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Example sentences for "abductions"

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abdominal; abduct; abducted; abducting; abduction; abductor; abductors; abducts; abeam; abear
  1. Elopements are as common as abductions in the next stage, and are generally conducted with as much propriety.

  2. Men love to figure in the ceremonial of marriage the abductions of old, which they cannot or dare not any longer commit.

  3. The Commonwealth, he says, "interfered in a manner[1311] hitherto unknown for the protection of women from those forcible abductions and marriages which were but too common under the former and later reigns of the Stuarts.

  4. The Bishop and the Inquisitor remanded the culprit to the secular court, which, holding against him the abductions and the murders, pronounced the penalty of death and attainder.

  5. If Mr. Atkinson accepts the formal abductions as survivals of real captures and so as proofs of his argument, and if such formal abductions are not survivals of real capture--still, as Dr.

  6. You Sabines will have three abductions to gossip over if you do not look out.

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