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Example sentences for "dispassionately"

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  1. So subtly, so dispassionately indeed was he delivering himself of these remarks that it was impossible to tell whether he meant their application to be personal, to me, or general, to my associates.

  2. What thundered indictment of the Church of Christ could have been as severe, as wholly condemning as these few words so dispassionately uttered by the man beside him?

  3. If you can criticise your own work dispassionately in this way, it will help you to detect some of your own weak points.

  4. But, unfortunately, so few of us can look dispassionately upon the children of our own brain!

  5. I want to place the situation dispassionately before you.

  6. Sir John looked dispassionately at the family group, and shook his head.

  7. A half honeymoon was too dangerous an experiment with a girl who was supposed to be considering dispassionately whether she wanted to marry him.

  8. Gaymer surveyed him dispassionately for a moment and then broke into such abuse that a crowd began to collect.

  9. III The Grand Duke looked dispassionately on their retreating figures; inquiringly on the Baroness; reprovingly on the moon, as though he rather suspected it of having treated him with injustice.

  10. The Vicar of Heriz Magna dispassionately ran over the leaves of his prayer-book, till he had found the marriage service, and then closed the book, his forefinger marking the place.

  11. It sets out dispassionately the state of the controversy on slavery, lays down with brief argument the position that the Union is indissoluble, and proceeds to define the duty of the Government in face of an attempt to dissolve it.

  12. Perhaps I was not in proper frame of mind to dispassionately discuss this question of Geno's family affairs with a strange officer, and it is probable that I somewhat rashly resented the supposed impertinence.

  13. It was then, when alone with myself, that I calmly and dispassionately thought over the entire matter.

  14. I have never met a professional man who would consider it dispassionately and scientifically.

  15. Before going into details, so far as may be necessary, I cannot help asking you to consider calmly and dispassionately my exact condition compared with that of my fellow-creatures as a whole.

  16. Henry gazed at it dispassionately and judicially.

  17. He sat at his desk in the sunny schoolroom and gazed dispassionately at a row of figures on the blackboard.

  18. The steward turned the knob, announced dispassionately "Monseer Duchemin," and stood aside.

  19. Strange to say, I believed he spoke no more than the truth, and regarded us dispassionately as merely a source from which a little profit might be wrung.

  20. I could think so the more dispassionately because now both she and her sister were far above me, though, knowing my own kind, I wondered where either could find any man worthy.

  21. He did not carry her dispassionately today, but very gently.

  22. At short intervals during the morning, Rhoda walked, but for the most part Kut-le packed her as dispassionately as if she had been a lame puppy.

  23. Yet, sufficiently obvious as the accuracy of this definition must appear to any one who dispassionately considers it, several naturalists of high standing have denounced it in violent terms.

  24. Than which I cannot conceive a stronger condemnation of the theory which it has been my object fairly to represent and dispassionately to criticise.

  25. Looking at the case dispassionately from a professional point of view, I am sorry to tell you that the judge would scarcely be warranted in granting bail.

  26. Quite dispassionately he looked ahead to the next step.

  27. Looking at it dispassionately from the outside, what right had he to interfere?

  28. Local questions are dispassionately discussed, with ample forms of courtesy and in a language worthy of Cicero.

  29. Joyce shook her head dispassionately over the ingrained stupidity of mankind.

  30. You'll kill her if you move her," the Seraph remarked, dispassionately but with careful choice of time.

  31. Mr. Goble, apparently in no hurry, was leaning over the bulwarks in the darkness not far from Hughie and Allerton, dispassionately regarding the crew's preparations for departure.

  32. The captain descended from the bridge, walked across the deck, and dispassionately kicked Mr. Allerton off the bollard.

  33. Barbara, do you not know in your heart of hearts that if you were the wife of a husband, wisely but dispassionately chosen, you would love him with a wife's full love as long as he loved you?

  34. It is the province of Science to ascertain the facts in any given case, to institute comparisons, and to draw deductions and generalizations dispassionately and relentlessly.

  35. Hassim remarked dispassionately that there was one white man with whom it would be wise to remain friendly; and besides, was not Daman his friend already?

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dispassionately" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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