when the approaching crisis came he would be found in the hottest forefront of the battle.

  4. This pathologic state is observed only in the hottest regions of the earth.

  5. Unfortunately, the period for campaigning in the Soudan is in the hottest months in the year, on the rising of the Nile at the end of July, when the cataracts begin to be practicable for navigation.

  6. The fight was hottest around the hill on which the picket had been stationed, now the most advanced point of the Carlist line.

  7. It was the hottest of hot weather, the window was up as high as it would go, but not a breath of air came in.

  8. Mr. Brandon, who felt chilly on the hottest summer's day, and was afraid of showers, buttoned on a light overcoat.

  9. This was only visible during the hottest part of the day.

  10. In flood-time it is dangerous, and it is in the hottest of the hot weather months that the route is fullest of the moving khafila crowds.

  11. It consisted of a succession of dishes highly seasoned with the hottest sort of pepper, generally drowned in rich gravy, and composed of such things as cheese, chunks of meat, corn meal, and the like.

  12. He was a typical Rocky Mountain man, wearing even in the hottest weather his fur cap with the tail hanging behind, his deerskin moccasins, and his fringed buckskin hunting shirt.

  13. And then just at this hottest moment came the blow which has been told of in the last chapter.

  14. And thus, partly on Sir Lionel's account, Miss Baker began in these days to have perhaps her hottest fit, her strongest wish with reference to her niece's marriage.

  15. From the hottest day in summer to the coldest day in winter there isn't a change of more than forty degrees, because Bermuda is surrounded by water and is near warm ocean currents.

  16. We condemn the boy for exaggerating in order to tell a wonderful story; but how much more truthful are they who "never saw it rain so before," or who call day after day the hottest of the summer or the coldest of the winter?

  17. They had no real defences, inadequate supplies, and almost no servants, and it was the hottest season.

  18. These remain thus under their silken tent throughout the hottest hours of the day, and venture out to feed only during the early morning and in the evening.

  19. Their wings are rather short and broad; their bodies are very thick, terminating in a broad tuft of hair; and the perfect insects fly during the daytime, delighting in the hottest sunshine.

  20. These moths delight in the hottest sunshine, and may be seen gracefully hovering over the flowers in our gardens, looking more like gnats, bees, and wasps, than moths.

  21. This moth is on the wing throughout the hottest months of the year--May to September, and will often greet you as you roam over flowery banks in search of butterflies.

  22. But in either case the question arises, why are they torpid during these the hottest months of the year?

  23. Our hero covered himself up with his cloak and drew his travelling cap over his eyes, though it was one of the hottest days of this singularly hot autumn.

  24. Another of this faction is for "registering the names of the fittest and hottest brethren without lingering for Parliament;" and another exults that "there are a hundred thousand hands ready.

  25. Their slanders were not only coarse buffooneries, but the hottest effusions of hatred, with an unparalleled invective of nicknames.

  26. This hoss doesn't savey what the human for perambulate is, but I'll walk plum to the hottest fire in your settlement, if that's all you mean.

  27. In May, the former author found, in a hive in which he had lodged a small swarm, that the thermometer indicated a degree of heat above that of the hottest days of summer[286].

  28. In such a hive the workers do not destroy a single drone, though the hottest persecution rages in all the hives around them.

  29. Glaucon came last, and won his victory with a dexterous grace that made all but the hottest Laconian swell the “Io!

  30. It had so been named by the lady; but he rode in his hottest mood of Nay to that, yet careless of first or last so he could see her again.

  31. But so he fully purposed at that time, being in his hottest temper of Yea.

  32. He was a religious man, a pious man, the hottest fighter with the coolest judgment of any I have ever known; a great lover of one woman.

  33. The wind blew very cold from the northwest, and the driver assured me that, during the hottest weather in summer, the air is cool and bracing upon this lofty highway.

  34. Breezy in the hottest weather, and always enlivened by pleasant company, the sojourner need not step from beneath its shadow to view a most wonderful variety of pleasing objects in nature and art.

  35. Let hell receive you riveted in chains, Doom'd to the hottest focus of its flames!

  36. The tree to which Putnam was bound was about midway between the combatants, and he stood in the center of the hottest fire of both, utterly unable to move body or limb, so firmly had the savage secured him.

  37. The cannonade produced a great panic among the Indians, yet their leader, who was seen at all points, and in the hottest of the fight, kept them long from retreating.

  38. In the hollow at the foot of these hills the hottest of the battle was waged.

  39. The hottest of the fight occurred upon the slope between the large tree and the meeting-house.

  40. The hottest of the fight occurred," says Hawkins, "between the right of the race-stand and the martello towers.

  41. My flask held exactly a bottle of wine; it was covered with thick felt, which on being soaked in water has the effect of keeping the wine quite cool for an incredibly long time, even in the hottest weather.

  42. Then, again, in the hottest summers there are violent hail-storms, and in half an hour he may see his promising crop beaten to the ground.

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