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Example sentences for "intent"

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intension; intensities; intensity; intensive; intensively; intente; intention; intentional; intentionally; intentione
  1. It was Bobby Van Antwerp who sauntered up to Elizabeth, hospitably intent on making her feel at home.

  2. These details Elizabeth grasped at once before her gaze wandered to her aunt and Amanda, who were sitting idle as she had never before seen them in the morning, with eyes intent on the young man at the piano.

  3. She walked all the way, rapidly, choosing unfrequented avenues, and looking neither to the right nor the left, her mind intent on the one object, yet with a strange relief in motion and the intense cold.

  4. I was a careless fool," growled Malcolm, "when we struck the road I was so intent upon getting to the auto that I did not realize the book had dropped out.

  5. The workmen had wearied of their good intent and had left off when their labours were half finished, which gave the building the gruesome appearance of having been half skinned.

  6. One by one we all had yielded to ceaseless intrigue and common distrust of each other, until no honest man was left; till all were intent to save their lives by holding power; for in this land to lose power is to lose life.

  7. They were all intent on their own business, each man labouring after his kind.

  8. Yet soul be sure the first intent remains, and shall be carried out, Perhaps even now the time has arrived.

  9. She was so intent on the problem that was bothering her that she stood staring at her father a long time before she recognized him, then with a cry she threw herself into his arms.

  10. He frowned at the tunnel dug into the bank, then his frown became a scowl and a ferocious one, for a man was standing there studying the workings, so intent on it that he did not hear the approach of the rider.

  11. As God, He is possessed of omniscience to discern every thought and intent of the heart; unerring wisdom and unsullied righteousness to try every case; with omnipotent power and sovereign authority to execute every sentence.

  12. But the Commissary was now intent upon dinner.

  13. He glanced at the houses, and marvelled what was passing behind those warmly-lighted windows; he looked into face after face, and saw them each intent upon some unknown interest, criminal or kindly.

  14. You will easily judge with what detestation of himself a man thus intent upon gain reflected that he had sold a prize which was once in his possession.

  15. Craven was hunched in a chair, intent upon a series of controls.

  16. The former was standing a little apart from the rest, with his eyes intent upon the auctioneer, and unable to repress the eagerness which shone in his face.

  17. The big man at his side asked no questions, but seemed intent solely upon managing his horses.

  18. So intent was the one upon watching the horse, and the other upon his sermon, that neither noticed a man driving a spirited horse dart out from behind a sharp point on the left, and cut straight across the river.

  19. Nellie paused, and gazed for a time upon the group in the centre of the room, as if intent on what was taking place there.

  20. For some time Parson John did not speak, and seemed to be intent solely upon Midnight.

  21. Thence she traced them with intent listening, though she could not hear what they said, to the trellis over the garden gate, now richly hung with the mauve beauty and sweetness of the virgin's-bower.

  22. On the church steps stood Lynn Gordon, intent upon watching and waiting for the coming of the girl whom he had come hoping to see.

  23. Nothing was farther from his thoughts than any intent of going into the house--as he told the doctor afterwards when speaking of what followed.

  24. So intent was he that he was not aware of the glances cast upon himself by those passing into the building.

  25. They are prejudicial to the ground of action of a claimant, and as evident proof of an intent to swindle, as they are of a base and contemptible origin.

  26. This was a very remarkable personage, his features decidedly Jewish, having a thin aquiline nose and a very piercing eye, as intent on mischief as if it had belonged to Satan himself.

  27. It was a very foolish affair from beginning to end," said Constans, loftily, intent upon disguising his embarrassment.

  28. The attempt to block up the passage, had failed for lack of time, and the Stockaders were pouring through pellmell, intent on securing foothold in the open.

  29. Ten feet above his head ran a metal gallery that gave access to the upper tiers of shelves, but Constans did not look up, being intent upon the treasure.

  30. There were the remains of a wooden pier running out from the end of the street proper, and Constans adventured upon its worm-eaten timbers, intent on obtaining a more extended view of this singular domain of Arcadia House.

  31. Constans rose and went to the window, intent on flinging it wide open.

  32. The detective was not exactly certain, but he finally picked out a very handsome young lady who occupied a front chair in the balcony; she seemed to be returning the young man's intent regard.

  33. Converse came close, put his hands on the young man's shoulders and studied him with intent regard.

  34. Finding somebody in the house would, at least, stamp his story with verity even if it served no purpose in the main intent of Farr's efforts.

  35. It was hinted that the Danburg case would involve charges of conspiracy with intent to restrain independents, and would be used to show up what the opponents of the Consolidated insisted was general iniquity in finance and politics.

  36. He was whittling, and a little boy snuggled close, fixing intent regard on the work.

  37. Now Converse bestowed particularly intent scrutiny on his caller.

  38. She said this fawningly, with evident intent to placate the sullen young man.

  39. The old man, resting a moment, seemed to feel that intent regard from behind and, without turning his body, hooked his narrow and bony chin over his shoulder and swapped a long stare with the stranger.

  40. Farr, halting his quondam companion, who had been too intent upon his business to pay heed to passers.

  41. In this fleet were embarked no more than one hundred and sixty-four able men, and all the necessary provisions for so long and dangerous a voyage; the intent of which, however, was not openly declared.

  42. The mutiny at Spithead found the British ministry intent upon blocking up the Dutch fleet in the Texel and Admiral Duncan appointed to the duty.

  43. So intent was he upon his work, that he did not heed the salutation of "Peace be with you, friend!

  44. The chief executioner himself, mounted upon a superb charger, galloped through the streets in haste; and horsemen were seen running to and fro, all intent upon the one object of preparing the road.

  45. But the howlings not ceasing, Hassan went himself, and found the dog most extremely intent upon smelling and pointing at the tailor's pipkin.

  46. Howbeit that at our more leisure we might answer you to your said bill, yet we let you wit that, for the causes aforesaid, we will declare you now our intent in these matters.

  47. Unto the which juries certain persons laboured instantly to have me indicted of treason, to the intent for to have undone me and mine issue, and corrupted my blood, as it is openly published.

  48. Beseeching your Majesty royal of your righteousness to do examine these matters, and thereupon to do such justice in this behalf as the cause requireth; for mine intent is fully to pursue to your Highness for the conclusion of these matters.

  49. Ruddy Bill growled something in his beard, while several of the other men drained their pewters and slipped out, intent on discovering whether or no their own domestic bliss were threatened by this new and unexpected danger.

  50. Mrs. Bindle was intent only on applying balm to her hero's wounds.

  51. Charley and Millie exchanged glances; but Bindle was too intent upon his disastrous mission to be conscious of anything but the storm he knew was about to break.

  52. The government seemed contented to prevent the rebels advancing towards the capital, while the insurgents were intent upon augmenting and strengthening their forces.

  53. Her mind was intent on the book, and the little silver urn hissed at her elbow, apparently unheeded.

  54. Oloff Van Staats had placed himself at the head of the boat, armed with a banger, and with every faculty too intent on the expected attack, to heed a danger that was scarcely intelligible to one of his habits.

  55. His lips had neatly parted with intent to order the cables cut, but he remembered the speed of the brigantine, and hesitated.

  56. Each man was intent on his duty, while the elements worked their will around him, as madly as if the hand by which they are ordinarily restrained was for ever removed.

  57. But now that I find Mr. Lovelace has apprized his relations of his intent to take it, and had engaged some of the ladies to visit me there, I could hardly forbear blaming myself for censuring him as capable of so vile an imposture.

  58. Let the sweet souls try for it: if they fail, their intent was good.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "intent" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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