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Example sentences for "accusation"

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accurate; accurately; accursed; accurssed; accurst; accusations; accusative; accusatives; accusatory; accuse
  1. If they find that the accusation is not justified and that the place is satisfactorily worked, then the man who made the charge is obliged to pay the examining committee's expenses.

  2. He repeated this accusation several times and with great violence, but when he was invited to reveal the names of these banks--"No, sir!

  3. Why did he so fear her, that not one year of his life passed without his concocting and circulating some public or private accusation against her?

  4. This plan of solemn and heroic accusation was the first public attack on his wife.

  5. The credibility of the accusation of the unnatural crime charged to Lord Byron is greater than if charged to most men.

  6. His claim was that he was denied from that time forth even the justice of any tangible accusation against himself which he might meet and refute.

  7. Even although one of his latest acts concerning her was to repeat to Lady Blessington the false accusation which made Lady Byron the author of all his errors, she still had hopes from the one step taken in the right direction.

  8. Such is the answer that Spain and her beauteous daughter, Boetica, might make to the accusation which the words of the accomplished Author I have quoted may be construed to bear.

  9. He had simply left him out, hoping that, in the definiteness of the accusation of a woman, he would be forgotten.

  10. Miss Hope need not work for nothing, nor even in order to avert an accusation against which she doubtless feels secure.

  11. From her earlier confidence Christina had now jumped to an extreme of accusation in which any violence seemed probable.

  12. My family have faithfully served their country through generations, and I will never allow a false accusation to be brought upon it, even though you, Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary, may choose to make it.

  13. Taking it, heedless of my destination, I walked on mechanically, regardless of the brilliant sunshine and the songs of the birds, thinking only of the unjust accusation against me, and of my inability to clear myself.

  14. And the gendarmes, though no laws are binding on them, like the clergy, find no cause for an accusation and return the young man to the army.

  15. In Morton's case the accusation seems to have been based upon the fact that he used the Book of Common Prayer.

  16. Once again we have absolute evidence that his accusation of forgery was an acted clamour to screen himself.

  17. We do not accuse Pope of bringing an accusation which he knew to be false.

  18. The most terrible of all the accusations was that which even then went the round of the newspapers, and which sullied the fair name of the being dearest to him--the accusation of incest.

  19. His proposition was applauded, and Fouquier's accusation decreed.

  20. I conclude my conclusion is--I propose a decree of accusation against all the accomplices of Dumouriez, and against those who are indicated by the petitioners.

  21. When the songs of triumph, and gratulation, and adulation were exhausted, accusation began, and the philosophers of the eighteenth century succeeded to the litterateurs of the seventeenth.

  22. The first accusation of Rebecqui and Barbaroux had not succeeded.

  23. On the 8th, the accusation of Lafayette was discussed.

  24. The accusation of Marat was far from intimidating the Jacobins who accompanied him to the revolutionary tribunal.

  25. They denounced Robespierre with more animosity than prudence; he was not yet sufficiently formidable to incur the accusation of aspiring to the dictatorship.

  26. To distinguish himself by a brilliant d├ębut, the marquis Serenus brought an accusation of anti-revolutionary practices against his aged father, already in exile, after which he proudly called himself Brutus.

  27. By this attack the court again displayed its want of foresight; for it ought to have proved the accusation or not to have made it.

  28. To illustrate: A man brings an accusation against another, and on trial the man making the charge introduces A and B to prove the accusation.

  29. Amazed, horrified, the abbe listened to the count's words; he looked enquiringly at the beautiful and elegant woman against whom such a frightful accusation was brought.

  30. It is an old accusation against fishermen that they are apt to overload themselves with multitudinous flies, of which perhaps they never try half; and in this accusation there is a good deal of truth.

  31. Possibly this kind of dapping may be deemed to be a poor kind of sport, and, speaking from a strictly orthodox point of view, the accusation cannot be denied.

  32. Though Francine was frightened, she raised her angelic eyes at this last accusation and answered calmly, as she looked into his savage face: "I will pledge my eternal safety that that is false.

  33. Galope-Chopine needed all his presence of mind to subdue his rage, and not deny the accusation which his avarice had made a just one.

  34. When I was first at the city of Mexico, Governor Letcher related to me the stratagem by which he contrived to smuggle an American Bible agent out of the country when the police were after him, on an accusation of selling prohibited books!

  35. Yet I cannot forbear to say that I take it ill that this accusation has been made.

  36. And then they added the accusation that Critias and Alcibiades who had done great harm to Athens had both been disciples of his.

  37. This kind of accusation is common to most public men, so it was not likely that he would escape.

  38. Gladstone "entirely repudiated and repelled the statement," considered the accusation groundless and wanton, and called upon his right hon.

  39. My father was becoming somewhat accustomed to having this accusation made by persons who wished to make out a case against the "infidel," but to find it in the Financial Reformer was an unexpected blow.

  40. A constant accusation brought against Mr Bradlaugh was that of living in aristocratic style,[54] and of having a most enormous income.

  41. You must allow that the accusation is either true or false.

  42. His accusation of Littlefield deprives him of a good deal of sympathy.

  43. During the reading of the Act of Accusation by the Clerk of the Court Castaing listened calmly.

  44. The Act of Accusation in Castaing's case is a remarkable document, covering a hundred closely-printed pages.

  45. Let the major accusation stand, if you choose; I did have an appointment here with Margaret Gannon.

  46. I more than half believe"--She stopped abruptly, as if there had been some dumb protest of the imprisoned hand, and then went on with a swift change from accusation to gentle reproach.

  47. This is his attitude as he defines it, but I can qualify the accusation a little on the friendly side.

  48. His difference with Messieurs de Magny was known; he begged his Highness to employ any other official person in the judgment of the accusation brought against the young Chevalier.

  49. The accusation was perfectly untrue, but this style of political controversy was common, and was adopted by Canning.

  50. This petition was withdrawn, but a subsequent appeal in March 1830 led to a presbyterial visitation followed by an accusation of heresy.

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