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Example sentences for "astronomically"

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  1. Astronomically this new sun was the Regenerator, by which all Nature was renewed.

  2. The expression, "the watches or stations of the moon which marked the progress of the month," is unsuitable when astronomically considered.

  3. Serpent-holder--that is to say, the three out of the four serpentine forms that hold astronomically important positions in the sky.

  4. For myself, the narrative appears to me astronomically too incomplete for any astronomical conclusions to be drawn from it.

  5. The Missouri compromise line, extending to New Mexico and California, though astronomically the same with that in Louisiana, was politically directly the opposite.

  6. A third class objected to the extension of the Missouri compromise line, because in its extension that line, astronomically the same, became politically different.

  7. He is astronomically located in Capricorn, the sphere of the hierophants in the Egyptian Mysteries, and the mansion of the guardians of science.

  8. Many ages anterior to this began in India the dread of Ketu, astronomically the ninth planet, mythologically the tail of the demon Rahu, cut in twain as already told (p.

  9. Corona astronomically means the luminous ring or glory which surrounds the sun or moon during an eclipse, or the intervention of a thin cloud.

  10. The science of marine surveying, requiring the principal points to be astronomically fixed.

  11. He points out that astronomically equal working time does not mean, in different industries, an equal out-put of strength during an equal number of hours, nor an equal contribution to society.

  12. In any case the Social State would probably not dare to emphasize in the face of the masses the extraordinary differences of normal labour in astronomically equal labour time, i.

  13. The distance between two points as measured by triangulation thus differs from the distance computed from the astronomically determined positions.

  14. Together with the mouth of the Uinta, the mouth of Henry's Fork, and the mouth of Diamond Creek, this made four points astronomically fixed before the Major came between the Union Pacific crossing and the end of the Grand Canyon.

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