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Example sentences for "equating"

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equals; equanimity; equate; equated; equates; equation; equations; equator; equatorial; eque
  1. Q has therefore a maximum for a value of e between 0 and h, obtained by equating dQ/de to zero.

  2. George Sand had begun as a sort of modernist; but by any one who can perform the (it is true not very easy) task of equating relative modernity, it will not be found that Mlle.

  3. The refutation opens by equating idealism with material idealism (so named in contradistinction to his own "formal or rather Critical" teaching).

  4. Such a view is not, indeed, easily reconcilable with his equating of the principle of substance with the principle of the conservation of matter.

  5. In the equating of the two, and not, as the introduction to the Dialectic would lead us to expect, in a failure to distinguish appearance from reality, consists the paralogistic fallacy of this first syllogism.

  6. Schopenhauer is again misled by his equating of reciprocity with causal action.

  7. They were probably beneficent gods of the aborigines, whom the Celtic conquerors regarded as generally evil, perhaps equating them with the dark powers already known to them.

  8. This meaning he also gives to Lug, equating Lug and Llew, and regarding both as sun-gods.

  9. This was a yet further cause of the equating of the two parts of the sacred volume, which went on with an imperceptible crescendo through the first three quarters of the 2nd century, and by the last quarter was fairly complete.

  10. Much moral speculation has been devoted to the problem of equating personal happiness and regard for the general good.

  11. The Problem of Equating Personal and General Happiness.

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    Other words:
    accommodation; adjustment; coordination; equalizing; equation; evening; integration