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Example sentences for "enchanted"

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enchain; enchained; enchaining; enchainment; enchant; enchanter; enchanters; enchanting; enchantingly; enchantment
  1. I know not a more charming fancy in the whole loving circle of fairy-land, than the female's shaking her long tresses round Mandricardo, in order to furnish him with a mantle, when he issues out of the enchanted fountain.

  2. The great madman turned round and smote the other's horse to the ground, and so renewed his chase after Angelica, who suddenly regained enough of her wits to recollect the enchanted ring.

  3. The same road which had brought Ruggiero to the enchanted house having done as much for her, she now entered it invisibly by means of the ring.

  4. The poet had been as much enchanted by the spectacle which the audience at Ferrara presented to his eyes, as the audience with the loves and graces with which he enriched their stage.

  5. Tancred cannot achieve the enterprise of the Enchanted Forest, because his dead mistress seems to come out of one of the trees.

  6. Godfrey gladly pardoned him; the hermit Peter blessed him; he himself retired to beg the forgiveness and favour of Heaven; and then he went straight to the Enchanted Forest.

  7. He would have thrown himself into the sea, rather than stay any longer in that island; but the enchanted barque was still on the shore.

  8. He hovers often on the enchanted borderland between knowledge and fancy, and plays to and fro between regions which, though adjacent parts of the same universe, have different habits of thought.

  9. If I was not the first American critic to pursue that mysterious mariner across enchanted seas, at least I can swear before the critical court of admiralty that the waters were not crowded with little craft like mine.

  10. She was indeed an acute and bizarre contrast to the troop of shyly enchanted children by whom she was surrounded.

  11. We still fear to clasp the radiant hands of folly, and drown our good impulses in the depths of her enchanted eyes.

  12. Then Tommy was packed with his mother's maid into the governess cart with the fat white pony, which enchanted him to madness, and Lady Locke and Mrs. Windsor were driven away in the landau towards "The Retreat.

  13. Travellers entertained by the Creoles usually return enchanted with it.

  14. It is easy to recognize a country hermetically sealed to contradiction, which is enchanted with itself, and which ends by accomplishing the most horrible deeds with a sort of conscientious rejoicing.

  15. The clear, red firelight danced and flickered, and the sparks rose into the sombre darkness fantastically, while the ruddy glow made the great oak an enchanted palace, into whose hollow dome they never tired of gazing.

  16. He dressed, dined, and waited until the twilight had very sensibly closed in before visiting that which might remain of the room of mysterious and enchanted meetings.

  17. Laurence was the first to break that enchanted silence.

  18. And this conception of the reversal of the natural order of things, while it frightened him, yet enchanted his fancy.

  19. Siegfried made his way to the room of the enchanted princess.

  20. But I would rather hear about enchanted princesses and brave knights than wicked old bishops.

  21. In one respect our precincts were like the Enchanted Ground through which the pilgrim traveled on his way to the Celestial City.

  22. As for my brother, he seemed enchanted with the sight, and especially with the ladies.

  23. It is a world of its own, ever new, which will never be seen again, and which comes out of the darkness, as an enchanted island comes from the sea.

  24. He had a lightness of bow which I have never seen equalled by anyone and a lightness and charm which enchanted the public.

  25. The tripod, she knew, could not be more than a few yards distant, but surrounded by these enchanted walls which ever receded, yet always closed about her she must only wander helplessly and find it by mere chance.

  26. And then, like the prince, he was gone, leaving her there with the enchanted coin.

  27. It is like entering the enchanted forest.

  28. There is nothing to save you from your enchanted fate.

  29. I shut myself out on one, and, leaning on its solid stone balustrade, gave myself up to the dreamy fascination of the “enchanted land.

  30. We were going up to the cradle of this dancing stream, to some enchanted land where the baby rivulet first saw the sun.

  31. Augustus, you know, is no dotard, and Augustus is enchanted with him.

  32. There is a gorgeous artificial paradise in the dominions of Prester John, the legend of which seems to have been used by Tasso long after Sir John's time in his famous description of the enchanted gardens of Armida.

  33. Still, even at the age which he had then reached--in the year eleven of our Lord--he showed traces of that amazing beauty which had enchanted the whole classic world in the days of his youth.

  34. And from him Finn's musicians learnt a more enchanted art than they had known before.

  35. They know that in the milk-white fawn they pursue there is an enchanted maiden, and they defend her from the other hounds till Finn arrives.

  36. I feel as if I were enchanted or bewitched.

  37. A form divine high wave her snowy hand; That rattles loud a small enchanted box, Which, loud as thunder, on the board she knocks.

  38. All that is said of enchanted palaces does no way come near this prodigious spectacle we now see.

  39. By this science I know all enchanted persons at first sight.

  40. This, with the richness of the furniture, the exact order of every thing, and neatness of the house, made him think it was some enchanted palace.

  41. Then Dinarzade said, Sister, I am enchanted with this story, which bespeaks my attention so agreeably.

  42. He descended again in like manner to the earth, which, on a sudden, he caused to open with a knock of his foot, and so sunk down at once, where I found myself in the enchanted palace before the fair princess of the isle of Ebone.

  43. I was scarcely got to the stairs by which I came down, when the enchanted palace opened at once, and made a passage for the genie.

  44. These tales had enchanted Lucy, though Charlie cared little for them--he preferred to hear of kites and other Chinese games.

  45. They carried him off as on an "enchanted carpet.

  46. The young champion, thus completely equipped, rode off and next arrived at the enchanted Castle of the Holy Grail.

  47. The chips from the fallen oak were collected by a Northland maiden to make enchanted arrows for a magician, and the soil it overshadowed immediately began to bear vegetation of sundry kinds.

  48. Marjorie, enchanted by the palms and flowers and lights and music.

  49. This was the prettiest prize of all, being a beautifully illustrated copy of Grimms' "Fairy Tales," and Hester was enchanted with it.

  50. Mesdames, I renew my compliments; enchanted to have made your acquaintance.

  51. I am enchanted with it; I would like to stay here now, and not go back to Paris at all!

  52. In short, the two women were enchanted with their new life; ennui had not once made its way into their abode, for they always found something to do which occupied their time; as a general rule, ennui visits only the slothful.

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