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Example sentences for "enchant"

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encephalon; enchain; enchained; enchaining; enchainment; enchanted; enchanter; enchanters; enchanting; enchantingly
  1. She indulged him with the history of her adventure at the house of Mr. Dubster, and his prevalent taste for the ridiculous made the account enchant him.

  2. Nay, now, my dear Clarendel, you enchant me.

  3. O rare tune of a tyrant's promises That can enchant the serpent treachery From forth its lurking hole in the heart.

  4. Thy mother praised to me thy ready skill: 45 She says a voice of melody dwells in thee, Which doth enchant the soul.

  5. This is the spiritual world, here and now, and it is the business of man to live divinely in it; to be responsive to the enthusiasms that enchant his thought; to be faithful to the vision that beckons him on.

  6. The old woman takes kindly to my persecution; they enchant Dulcinea, and whip me in order to disenchant her.

  7. He informed them that Moonspirit was a friend of the Son-of-the-Snake, and moreover had before been in the country; that if they vexed Moonspirit he would enchant the whole village so that no man could move hand or foot.

  8. Those are but the souls of the belly and body, but Moonspirit can enchant so that the spirit of the head of man be seen at night,” boasted Birnier, wondering what trick of zu Pfeiffer’s had produced the effect.

  9. Arnould played the latter part "with that intelligence, that dignity, those natural and touching graces which enchant the public.

  10. Speak, Pucelle, and enchant him with thy words.

  11. What's sweet to do, to do will aptly find: Each eye that saw him did enchant the mind; For on his visage was in little drawn What largeness thinks in Paradise was sawn.

  12. And thus the grand picture of the Coronation of Thorns, in the Grazie at Milan, abounds with powers of expression that enchant us.

  13. Although she does not claim to be, nor her friends on her behalf, that she is an artistic singer, yet the compass of her voice and the sweetness of her notes seemed to enchant every auditor.

  14. And immediately I became a man again and kissed her hand and begged her to enchant my wife as she had enchanted me.

  15. Quoth the Afrit, "I will neither kill thee nor let thee go free, but I will assuredly enchant thee.

  16. To dream of trying to enchant others, portends that you will fall into evil.

  17. Thus musing towards the porch he cast a glance, And there beheld from ’midst her train advance The beauteous Gerda: wonder and delight Enchant his soul at such a vision bright!

  18. And then she thus delicately indicates her objection to the publication of the verses: "I condemn this charming flower to enchant only my solitude; but this is the better to gather its fragrance, and it will survive me.

  19. Lemminkainen heard and answered: "Once some sorcerers would enchant me, Wizards charm, and snakes would blast me.

  20. Boasting to enchant the sorcerers, And to ban the sons of Lapland, Knowing nought of water-evil, Nor the evils of the reed-beds!

  21. For mine own is cold and perdu; It enchants me, but give me its magical art, Then, Mollie, I will enchant you.

  22. That dimness with its softening Touch Can bring out grace unfelt before, And charms we ne'er can see too much, When seen but half enchant the more?

  23. If thou wouldst have thy charms enchant our eyes, First win our hearts, for there thy empire lies: Beauty in vain would mount a heartless throne, Her Right Divine is given by Love alone.

  24. Scenery, by nature most beautiful, is improved by art to the highest degree of its capability; and without destroying its free and wild character, a variety and richness of vegetation is produced which enchant the eye.

  25. Blest notes from Paradise afar, Or strains from some benignant star Enchant my ravished ear: My Muse feels then the shepherd's hour When silvery tones of magic power Escape those lips so dear!

  26. Thy mother praised to me thy ready skill; She says a voice of melody dwells in thee, Which doth enchant the soul.

  27. To humble, alas, each too-haughty emotion That swelled my proud breast, from the foam of the ocean Fair Venus arose, to enchant gods and men!

  28. Distant hills enchant my sight, Ever young and ever fair; To those hills I'd take my flight Had I wings to scale the air.

  29. Created only to enchant the eye, In faded beauty at thy feet they'll lie, The nearer thee, the nearer their long night!

  30. Under such an influence, each unconsciously labours to enchant the other; each struggles to maintain the reality of that ideal which has been reached in a moment of happy inspiration.

  31. But now all circumstances contributed to enchant him.

  32. And he heard that the magic book of Thoth, by which a man may enchant heaven and earth, and know the language of all birds and beasts, was buried in the cemetery of Memphis.

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