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Example sentences for "attendances"

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attempted; attempting; attempts; attend; attendance; attendant; attendants; attendaunce; attende; attended
  1. It is not usual to keep formal statistics of the number of visitors to newspaper and periodical rooms; the attendances are either not recorded or are estimated.

  2. Attendances at meetings called for professional purposes, or visits to other places for the purpose of acquiring professional knowledge, would, we take it, be considered quite legitimate.

  3. The only satisfactory method of counting the attendances in general reading rooms is by means of a recording turnstile.

  4. At one time it was considered that an apothecary was not entitled to charges for his attendances, but only for his medicine: then the law decided that he might charge for either attendances or medicines, but not for both.

  5. Department of Health, proposed Legislation, Contagious Diseases Act compared with; West Australia Legislation, Effect on Attendances at Clinics 17 Section 7.

  6. An average percentage of attendances during the year of ninety-five, and even more, is become common.

  7. Thence after dinner to White Hall to attend the Duke of York; where I did let him know too the troublesome life we lead, and particularly myself, by being obliged to such attendances every day as I am, on one Committee or other.

  8. Five attendances of three hours will be employed at these manipulations.

  9. In addition to this, 30 attendances of two or three hours each, distributed over the two years, are especially devoted to drawing more elaborate plans and elevations of architectural constructions and machinery.

  10. Three attendances in the halls of study will be allowed for these memoirs.

  11. Nine attendances of three hours each are employed.

  12. These works in the Halls are performed during the interval of the attendances devoted to out-of-door work.

  13. These mouldings of projectiles will be made by sections of ten or twelve Sub-Lieutenants, two attendances of three hours each being devoted to them, one for ordinary and the other for hollow projectiles.

  14. It is made in sections of ten or twelve Sub-Lieutenants and by attendances of one hour, each Sub-Lieutenant being called upon to reply at least three times.

  15. Little else was thought of but enjoyment; and though the member for Woodstock liked discussing politics and took an intelligent interest in affairs, his attendances at the House were fitful and fleeting.

  16. The Quakers are as strict in their inquiry with respect to the attendances of any of their members at balls, as at theatrical amusements.

  17. You can't live on air, you know, and with the poor attendances he gets now, I don't see how he can afford to pay much.

  18. A scheme to allow up to eight weeks extra during which the older children may be employed on the land, managers to be informed of the number of attendances required as in scheme one.

  19. Charges were made for admission, in aid of the funds of the library, and the net proceeds amounted to about 10 pounds, the attendances having been "better than usual at lectures in Norwich.

  20. Having regard to the small attendances and the inadequate library staff, the Committee in 1915 decided that the Reading Room should be closed on Sundays during the war.

  21. All London churches and chapels held Thanksgiving Services on Sunday, 12 March, and the attendances were abnormally large.

  22. The attendances were as follows: The Chairman, 405; Dr.

  23. At the end of the work a record was made out of the attendances of the individual members {35}, from which it was easy to arrive at the average attendance, which for the whole time was found to be as much as sixteen each day.

  24. Thompson, the late Master (renowned for his sarcastic humour), and refer to the fact that undergraduates are expected to put in every week a certain number of attendances at the morning and evening Services held daily in the Chapel.

  25. The average of attendances during the past year is about sixty-five, though this number has, at times, been considerably exceeded.

  26. The total attendances at both Churches was 5423.

  27. The obligation to attend chapel so many times a week resolves itself now into two attendances in the week and generally two on Sunday.

  28. He never ventured back again to the Wednesday prayer-meeting, but he performed many attendances beyond the required minimum at the college chapel.

  29. I never supposed she had a thought of religion in her head--I mean, beyond the usual confessions and attendances at Mass.

  30. The attendances at the handwork classes drop off a little when June begins, and from June to October they are better discontinued in favour of cricket, swimming and outdoor games in general.

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