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abdomens; abdominal; abduct; abducted; abducting; abductions; abductor; abductors; abducts; abeam
  1. The first conspiracy, from motives of policy, had for its object the abduction of President Buchanan.

  2. The conspirators thought that either abduction or assassination could be accomplished without difficulty.

  3. They are also being held for abduction of the professor," said Vidac.

  4. This was during the affair of the abduction of Senator Malin.

  5. Gustave d'Aiglemont is next found in the drawing-room at Versailles, where the family is assembled, on the same evening of the abduction of Helene.

  6. In 1806, the Marquis de Chargeboeuf went to Paris to hunt for Master Bordin, who defended the Simeuses before the Criminal Court of Troyes in the trial regarding the abduction and sequestration of Senator Malin.

  7. A relative of the Hauteserres and the Simeuses whom he sought to erase from the emigrant list in 1804, and whom he assisted in the lawsuit in which they were implicated after the abduction of Senator Malin.

  8. Simeuse, compromised in the fictitious abduction of Malin de Gondreville.

  9. This was just before these two approached the Emperor to ask pardon for the Hauteserres and the Simeuses, who had been condemned as accomplices in the abduction of Senator Malin.

  10. In Europe we find that even up to comparatively recent times the abduction of women was not only very common, but was often more or less recognized.

  11. A man might still carry off a girl provided she was not an heiress; but even the abduction of heiresses continued to be common, and in Ireland remained so until the end of the eighteenth century.

  12. The cause of her abduction is given under “Paris” and “Helen.

  13. CAUSE: Greeks avenge the abduction of Helen of Troy by Paris.

  14. Erebus thought the proposed abduction atrocious; he wished to be loved or to make himself loved.

  15. As we have said, he gave Erebus entire liberty to conduct the abduction of Reine, and Erebus, eager to profit from this permission, confided his plans to Hadji, from whom he received valuable suggestions.

  16. This vessel was to take no part in the action, but was to approach Maison-Forte in order to assist in the abduction of Reine des Anbiez.

  17. That abduction is a personal affair to Pog-Reis also, Lord Erebus.

  18. It is singular enough to find from these revelations of Lord Grange's character and habits, that while he was plotting the abduction of one mad woman, he was busily engaged in attempting the release of another.

  19. One day the old man again referred to the abduction transaction in which he had been engaged in his youth.

  20. The birth of the child, and its abduction by strangers, was proved with equal ease.

  21. Many circumstances conspired to increase his popularity and to excite the popular interest in him, when, in 1805, he produced the bas-relief of the Abduction of Briseis, which still remains one of his most celebrated works.

  22. Have you not said that that abduction was entirely political?

  23. I have acquired certain knowledge that that woman was concerned in the abduction of Madame Bonacieux.

  24. The husband had presided at the abduction of his wife.

  25. That was the very evening when the abduction of Mme.

  26. From whom have you learned of the abduction of your wife?

  27. Yes; but that abduction had for its object the betrayal of my mistress, to draw from me by torture confessions that might compromise the honor, and perhaps the life, of my august mistress.

  28. He professed great indignation at the accusation brought against him, of being concerned in the abduction of the ladies, and protested furiously when he heard that, until they were found, he was to consider himself a prisoner.

  29. The news of the abduction had spread, and the greatest indignation was excited in the city.

  30. The fact of the abduction did not transpire for some days.

  31. The abduction of Miss Turner by the brothers Wakefield bore a strong resemblance to the carrying off and forcible marrying of heiresses as already described in a previous chapter.

  32. Down in your hearts, I believe you will some day express admiration for the way in which the abduction has been managed.

  33. There is but one person in all this world who cares enough for you to undertake the stupendous risk your abduction incurred.

  34. The famous abduction was a part of the game and it was abetted by the supposed victim.

  35. Extension of great toe often associated with abduction of other toes (fan sign).

  36. Weak extension and abduction of the thumb but without opposition could be voluntarily performed; adduction good; flexion of the first phalanx, weak; of second phalanx, better.

  37. Pronation and supination were almost impossible, as well as extension of the hand and fingers and abduction of the thumb.

  38. Voluntarily, flexion of the wrist was good, abduction and adduction incomplete; extension could not be executed to the horizontal position.

  39. The thumb was in a condition of contracture which placed it in abduction in front of the index finger, and the thumb could not oppose.

  40. Abduction of the shoulder could also not be performed, though a slight flexion of the forearm shortly began to be demonstrable.

  41. The fifth finger could not be abducted and both abduction and adduction of the third and fourth finger could not be made on account of the nerve lesion.

  42. The laryngoscope showed complete paralysis of the vocal cords, which were in extreme abduction (it was possible to see several tracheal rings).

  43. The man was treated a year in a center for physiotherapy and was then treated in a neurological center, where a faulty position of the right thigh maintained in extensor rotation and abduction was found.

  44. There was a Babinski reflex on the left side and an abduction of the fifth toe on plantar stimulation.

  45. There was no active or passive movement of thigh, lower leg and foot muscles, except that there was a slight tendency to abduction of the toes, from innervation of the dorsal interossei of the foot.

  46. On the eighth day he left at each house a note, written in their peculiar cipher, to explain to his friend what death hung over him, and to tell him of Lydie's abduction and the horrible end to which his enemies had devoted them.

  47. He went into his daughter's rooms, and ended by fainting with grief when he found them empty, and heard Katt's story, which was that of an abduction as skilfully planned as if he had arranged it himself.

  48. On the day of the abduction of Christine Daae, I did not come to the theater until rather late in the evening, trembling lest I should hear bad news.

  49. Christine Daae's abduction in the Prison Act, which naturally surprised everybody, found me prepared.

  50. I was at the performance and no one in the world but Erik could contrive an abduction like that!

  51. These researches brought to light a secret correspondence relative to certain negotiations and intrigues, and to the abduction of a secretary of the Duke of Mantua whose name was Matthioli, and not Girolamo Magni.

  52. One day he put a case of conscience to a confessor, thus: "Whether a man who had been concerned in the abduction of a child could not satisfy his conscience by restoring him to his father and mother without telling them who he was?

  53. His master had narrated to him all the particulars of the accouchement of the countess and of the abduction of the child.

  54. In this taste, the Gods set the example for mortals, and the abduction of Ganymede for the service of the master of thunder, was not the least cause for annoyance given the chaste but over-prudish Juno.

  55. The most common method was abduction and the women always submitted to this without a murmur of any sort.

  56. With regard to himself, he speaks as follows: 'Rewards are offered for my abduction and assassination; and in every direction I meet with those who believe they would be doing God and their country service by depriving me of life.

  57. Liberation and abduction of slaves was one of the modes of warfare adopted by the British, and largely counted on as a means of harassing and injuring one half of the Union.

  58. There the deed of abduction would be no longer possible; or, if still possible, too late.

  59. And was it not equally idle to dream of an abduction by stealth?

  60. The abduction following upon the instant would not only confirm this belief, but would redouble his eagerness in a pursuit that promised a recapture of both the victims, who had thus unexpectedly escaped from his control.

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