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  1. Meanwhile astronomers and physicists have been gradually setting limits to geological time until they have now reached conclusions strikingly in contrast with those held by the mass of English geologists forty years ago.

  2. The long list of distinguished astronomers who have been students at Michigan may be said to trace their academic lineage back to his acceptance of this position.

  3. It is recorded that the Moorish astronomers used the tower as an observatory.

  4. From the summit of the Giralda, astronomers surveyed the spangled sky, making observations for the construction of astronomical tables.

  5. The astronomers must be duffers," said Prince Ricardo.

  6. Oh, Jaqueline, was it honourable, or fair to the astronomers and men of science, to say nothing about it?

  7. The astronomers of Pantouflia, who conceived that they knew a great deal, had certainly been taken by surprise this time.

  8. It was common among the ancients to presage the birth of a god by the appearance of a mysterious star, and for astronomers to hasten to adore the new-born deity and present him gifts.

  9. Now, these people were great astronomers in very ancient times, and were accustomed to veil their occult science under just such allegorical personifications and fabulous tales as this of Abraham.

  10. It is, however, very probable that the astronomers availed themselves of such a height above the plain in order to escape from floating vapours and to gain a wider horizon.

  11. He gives a résumé of what he believes to have been the chief results obtained by the Chaldæan astronomers (pp.

  12. He at once sent word of the fact and the observatory staff turned out to see it, for a projection has for workers on Mars the like interest that a new comet possesses for astronomers generally.

  13. Few astronomers even fully appreciate how much this means, so used does man get to slowly changing conditions.

  14. The disk would seem unnatural to astronomers were it duly righted.

  15. In order to make it possible for vital processes of any sort to take place, the body of a planet must be clothed with an atmosphere, by the modesty of nature, the old astronomers would have said.

  16. Kepler also sent a copy of his book to the imperial astronomer, Raimar, with a complimentary letter, in which he exalted him above all other astronomers of the age.

  17. The whole art of astronomers was then directed towards inventing and combining different eccentric and epicyclical motions, so as to represent with tolerable fidelity the ever varying phenomena of the heavens.

  18. The majority of modern astronomers who did not admit the existence of any solid matter fit for producing the effect assigned to it, found a reasonable difficulty in acquiescing in this explanation.

  19. He then warns astronomers not to engage with too much warmth in a discussion on the distance of comets before they assure themselves to which of these two classes of phenomena they are to be referred.

  20. In 1604, the attention of astronomers was called to the contemplation of a new star, which appeared suddenly with great splendour in the constellation Serpentarius, or Ophiuchus, as it is now more commonly called.

  21. Astronomers had been long aware that the earth in different parts of her orbit is at different distances from the sun.

  22. Astronomers were sorely puzzled to explain the irregularities, and to reconcile facts with laws.

  23. The path of Uranus had been calculated by the astronomers with scrupulous care, and every known element of disturbance had been considered; not by one, but by many.

  24. Astronomers declare there are spots upon it, which may be the case, unless the savans have been misled by specks of dirt on the bottom of their telescopes.

  25. Among the illustrations are portraits of a few of the eminent astronomers of the past.

  26. However, neither heavenly bodies nor astronomers have anything to do with Patusan.

  27. The Harvard astronomers do not confine themselves to the types mentioned above, but fill up the intervals between the types with sub-types which are designated by the name of the type followed by a numeral 0, 1, 2, .

  28. Through the systematic researches of the astronomers we may be sure that no bright stars exist at a distance smaller than one siriometer, for which the distance is not already known and well determined.

  29. Besides the eye, the astronomers use a photographic plate, bolometer, a photo-electric cell, and other instruments.

  30. Regarding the distances in the stellar system the astronomers have had a varying practice.

  31. The astronomers have therefore attacked the problem in the following way.

  32. The zero-point is now almost unanimously chosen by astronomers in accordance with that used by the Harvard Observatory.

  33. During the last few years the astronomers of Harvard and Mount Wilson have produced a collection of “standard photographic magnitudes” for faint stars.

  34. Arguing from these statistics some astronomers have put forward the theory that the stars in space are divided into two classes, which are not in reality closely related.

  35. The difference tells us how far the pole has moved since those old forgotten astronomers did their work.

  36. Whether the mountains of the moon are arranged in this way or in that is no further an object of interest to astronomers than is a knowledge of the mountains of the earth to others.

  37. Halley had actually held a captain's commission in the Royal Navy, and commanded a ship; Maskelyne, more than any of the Astronomers Royal before or since, made the improvement of the practical business of navigation his chief aim.

  38. But it promises to be of the greatest value in the solution of a question in which astronomers must always feel an interest, the determination of the distance of the earth from the sun.

  39. The eight Astronomers Royal have, as already said, kept the Observatory strictly on the lines originally laid down for it, subject, of course, to that enlargement which the growth of the science has inevitably brought.

  40. The project was thought over in all its bearings, and in 1887 a great conference of astronomers at Paris resolved upon an international scheme for photographing the entire heavens.

  41. An old lady who had attended a University Extension lecture on astronomy was heard to exclaim: 'What wonderful men these astronomers are!

  42. It will be convenient to divide the history of the first seven Astronomers Royal into three sections.

  43. The satisfaction of viewing with one's own eyes some of the things the astronomers write and talk about is very great, and the illumination that comes from such viewing is equally great.

  44. More experienced astronomers than Mr. Lowell have been unable to see at all things which he draws with a fearless and unhesitating pencil.

  45. I would like to have a few astronomers for my friends.

  46. That is when astronomers think the collision took place which produced this new star.

  47. I wonder if astronomers feel a very deep interest in earthly affairs?

  48. Only spurious star-parallaxes had claimed the attention of astronomers until F.

  49. Egypt, falls into line with the astronomers of Bagdad.

  50. Babylonian astronomers in the attempt to determine through calculation the beginning of a certain year.

  51. Hipparchus Among the astronomers of antiquity, two great men stand out with unchallenged pre-eminence.

  52. One of the astronomers was reporting to Ianito, referring to a sheet of calculations he held in nervous fingers.

  53. Io, your astronomers call this body, and it's a world sadly in need of this marvelous k-metal.

  54. Astronomers find that they must allow for what they call "equation of time" in order to make their calculations come out true.

  55. We have seen clockmakers developing from priests and astronomers and blacksmiths and locksmiths and jewelers; but here is a new gateway to the trade.

  56. Astronomers to-day can figure out in advance what is to happen in the heavens with an exactness which would have seemed magical in olden times, and is hardly less astonishing even now.

  57. When we consider that these astrologer-astronomers did not have telescopes or our other modern instruments, it is marvelous to see how many of the laws of the heavenly bodies they really did find out for themselves.

  58. The choice of "sixty" was not a chance shot or accident; it was carefully selected for practical reasons since these old astronomers were wise and level-headed men.

  59. Some say that the Pope did according to his best ability, and would make us believe that neither he nor his astronomers knew what the error was.

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