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Example sentences for "agog"

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agnostic; agnosticism; agnostics; ago; agoe; agoin; agoing; agon; agone; agonic
  1. So they partly set at rest The natural misgivings that perturbed my youthful breast; For I wondered and lamented that the town was not agog When I took my play to Providence to try it on a dog.

  2. Twixt posters and hand-bills the town was agog For Primrose and West in their great statue clog.

  3. The servants were all agog with May and music; and there was no keeping either the tongues or the feet of the maids quiet, who were anticipating the sports of the green, and the evening dance.

  4. The Hall, as usual, whenever the squire is about to make some new sally on his hobby, is all agog with the thing.

  5. Everybody was agog for the revel at Bob Mosely's; and as all the fashion of the neighborhood was to be there, I thought I must brush up for the occasion.

  6. My husband has told me so much of you, I declare I was all agog to meet you!

  7. I am all agog to hear about the gentleman-highwayman!

  8. Every one who could raise a pair of shafts, or even of shanks, was agog right early, and I heard their shouts over my uncle’s wall, while they set forth as merry as Londoners.

  9. Curiosity is set agog in watching the young minister, and still more in watching his young bride.

  10. Whether we ought to hire our pastors to set curiosity agog and serve the parish as a nine-day's wonder may be a question.

  11. How agog you must be for this letter, my dear!

  12. She knew Selena would be down posthaste presently, agog with curiosity to find out who the pedlar was whom Mattie had delighted to honour with an invitation to tea.

  13. Nevertheless, in view of Julius's circumstantial statements, the amazing news must be true, and Dan was instantly agog to carry it further.

  14. And his heart was filled with delighted gratification as he observed how Judas' whole body was set agog by this announcement.

  15. And He saw that hideous chaos quivering, stirring and agog through and through.

  16. After much speculation concerning his past the village was set agog by an incident which accidentally brought to light the story of his career.

  17. The street was agog at the sudden appearance of the balloon, but none was more amazed than the elder Worthington when he saw his own son extricating himself from the folds of smoking cloth.

  18. We were all soon agog with the news, and the excited Captain was presently espied setting out for the scene of operations with a killing bottle and net.

  19. I can remember coming home once all agog with a wonderful Bird I had seen--like a tiny Magpie, I said.

  20. Eyes agog the frightened parents watched their neighbours and the servants hustle goods and parcels into the closets.

  21. The winter season in Florence had commenced in real earnest, and the streets of the grey old city were agog with the crowd of wealthy foreigners who migrate there for blue sky and sunshine.

  22. In those bright January days all Florence was agog regarding the engagement of Count Jules Dubard with Mary Morini, daughter of the popular War Minister.

  23. The citizens of San Sabatano had been so long held agog that nothing much else had been doing to afford the editor local copy.

  24. The school itself was agog with the news.

  25. Our party consisted of eight precious souls, and "all agog to dash through thick and thin," if essential to a jovial jaunt.

  26. He knew that in a few minutes the whole town would be agog with excitement.

  27. The whole country was at that time agog with the expectation that the Government would resign and that an election would be immediately upon them, and Paul, being fully aware of this, had determined to leave nothing to chance.

  28. II About this time people all over Europe were agog with excitement about the Crusades.

  29. The Prince from Sumatra One day all Penang was agog with excitement because a brown Prince from Acheen, a Malay State in the island of Sumatra, had suddenly sailed into the harbour.

  30. He again interrupted me, all agog at the news.

  31. The skipper was all agog with excitement.

  32. It is said to be one of those delightful love-at-first-sight affairs, and society is all agog over the romantic outcome of what was merely intended to be a short pleasure trip.

  33. Why, look at me, the mother o' nine, wasn't I agog to make a hole in our canal for the nonce?

  34. So she was agog to be limned, and give it her lad.

  35. Thereat was the good skipper all agog to serve him.

  36. Thomas is all agog to come also, but he is too young and weakly, though he would rave if he heard me call him so.

  37. He is all agog to be off with Philip; he must tarry till the winter is over.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "agog" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    agape; aghast; agog; alert; amazed; anticipating; anticipatory; anxious; ardent; aroused; assiduous; astounded; attentive; avid; aware; awestruck; beguiled; bewildered; bewitched; breathless; bursting; captivated; careful; certain; concentrated; confident; confounded; conscious; curious; desirous; diligent; dumbfounded; eager; earnest; ebullient; effervescent; enchanted; enraptured; enthralled; entranced; excited; exhilarated; expectant; expecting; fanatical; fascinated; finicky; fired; flabbergasted; forestalling; forewarned; forward; gaping; ghoulish; heedful; high; hopeful; hypnotized; impassioned; impatient; inflamed; inquiring; inquisitive; intense; intent; interested; itchy; keen; lively; manic; mesmerized; meticulous; mindful; morbid; moved; nice; niggling; observant; optimistic; overwhelmed; panting; prepared; prompt; prurient; puzzled; quick; quizzical; ready; regardful; sanguine; spellbound; spirited; staggered; staring; stimulated; stupefied; sure; surprised; thirsty; thrilled; thunderstruck; tingling; vigilant; vital; vivacious; vivid; waiting; watchful; wondering; yeasty; zestful