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Example sentences for "abducts"

Lexicographically close words:
abducting; abduction; abductions; abductor; abductors; abeam; abear; abeawt; abed; abeen
  1. A man who abducts a girl from her parents in England must find out at his peril whether she is under sixteen.

  2. But if he knowingly abducts a girl from [59] her parents, he must find out her age at his peril.

  3. No one abducts her; the child abducts herself.

  4. This muscle flexes and abducts the humerus, and also rotates it outwards.

  5. As regards the posterior portion, it extends the thigh, and abducts it.

  6. The jealous Francesca betrays the plan to Guido, his rival, who abducts Filippa.

  7. The strong scene of the act is the coming to life of the various baronets whose portraits hang upon the walls, and their announcement that Robin will die in fearful agony unless he abducts some lady, it matters not whom.

  8. He "scratches the eight eyes" of the bat who abducts Hina.

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