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Example sentences for "accusatory"

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accurst; accusation; accusations; accusative; accusatives; accuse; accused; accuser; accusers; accuses
  1. He frequently expressed his satisfaction that the accusatory correspondence, and, above all, Kleber's letter, had fallen into his own hands.

  2. Now it was against the overweening ascendency of such decorous and pious incompetence, when aided by wealth and family advantages, that the demagogic accusatory eloquence ought to have served as a natural bar and corrective.

  3. Before that transfer could be effected, however, the Dour Man invaded the living-room and stood with a cold and accusatory eye inspecting that monument of destructiveness.

  4. I fancied that there was even something accusatory in the look.

  5. In the course of the 12th and 13th centuries the old formal accusatory procedure began to break down, and to be superseded by another form of procedure known as inquisitio, inquest, or enquete.

  6. The spirit of the old accusatory procedure was applied to the new procedure by inquest.

  7. Mrs Gowan, smiling and shaking her head with accusatory intelligence, 'they were well understood by me, I assure you.

  8. Happily, the accusatory part of such exhortations is becoming, we trust we may say fast becoming, less extensively applicable; and we return with pleasure to the animating idea of that revolution of which we were noting the introductory signs.

  9. We find mention made in Xenophon of accusatory grounds similar to those in the “Clouds;” similar also to those which modern authors usually advance against the sophists.

  10. But he represented the demagogic and accusatory eloquence of the democracy, the check upon official delinquency; so that he served as a common object of antipathy to Athenian and Samian oligarchs.

  11. An accusatory glance towards Skeeter was answered by one of mystification.

  12. Having shown General Drieaen Napoleon's accusatory letter, he begged that I would entrust him with it for a day or two, saying he would show it to the King at a private audience.

  13. Still another class of critics insist that the Hebrew judges exercised only accusatory functions, and that the examination of Jesus at night was merely preparatory to charges to be presented to Pilate.

  14. Under that system there was no such body as the modern Grand Jury, and no committee of the Sanhedrin exercised similar accusatory functions.

  15. And no similar body of committee of the Sanhedrin performed the accusatory functions of the modern Grand Jury.

  16. There was no secret body, with the accusatory functions of the modern Grand Jury, connected with the ancient Hebrew judicial system.

  17. I have not learned through the newspapers or in any other mode that the committee have touched the other accusatory branch of the resolution, charging the President with a violation of duty in failing to execute some law or laws.

  18. It followed a fundamental law of the Empire which laid down inter alia that all legal proceedings, civil or criminal, should be oral and public, and that the accusatory system in criminal cases should be adopted.

  19. It is litigious or accusatory and not inquisitorial (Stephen, Prel.

  20. He snapped accusatory gesture at the open door of Britt's vault and flashed equally accusatory gaze at the president.

  21. He pulled down his arms and shot accusatory digit at the deputy warden whom he had previously rebuked.

  22. Out of the night gloom and stillness below came his mother's voice, raised loud and hoarse in half-accusatory prayer, not caring who heard, save the Lord.

  23. Upon examination he was found in a sad and self-accusatory state, much discouraged with ideas of his guilt, unworthiness, and ruin.

  24. Suddenly negativistic phenomena, with refusal of food and self-accusatory ideas set in; speech stopped altogether.

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