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attendances; attendant; attendants; attendaunce; attende; attender; attendeth; attending; attendinge; attendoit
  1. John came, and attended to his master's wants with alacrity.

  2. A clergyman must be sent to us, and there are some other matters which I wish attended to, so we must decide now.

  3. The sole thing connected with my days on this spot, attended by a satisfactory feeling, is the remembrance of my long and quiet evenings, when I did happen to spend the week in the parish.

  4. It is singular that a funeral consequent on an unusual death should be attended by greater numbers than an ordinary one.

  5. I rose early, I attended the worship of the Temple, and I gave my days to study.

  6. He came attended by his generals, and when he reached the couch where Cleopatra lay he stood astonished, gazing on her with wide-opened eyes.

  7. He lay in Little Silver churchyard beside his wife's father; but Honor had not attended the funeral.

  8. Those now occupying Godleigh for a term of years gladly allowed the recent possessor to pass his last night among men beneath that roof, and not a few folk representative of the district attended the obsequies in person or by proxy.

  9. In the autumn of 1853, going to Charlestown and Cambridge to visit friends, she met the physician who had attended her during the severe illness that terminated her teacher-life.

  10. She remained at Harrison's Landing until the 12th of August, and passed through all the terrible and trying scenes that attended the arrival of the defeated, demoralized, and depressed troops of McClellan's army.

  11. Gentlemen packed the cases, and attended to the shipments.

  12. The time came when the work of corresponding with these was too vast to be attended to by only one Corresponding Secretary.

  13. She not only attended to the temporal comforts of the soldiers, but she was equally interested in their spiritual welfare, and was wont to go to the meetings of the Christian Commission.

  14. Her funeral was attended by a sorrowing multitude, all of whom had known, and many, yea, most of whom, had been blest by her labors.

  15. Others of the girls had attended band meetings where they were visiting, or had joined with other young workers in holding meetings in hotels and cottages.

  16. All this time that she had been so engaged with Jennie she had not neglected the mission band, but attended the meetings regularly and became more and more interested in what she heard there.

  17. She said that Mr. Sims had given them a box, and had also kindly attended to sending it off.

  18. Marty attended the meetings of the band, in which she took great interest, and put two or three pennies in her box every Sunday morning.

  19. He rode out," says Jack, "with Marquis Lafayette on a reconnaissance, attended by but two officers and an orderly.

  20. The girls and Cobb had attended faithfully, and always sat in the pew with the Liscoms.

  21. At the second meeting of our society which Mrs. Jameson attended she gave us a lecture, which she had written and delivered before her Shakespeare club in the city.

  22. The criticisms of Lowell and Holmes served as correctives for the artificialities of Stedman and Aldrich, but Stoddard made no poetic response either to the Civil War or to the march of science or to the religious changes that attended it.

  23. For my own part, I wished to stay behind, but was told that such a course was attended with danger, as the Indians would most likely emerge from another part of the hammock, and endeavour to seize the horses, and ransack the waggons.

  24. His wife being fond of amusements, he hired a box for her use at the Eagle Theatre, which she always attended alone, the etiquette of the white citizens not permitting his attendance with her.

  25. The shops and stores are fitted up in the Parisian style, appear well attended by customers, and are crowded with the choicest description of goods.

  26. The horses and sheep were also landed, and Cook remarks that getting rid of all these animals lightened him: "of a very heavy burden; the trouble and vexation that attended the bringing these animals thus far is hardly to be conceived.

  27. The leak on the Resolution was attended to, and in places the oakum caulking was found to have disappeared completely; one writer says it was caused by rats, and that the ship was saved by rubbish having choked up the leak.

  28. The result of this correspondence is shown in the Eagle's muster roll, for on 27th June James Cook attended his last muster, and on the 30th he was discharged.

  29. Falling in with repeated thunderstorms in which they caught more water in an hour "than by the still in a month, I laid it a side as a thing attended with more trouble than profit.

  30. The best constitutions of government are attended with inconvenience; and the exercise of liberty may, on many occasions, give rise to complaints.

  31. It was not expected otherwise, that the axe or the saw should be attended with greater political advantage, than the plane and the chisel.

  32. The square was now occupied by the Bavarians, but any further advance was attended by difficulties that made them very circumspect.

  33. In the morning, after Doctor Dalichamp had attended to his patient, he liked to sit a while and chat, putting his cares aside for the moment.

  34. But what waste of precious time was there, when they should not have lost a moment in retreating on Paris, a movement that was presently to be attended with such difficulty!

  35. In spite of the danger that attended the movement he raised himself on tiptoe, possessed by an irresistible desire to see how things were shaping.

  36. There were two pieces of artillery stationed at the bridge, their muzzles turned upon the interior of the peninsula; it was a place easy of access, but from which exit would seem to be attended with some difficulties.

  37. Metz, rumors of which had previously been current and which was now confirmed, the last blow of the bludgeon, another Sedan, only attended by circumstances of blacker infamy.

  38. Jean, still seated a few steps away, pricked up his ears, while Lieutenant Rochas, noticing that the wish was attended by a doubt, stopped to listen.

  39. Great preparations were being made in the peninsula of Gennevilliers, the point where there was most likelihood of the operation being attended with success.

  40. While they were waiting a general, attended by his staff, was seen ascending the narrow path that wound up the hill.

  41. Was not that the Emperor, attended by his brilliant staff?

  42. Maurice never attended a meeting now that he did not hear Thiers, the Assembly, even the men of September 4th themselves, cursed and reviled because they had not spared the great heroic city that crowning degradation.

  43. They were all Riverport boys, and attended the high school there.

  44. Fortunately the break was some inches above the ankle, and if properly attended to, would not result in any permanent injury.

  45. You certainly have, Colon, and that ought to be attended to before we start out on our run," Fred continued.

  46. The gospel never took any effect upon men's hearts, unless the Spirit of God attended it.

  47. I also attended a minister's meeting at Brother Bestor's, and enjoyed a very pleasant interview.

  48. He attended the balls at the Opera House.

  49. Frederick would have furnished for himself a palace in the Moorish fashion, to spend his life reclining on cashmere divans, to the murmur of a jet of water, attended by negro pages.

  50. On one occasion, referring to a waiter who attended on him carelessly, he exclaimed: "Have we not enough of insults from the foreigner?

  51. They were not however attended with any decisive result.

  52. He was unable, however, to effect any thing decisive, and subsequent invasions were attended with the like result.

  53. The banquet was attended by several parasites and literary flatterers, who magnified the praises of Alexander with extravagant and nauseous flattery.

  54. Meanwhile, Darius, attended by a body of only 4000 fugitives, had crossed the Euphrates at Thapsacus.

  55. These reforms, as well as the public spirit with which he had inspired the Achaeans were attended with the most beneficial results.

  56. When the business of ascertaining the highest scores had been attended to Miss Erma Reed was found to be the winner of the lady's prize.

  57. She may have been an unnatural mother, but she was not a soulless brute, and she therefore attended carefully to its wants and saw that it lacked for nothing that she could give it.

  58. No doubt; I have attended some very grand services in churches abroad and in England.

  59. People came more in the morning or the evening, and he had attended to his urgent calls.

  60. To be sure, matters were not attended to with the niceness of Mrs. Underhill; but Barbara was a treasure with her German neatness, and Bridget kept her kitchen at sixes and sevens.

  61. And when she attended a dance at the Apollo Rooms, the height of her ambition was reached.

  62. You must not, however, imagine that no religious exercises are attended to among the rich and noble because I have said nothing especially about them on this point.

  63. We have attended a review of very fine troops in the Place du Carrousel, composed of National Guards, troops of the line, and that most superb-looking body of municipal troops called La Garde de Paris.

  64. The animal is held in veneration by the Indians, who imagine that killing it would be attended with calamitous consequences.

  65. It appears that, in one day, two Rhinoceroses were shot by Speelman, the faithful Hottentot who attended Mr. Burchell.

  66. The act was not only an audacious one on their part, but it will be perceived that the fulfilment of the terms was certain to be attended with the gravest difficulty.

  67. But the marvellous good fortune which had attended him thus far was not quite ready to desert him.

  68. While the others settled down, whispering among themselves and looking sharply at Sally, the forewoman, after a greeting, ignored her until she had attended to all that was more important.

  69. She did not go far enough to imagine the despairs, the aching hands, the tears, which attended the realisation of an evening's botch.

  70. There are spurts, attended by dashing heels and swishing tail, of strict and spirited performance of his allotted tasks; there is peasant stubbornness, attended by stiffened legs and tenacious hoofs, of resistance to evil.

  71. We were both very fond of racing, and attended all the meetings at Newmarket.

  72. I attended twenty-nine seances before I happened on one that was absolutely convincing.

  73. The vividness of every detail was crystal clear, and attended by all the violent emotions such an adventure and escape would naturally arouse in me, had they happened in the world of realities.

  74. My father and mother attended her very quiet wedding.

  75. But ill-luck attended the efforts of most of these pioneers, and continual disappointments forced many of them to try the diggings at Clunes.

  76. A strong body of the foot force, fully armed, swept down the gully in extended line, attended by a corps of light infantry traps in loose attire, like greyhounds in the slip, ready to rush from the leash as the quarry started.

  77. The myrmidons of the law now moved up the middle of the gully in close order, attended by anything but an admiring cortege, who made it a point never to let the cry of 'Joe!

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