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equalizing; equall; equalled; equallie; equalling; equals; equanimity; equate; equated; equates
  1. In this passage, however, he distributes his blame too equally between Sparta and Athens, whereas the blame belongs of right to the former, in far greater proportion.

  2. The Arcadian envoy Antiochus was equally indignant at the rescript; refusing even to receive such presents of formal courtesy as were tendered to all, and accepted by Pelopidas himself, who however strictly declined everything beyond.

  3. We find in him, however, more analogy to Lysander—a man equally above reproach on the score of pecuniary gain—than to Brasidas or Kallikratidas.

  4. After Epaminondas had once laid out the reasons in support of his assertion, he might then, if the same brief question were angrily put to him a second time, meet it with another equally brief counter-question or retort.

  5. They found Sparta in the same interest as themselves; not only equally hostile to the Arcadians, but also complaining that she had been robbed of Messênê, as they complained of the loss of Triphylia.

  6. Aren't you equally sure of the result of such an application, Ned?

  7. But were all the Waldenses equally forbearing, grandpa?

  8. He was sure to be out at this early hour, if the weather would permit, and she almost equally sure to join him: and as the others liked to lie a little longer in bed, there was seldom any one to share his society with her.

  9. She had no doubt that he was a Christian; it was evident from his daily walk and conversation; and she was equally certain that she herself was not.

  10. He had hardly concluded and had not had time to ask how they knew of the kidnapping when a wild-eyed man in faded old farm clothes, accompanied by an equally distracted woman, came rushing down to the wharf.

  11. On the opposite side of the float the crew of the Flying Fish, the Snark, the Bonita and the Albacore were equally busy over their craft.

  12. He was not sure of Sam, but assumed, from the fact that he had lived by the sea all his life, that he was equally at home in the water.

  13. He said, very rightly, that the population of Macedonia was equally near to Serb and to Bulgar; but unhappily, in his efforts to establish a modus vivendi, he proposed that Macedonia should be divided between the two countries.

  14. No doubt a well-equipped foreigner could obtain more exact ethnographical results in Macedonia than equally gifted Serb or Bulgar observers.

  15. We know the equally minute numbers who escaped to Italy and enrolled themselves in the Italian army.

  16. Eleanor had been ordered goats' milk by the Orvieto doctor, and the gentleman who had secured the order from the massaja went in fear of his life at the hands of two other gentlemen who had not been equally happy.

  17. But one might have supposed that such claims on a friend's part would have annoyed a man of Manisty's equally marked but very different peculiarities.

  18. Perhaps, my dear, they would have suffered equally from the atmosphere without gas," replied the old gentleman, looking at his wife over his glasses.

  19. No one has more closely observed the course of events in the Far West than Judge Bradford, and his opinions on some disputed points are very decided and equally clear.

  20. It was followed by two or three other comediettas equally clever.

  21. They argue the case with a degree of fairness, and many of their opinions and deductions are novel and equally just.

  22. The result is an irregular succession of steps equally irregular, with enough literal jumping-off places to relieve any possible monotony attending the promenade.

  23. In France the bastard offspring of English tragedy and German drama gave birth to an equally illegitimate comédie larmoyante.

  24. Eve, too, fearing some fresh disaster, was equally anxious for their departure, and most of Reuben's spare time was swallowed up in making the necessary arrangements.

  25. On the other hand, Rollo got one, a larger one, and equally good, for Arthur Maryland, for just half the money.

  26. For Miss Kennedy was extremely remote this day, placing herself at such a dainty distance as was about equally fascinating and hard to bear.

  27. The girl was in that state when to withstand or to bear seems equally difficult: there is no strength for either; and the colour which flitted over her face at his demonstrations was less of shyness than of intense feeling.

  28. And even in the lapse of time and the change of literary fashion authors so unlike as Byron and Dickens were equally warm in admiration of him.

  29. I have repeatedly thought that each grand coup de théâtre would be the last that would occur in my time; but each has been succeeded by another equally striking; and what will be the next, who can conjecture?

  30. By degrees his attention was attracted to a neighbor equally solitary with himself.

  31. I had considered Donna Paola a heroine, but as I listened to Donna Isabella I thought her a still more interesting one; and she was equally anxious to enlist recruits in the cause of liberty.

  32. These nests are equally secure from snakes or monkeys, as neither can descend the delicate boughs to which they are pendent--nor can, indeed, climb the smooth stems of the trees.

  33. While we were greeting the padre, his servant received an equally warm welcome from Tim and Chumbo.

  34. Equally frank was the interest that was apparent on the face of Beatrice, as she went forward to meet and to greet her visitor.

  35. And now I suppose it is equally certain that I never shall be.

  36. Then he wrote an equally short note to Beatrice, telling her that he thought it would be advisable to have a further talk with her before carrying out the plan which he had suggested to her for the next day.

  37. Mary Queen of Scots was, of course, led to execution, and Marie Antoinette, equally as a matter of course, appeared in her prison.

  38. Dividing at her feet, each equally free, were the trails of the natural and the artificial.

  39. Gordon preferred the former, because he had the love of battle; but Foster held to the second method, in its way equally effective, and anyone who shook a spear against authority was sure of sympathy from Gordon.

  40. A contemptuous titter broke from the School House platoon, in which amusement and annoyance were equally mixed.

  41. None of you are to blame particularly; but you are all equally guilty.

  42. The small white Daisy, of lower growth, is equally desirable for front-row locations.

  43. It is equally satisfactory when used with pale rose Phlox Drummondi, or the soft yellow shades of that flower.

  44. Others will advance what seem to be equally good reasons for preferring to plant in fall.

  45. The plant has tendrils by which it attaches itself to anything with which it comes in contact, consequently strings, latticework, or wire netting answer equally well for its support.

  46. What is true of the Sweet Pea, in this respect, is equally true of all plants which range through a great variety of colors.

  47. There are many other varieties equally as fine, but with a little difference in the way of color--just enough to make one want to have all of them.

  48. Unsurpassed in garden decoration and equally as valuable for cutting.

  49. Among the shrubs are Elder, Spirea, Clethra, Sumach, Dogwood, and others equally as desirable.

  50. Covered-up and unprotected plants apparently produced an equal number of capsules, and the seeds of the former seemed to the eye equally good.

  51. Protected and unprotected plants produced an equal number of pods and equally fine seeds.

  52. The plants on the two sides were always watered at the same time and as equally as possible; and even if this had not been done, the water would have spread almost equally to both sides, as the pots were not large.

  53. The crossed and self-fertilised plants were separated by a superficial partition, which was always kept directed towards the chief source of the light, so that the plants on both sides were equally illuminated.

  54. Both lots looked equally vigorous, but the crossed plants flowered earlier and more profusely than the self-fertilised.

  55. The two lots seemed to be about equally unproductive.

  56. Crossed and self-fertilised seeds from the crossed and self-fertilised plants of the sixth generation were sown in the usual manner on opposite sides of three pots, and the seedlings were well and equally thinned.

  57. Covered-up and uncovered plants produced an equal number of capsules, and the seeds in both appeared equally numerous and good.

  58. On being respectfully asked sometimes who such a magistrate might be whose face and name were equally unknown to his colleagues and to the townsmen in general; "Do I know the fellows?

  59. Jake made a sign of agreement and Ida resumed: "The other letter stating that his cousin stole the plans is equally valuable and his making no use of it is significant.

  60. The silken threads had been fused together so as to form a translucent cocoon, looking as if it had been made of gelatine, and being nearly equally transparent, the chrysalis being plainly visible through its walls.

  61. Reaumur ascertained that the portion of the structure which had been built under his eye was equally thick and compact with the other, which had been done under ground.

  62. Most people may have remarked that the house-fly is ever and anon brushing its feet upon one another to rub off the dust, though we have not seen it remarked in authors that spiders are equally assiduous in keeping themselves clean.

  63. The six-sided form of the cells obviates every objection; and while it fulfils the conditions of the problem, it is equally adapted with a cylinder to the shape of the bee.

  64. It would be equally correct to say that an ox or a sheep dislikes walking amongst long grass, and therefore eats it down in order to clear the way.

  65. The problem is to make a tube about the width of the hollow of a wheat-straw or a crow-quill, and equally smooth and uniform.

  66. But it is equally capable of enduring great cold, as it has been captured in the Arctic regions.

  67. The interior of a turret is pretty equally divided into innumerable cells, irregular in shape, but usually more or less angular, generally quadrangular or pentagonal, though the angles are not well defined.

  68. ET] The opinion, indeed, is equally improbable with another, suggested by Dr.

  69. A second almost equally prominent reason for praising Yahwe is for his wisdom, might, and goodness revealed in his dealings with Israel.

  70. I thought that nature had lavished her gifts about equally without and again within the human family.

  71. I never knew a man equally transfigured with one I saw.

  72. This principle applies equally to both land and water fowl.

  73. Pick and dress them neatly, box them carefully, and they will always command a good price and a ready sale; while equally as good stock, slovenly and carelessly thrown together, will go begging.

  74. We could mention many others who are doing equally well.

  75. Our first batch of Pekins and those crosses numbered about 300, nearly equally divided.

  76. The hundred we had from you last year were equally as good, however, in fact, can see no difference.

  77. Why not be equally frank with the poultry business?

  78. She is clothed with an impenetrable coat of feathers and an equally thick coat of down.

  79. Others, still, who, from close confinement at sedentary work in the city, are anxious to engage in a business which promises equally to restore their health as well as to provide them a livelihood.

  80. Probably no two instances contributed so powerfully to the ultimate downfall of Napoleon as his ruthless assassination under the forms of military law of the Duke d'Enghien and the equally brutal murder of the German bookseller, Palm.

  81. The war, on which we can now depend, will do that equally well, if not better," interrupted the baron.

  82. The constraint which it was necessary to impose upon themselves must be equally painful to them both, yet this could not be altered.

  83. He was alone, and far from shelter; he felt his soul equally alone and unsheltered.

  84. Then my mother is truly and undoubtedly as much treading the way appointed her as Aunt Agnes; and the monastic life is only one among callings equally sacred.

  85. The father was equally absorbed with his treasures, his folios, and models, and instruments, which he jealously guarded.

  86. It is equally so whether you are killed by falling down stairs, or were sitting and writing, and suddenly should die.

  87. Ought I to love every one the same because all are equally God's?

  88. But how few of mankind are ever willing to own themselves mistaken about any subject under the sun, unless it be bimetallism or some equally unfashionable and abstruse (though not unimportant) problem of the day!

  89. But on the other hand you will be equally well pleased if your gun is not fired off, for it is peace and quiet that you are really in search of,--the noise of a shot and the jar of a gun do not suit your present mood.

  90. A few such are to be found in all our rural villages if one looks for them; and if they are the exceptions to the general rule, it must also be remembered that men with "character" are equally rare amongst the upper and middle classes.

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