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Example sentences for "grab"

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gownsman; gownsmen; goyng; goynge; gozan; grabbed; grabber; grabbers; grabbing; grabe
  1. John managed to grab the spear near the head, and hold it off, and they swayed and tugged.

  2. Finally he managed to grab the worst of the lot--an old mare.

  3. Drop your bunny in my skirt, Allee, grab that broom and hit the gobbler over the head.

  4. Didn't I grab it from him the day he pretended to cut off Lola Hunt's ears?

  5. Grab a root there, Pecos, and we'll take 'im home in style!

  6. The deputy made a futile grab as she darted away from him and sprang after her, but she swung the great door in his face and sped like a deer down the hall.

  7. See if you can grab a hat, Ned, and come on!

  8. Here, Ned, grab hold of that tin can on the floor and take out the screw plug.

  9. All I had to do was lunge out and grab an ankle.

  10. As Seamon neared the tree he made one grab for a branch, and, missing it, went under the water.

  11. Making a frantic grab at a branch, he raised himself off the log, which was swept from under him by the raging waters and he soon joined the other victims upon their forlorn perch.

  12. I grab something to throw at Scraggs's cat.

  13. The ability to grab opportunity by the tail and twist it was my long suit, so after my talk with Bull McGinty I took a cruise along the docks, lookin' for an idea, until I come to Sheeny Joe's place.

  14. Captain Scraggs was forced to grab the seat of his chair in order to keep himself from jumping up and clasping Mr. Gibney around the neck.

  15. Ike and I are goin' to grab the midnight to Boston.

  16. In the road outside I meet Garland--and grab him.

  17. You're here, and I suppose you'll grab all the glory; but I wanta tell you that I'm entitled to my share.

  18. And then I get your letter this morning, and grab your note to Zenda.

  19. At the intense moment before the swift grab for the rings one could see their little nervous bodies quiver with eagerness; the laughter rang shrill and excited.

  20. They got them left-over ribbed undervests we sold last season for forty-nine cents out on the grab table for seventy-four.

  21. A young man like Max Hochenheimer begins to pay you attentions in earnest--a man that could have any girl in this town he snaps his finger for--a young man what your stuck-up cousins over on Kingston would grab at!

  22. I wish I could grab that bag out of your hand and throw it with tickets and all in the lake!

  23. That's so, Simon; Hannah Levin should grab for herself a man like Albert Hamburger.

  24. When they grab me, you beat it, and don't wait for nothing.

  25. If I see one that looks gentle, I'm liable to grab me some bride.

  26. Soon after that another tiger, leaner and longer than the other two, appeared on the scene and made a grab at the man's coat.

  27. Suddenly the old cat reached out a paw and made a grab at the axe, but the young chap was too quick for her and held it fast.

  28. He came here on business, and had to bring the king along, for fear somebody else would grab him while he was gone.

  29. The attempt to grab first place having failed, he was more than willing to forget the whole subject.

  30. If it should ever need renaming some word should be found that signifies "grab hold and hang on with both head and feet.

  31. Feeling as I did I was ready to leap forward, grab her, and lock her in her own parlor while the others chased up the stairs.

  32. Together, the three white men made a grab for the slave, when the slave suddenly made a lunge at the elder Mr. Thompson with the knife, but missed him and stabbed Donald Thompson.

  33. She was so mean, America was afraid to go too near the bed for fear she might try to grab her and shake her.

  34. When I go out they'll grab the coin I've saved up, and leave me to lie here and rot, maybe.

  35. Run along; git out of here; grab your horse, and beat it back to civilization; there ain't no place for you up here in the wilderness.

  36. Guess you'd best grab these off, Sergeant; maybe you'll need 'em for someone else.

  37. Just as though the hand of Fate was groping around and trying to grab me.

  38. Grab yer 'and, An' look reel occupied when they comes in.

  39. They might reach out and grab you fr'm New York if you didn't.

  40. I missed the forward end of the car, and when the other end came along my grab at the hand-rod slammed me head over heels up the steps.

  41. Hatch's stop to light a cigar and to hand out a couple to the other two gave me time to chuck that notion and grab another.

  42. But it snapped the young woman and the girl away from the railing so suddenly that the little one had to grab for hand-holds; and when she did that, of course the big muff went overboard.

  43. What he saw made him drop his spade and grab the gun that was about his neck.

  44. Nellie screamed and tried to grab the hand rail that was about the platform.

  45. No wonder I was inclined to grab you in that corridor.

  46. You will grab the mill at its breaking-up price, and you should sell the store in any event.

  47. If it were not for Guess, I should be sure that something was going to leap out of the dark and grab me.

  48. I wonder, now, just how far down I'd have had to go, if you hadn't been clever enough to grab me just in time?

  49. A sly little jinx is hoverin' around, ready to grab up a thing just as soon as Step lays it down.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grab" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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