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Example sentences for "apothecary"

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  1. Whereupon the apothecary went off into fits of unextinguishable laughter, and told us how our friend really had been in the skirmish he described, and had nobly run away almost before a shot was fired, leaving his friends to fight it out.

  2. Weeks after, we were talking to our friend Mr. Del Pozzo, the Italian apothecary in the Calle Plateros, and happened to ask him if he were acquainted with his heroic countryman.

  3. Composed and Experimented by Sieur Lemery, Apothecary to the French King.

  4. My own brother, Mr. Daniel Daffy, apothecary in Nottingham, made the Elixir from the said receipt, and sold it there during his life.

  5. The condition of a country apothecary being peculiarly liable to the inclemency of the season, John's dress was generally such as might bid defiance to wind, or rain, or snow, or hail.

  6. Arrived at Kaladoongie, Ram Deen roused the native apothecary at the dispensary.

  7. Dinah told the apothecary her mistress sent her, and it was given without questioning or hesitation.

  8. We were very glad to see each other again, but the apothecary was delighted at the great respect with which I treated his wife.

  9. This was a glass alembic, which hung up in Daniel Henchman's apothecary shop, corner of Cambridge and Chambers streets.

  10. They are mere occasions and attractions for her fancy; the town and the curé and the apothecary and the other indigenous gossips need a sharper definition.

  11. Just so a crushed hand, or a dislocated shoulder, mean twenty francs to the apothecary and bon jour to my business.

  12. The difference in the work essayed by the two distinguished Thinkers whose labors we are considering, is somewhat analogous to that which exists between the profession of the apothecary and that of the physician.

  13. The lad served his apprenticeship, duly walked the hospitals, and his mother spent most of her small substance in starting him in business as a village apothecary in his native county.

  14. Keverne in Cornwall, in 1764, and was the son of a petty local surgeon and apothecary practising there.

  15. It was only a just and necessary protection of the weaker party to a contract against an oppressive exaction to which, like the apothecary in "Romeo and Juliet," his poverty might have consented, but not his will.

  16. I saw the old French apothecary in his shop, and learned from him that his lodger was out.

  17. He was a mean apothecary of Paris, who was accustomed to go a good deal to the house, in attendance upon the servants.

  18. Men suspect that both he and his apothecary carry on the lucrative occupation of spies, or at least that of conveying information and gold to France, where both are somewhat scarce just now.

  19. You'll find an apothecary of sorts tied to the yoke of the second wagon.

  20. With him the apothecary was peremptory and facetious.

  21. The wild swan in question was now an apothecary in Brazil.

  22. Mrs. Tompkins had speedily discovered both that her lodger really had money, and that the gentleman of large fortune whom she had lost was the apothecary of Silverton.

  23. The apothecary fell ill and died; Martin was attacked by fearful sickness, which brought, him to death's door.

  24. It was in this room and at the apothecary Glazer's that Sainte-Croix made his experiments; but in accordance with poetical justice, the manipulation of the poisons proved fatal to the workers themselves.

  25. Asked if she knew an apothecary called Glazer, she replied that she had consulted him three times about inflammation.

  26. Hence strenuous efforts were sometimes made to convince the apothecary whom we called doctor, and who often visited us, that a prisoner was ill enough to require removal.

  27. But it was reported and believed that in April one of them entered an apothecary shop in Annapolis plying his finger-nails and hurriedly asking, "Have you any bmsquintum?

  28. Now the Queen's apothecary must have left traces in the royal account-books.

  29. So far, the search for the apothecary has been a failure.

  30. For the following letter we are indebted to Madame van Beethoven, widow of the composer's nephew, Carl: To my brother Nicholaus Beethoven to be delivered at the apothecary shop at the Kaernthner Thor Mr. von Z.

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