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Example sentences for "equates"

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equally; equals; equanimity; equate; equated; equating; equation; equations; equator; equatorial
  1. As elsewhere he equates his exile with death; the defence of his poetry therefore includes only the poetry that he wrote before his exile.

  2. He further equates him with Uthr Ben, "Wonderful Head," the superior bard, harper and piper of a Taliesin poem.

  3. He equates Castor with Cernunnos, and Pollux with Smertullos.

  4. He also equates Bres, as temporary king of the Tuatha Dé Danann, with Kronos, king of heaven in the age of gold.

  5. D'Arbois equates Tethra with Kronos, who after his defeat became ruler of a land of dead heroes, the analogy, like other analogies with Greek mythology, is misleading.

  6. Now the name of this invisible chief under whom the Gaulish conquerors of Rome and Delphi claimed to fight, was Brennos, whom De Jubainville equates with Brian, the First of the Three divine Sons of Dana, or Brigit, the Bona Dea of Britain.

  7. But clinically, it is interesting to note that motive factor alone equates Losch from Logical into Prime.

  8. Right now he equates into an uncertain Prime.

  9. In the sentence immediately preceding that just quoted he equates the transcendental self with the notion of "object in general.

  10. For explanation of the way in which he equates the concept of simplicity with the category of reality Kant is satisfied to refer the reader to the section on the second antinomy in which this same identification occurs.

  11. He equates this with Dionysus Zagreus, and the Hunt of Artemis-Hekate.

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