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Example sentences for "grabbing"

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gozan; grab; grabbed; grabber; grabbers; grabe; grabs; grace; graced; graceful
  1. The sight that met her astonished eyes made her tremble: the three swarthy, demon-like men were grabbing the bodies of the dead which were being passed up from the vessel's fetid hold!

  2. Grabbing a decanter, he poured a small drop of spirit between her lips.

  3. Fresh cargo expected from Patagonia in the spring"; and hastily grabbing her umbrella I snatch her out of the shop before she can say "Wee-wee.

  4. Chook, grabbing the largest he could see.

  5. The boxer ran swearing into the ring to hide the kip and the pennies, butting with his bull shoulders against a mob of frenzied gaffers mad with fear and greed, grabbing at any coins they could reach in despair of finding their own.

  6. Here was another change that he was too dazed to understand, and, hastily grabbing his coat, he ran.

  7. In that instant Loring leaped for the boy, grabbing at the rifle.

  8. Yeah," agreed Roger sourly, "but where does this Venusian lummox get off grabbing all the credit.

  9. He merely hurried out, and grabbing Loring by the feet, dragged him inside.

  10. Grabbing his hat, he yanked open the door and strode into the sudden quiet of the small office.

  11. He jerked up his coat sleeve, barked an order into a small transmitter on his wrist, and, grabbing his daughter, threw himself flat on the concrete.

  12. Do men choose the strenuous, money-grabbing life because they really love it, or love the money?

  13. But the preacher goes with Dives when the dinner hour comes; He prefers a groaning table to grabbing after crumbs.

  14. Also, let alone her lost toy-dog gun, I got all her ammunition and her rifle, while she was grabbing in Miss Paulette's trunk.

  15. In two minutes I must have been asleep like a log,--and the first way I knew it was that I found myself out of bed, dragging on my clothes and grabbing up my gun.

  16. Deputy, grabbing the Mexican by the collar, ordered him to, "Come on!

  17. She had made up her mind that he had gone far enough; and firmly grabbing his hand she slipped his change into it.

  18. His grabbing days, so sudden and so brief, were done.

  19. It's real, better grab while the grabbing is good," urged Hippy.

  20. We don't permit any one to beat animals in this menagerie," he chided, grabbing the woman's club.

  21. Grabbing up the stick with his left hand, the foreman again started for Grace, his eyes bloodshot, his lips purple.

  22. I beg your pardon," the man said, grabbing hold of Larry to prevent them both from falling, so forceful had been the impact.

  23. On land, catching them by grabbing the tail was much faster, but one had to avoid the biting head by quickly grabbing the neck.

  24. Well, what does that bank outfit mean by grabbing all my shares?

  25. Life, this little moment of blind, sensual groping and grabbing for something worth while that did not exist, save in the stultification of the intelligence.

  26. When his room was entered, however, he at once began mumbling to himself similar phrases as those given above, became quite restless, grabbing at those about him and not paying any attention to questions put to him.

  27. When alone in the room he remained quietly in bed, head and face covered up with a blanket, but as soon as the room was entered he became restless, grabbing to those about him and holding on tenaciously.

  28. Grabbing up a double handful of snow, he buried his face in it to ease the smart.

  29. Grabbing it triumphantly in his jaws, he turned to make for shore again.

  30. One of the troopers in the rear shouted, grabbing at a point high on his shoulder, the other one was thrown as his horse reared, its upraised forefeet striking another man from the saddle as he endeavored to turn his mount.

  31. Drew got the word out as a squawk, grabbing at the boxes the waiting men were already tossing to him.

  32. The forearm Westervelt had crossed over the hand grabbing at his shirt fell as Parrish let him go.

  33. A great number of hands seemed to be grabbing at him, and his own were very heavy as he groped out for the leg.

  34. Steve saw that the two were reasonably safe; then, grabbing up another ring, he sprang to the rail on the port side.

  35. Grabbing a shovel, he plunged it into the sand.

  36. They had fully the instincts of the Japhetic race for land-grabbing and they were eager to fulfill the prophecy in regard to the enlargement of Japhet's borders.

  37. Southern men favored it, not that they expected to gain anything thereby, but the land-grabbing instinct was strong in them, and they knew that the wives of their neighbors in the loyal North would need furs and sealskin sacques.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grabbing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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