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Example sentences for "attempting"

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atteinte; attempered; attempt; attempte; attempted; attempts; attend; attendance; attendances; attendant
  1. Numbers of hansoms and four-wheelers passed, or stood by the curb, hailing us feebly, or not even attempting to attract our attention, but every taxi seemed to have its load.

  2. Corey himself testified at his preliminary examination, and the court tried to make it evidence of diabolism, that, twice at least, when attempting to pray, there was more or less stoppage of his utterance.

  3. He murdered logic when attempting to parry the force of facts sworn to.

  4. When attempting to do so the driver digs his heels into the snow to obstruct their progress and eventually comes to a stop.

  5. On smooth ice and hard snow any method of harnessing could be used; but, on rough ice, by any other method every cross piece would quickly break on attempting to cross the hummocks.

  6. As the animals were unable to pass the rope they fled along it, looking for an exit, and while attempting to pass a cairn were lanced by the waiting hunter, who seized the body by the hind legs and drew it behind the line.

  7. Miguel with an oath, and he and Juan crawled away, attempting to drag Diego with them.

  8. A father attempting to defend his daughter against one of the dissolute soldiers received a blow on his head which cut it open and cast him senseless on the ground.

  9. Several well to-do men, landowners, in attempting to resist the plunderers had been unmercifully beaten.

  10. I thought of attempting to rise to fetch some water; but first I slowly passed my hand down my thigh, to feel my knee.

  11. The opposite extreme of attempting to uproot prostitution has also in practice been altogether abandoned.

  12. There is some interest in attempting to trace the origin and history of the condom, though it seems impossible to do so with any precision.

  13. Balzac's comparison of the unskilful husband to the orang-utan attempting to play the violin has already been quoted.

  14. The false has been tried, and it is not good enough; the power purely to enjoy beauty must be gained; attempting to do with less is fatal.

  15. By attempting to desexualize the idea of man and to oversexualize the idea of woman, Christianity necessarily degraded the position of woman and the conception of womanhood.

  16. It began to be felt that an unhappy and injurious mistake had been perpetrated by attempting to maintain a lofty ideal which encouraged hypocrisy.

  17. The State has a right to declare whether it needs few citizens or many; but in attempting to regulate the sexual relationships of its members the State attempts an impossible task and is at the same time guilty of an impertinence.

  18. Medicine has confined itself to the humble task of attempting to cure evils, and is only to-day beginning to undertake the larger and nobler task of preventing them.

  19. Anson was attempting the cure of a disease far more difficult to subdue than any in the whole catalogue of the various "ills which flesh is heir to"--a mental disease called pride.

  20. He had also not been able to discover to what steamer he was proceeding when attempting to cross the plank.

  21. On Friday afternoon a gentleman, in attempting to cross a plank from the shore near London Bridge to reach a distant steamer, lost his footing and fell into the water.

  22. Books and Magazine articles dealing with the Chase and the habits of the Red deer, are so many and so excellent that I feel diffident about attempting to say anything on a subject that has been so thoroughly thrashed out.

  23. There is plenty of variety, however, in racing without going to any extremes, or attempting impossibilities like those single-handed matches.

  24. In this connection some very extraordinary public utterances were recently made by two gentlemen closely connected with the county of Argyll, questioning or attempting to explain away statements, made in the House of Commons by Mr. D.

  25. Deer and sporting rights (after game laws were enacted) soon became more profitable than sheep, and it is amusing to find controversialists of to-day attempting to show that evictions never took place on account of deer forests.

  26. The men were about to throw Marteilhe after them, but while attempting to release him from his chain, they touched the wound upon his knee, and he groaned heavily.

  27. He did not think himself well suited, and he was not inclined, to conduct the negotiations which would be necessary between any Government attempting such a task and the Irish advocates of Emancipation.

  28. She painted for the sake of painting and did not think of attempting to surpass her predecessors.

  29. She is next found attempting the assassination of the Duke of Condé, but she failed to accomplish that crime because her son, the king, refused his consent.

  30. The bias of his own nobler nature led him to hold fast these two vital truths, but he is fully aware that in attempting to prove them the Stoics have used arguments which are not convincing.

  31. On it Teuffel says, "Suevius had written a Moretum, and it is not improbable that the desire to surpass Suevius influenced Virgil in attempting the same task again.

  32. Ovid was not deterred from attempting it though Virgil had occupied the ground, nor did the success of both of these deter Cornel.

  33. It looks a great deal like attempting to define belief, but belief has received an excellent definition, for belief is knowledge and nothing else, so far as the individual who holds it is concerned.

  34. Are we writers so vain as a class, and so proud of ourselves as men, as to be above affording amusement to our readers without attempting to comfort them, to teach or to preach to them?

  35. From that moment he became the veriest coward, and submitted to every indignity without attempting to resist.

  36. Then, attempting to go, he got his hat, and sat with it in his hand half an hour longer.

  37. This will give you some idea of the kind of man we had on our hands; and I won't risk making myself as great a bore as he is, by attempting a history of his stay with us; for I remember I set out to tell you about my little Iron-clad.

  38. The military chiefs did not own the second Cromwell as their master; Lambert was attempting to get up a party in his own favour; and Monk, in command of the northern army, was suspected of a similar design.

  39. We can understand the spirit that animated the Whig Lords and Republican plotters, in attempting to subvert the power of the crown, which they deemed exorbitant and dangerous to the liberties of the subject.

  40. Vercingetorix could not and would not restrain his joy; it seemed to him that the day had dawned and an excellent chance arrived for attempting a decisive blow.

  41. He came of an ancient and powerful family of Arvernians, and his father had been put to death in his own city for attempting to make himself king.

  42. Engaging in politics, he showed boldness in attempting a great change in the state, and ability in carrying it out without precipitation as well as without hesitation.

  43. One day he was refusing them provisions and attempting to subdue them by famine; and the next he was lavishing feasts and presents upon them.

  44. Presently, her beautiful face suffused with a slight blush, she said without attempting to restrain the tears that enhanced the brilliancy of her large black eyes: "Thanks to you, Monsieur Lebrenn.

  45. As no other suitable occasion may occur, we can not suffer the present to pass without attempting to disclose some of the emotions which it can not fail to awaken.

  46. The two men set off for the saloon without attempting to disguise their purpose.

  47. His only danger was a trap customer, and the difficulties and dangers of attempting such a course, even the most foolhardy would scarcely dare to risk in a place as untamed as Rocky Springs.

  48. It was useless sitting up any longer attempting one of those big worrying "thinks" which, usually, he was rather proud of achieving.

  49. He could not resolve how to act, whether he should return to his father's palace, and shut himself in his apartment, to give himself entirely up to his affliction, without attempting to pursue the ravisher.

  50. I prefer to sell trotters, when I sell out like this, to attempting it.

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