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accusatives; accusatory; accuse; accused; accuser; accuses; accuseth; accusing; accusingly; accustom
  1. And no one outside of the circle of the accusers knew whose turn might come next.

  2. But immediately all the accusers in the Court, and all the "afflicted" out of it, made a hideous outcry.

  3. Instantly the heads of the accusers were bent the same way.

  4. And you will note that there has not been a single instance of this being done, that the circle of accusers have not seemed maddened to frenzy.

  5. As the greater number of the accusers were also of the female sex, it was natural, I suppose, that this should be so.

  6. Oh, here in Salem, where his accusers are.

  7. As he was not told who his accusers were this was difficult for him to use.

  8. He mistrusted not merely the accused, but the accusers also; and if he punished the one as criminals, he would have willingly punished the others as informants.

  9. Besides, it filled him with respect to see his consort confronting her accusers so boldly and proudly; and he felt toward them just as burning wrath and hatred as he had before harbored against the queen.

  10. If what her accusers had told him were true--if they could give him the proofs of the queen's guilt, then she was doomed.

  11. On this first day the duke sat out-facing his accusers and out-braving their accusations, which the more highly exasperated the house.

  12. His words prove that he entertained no such feelings; he respected and revered Moses just as much as his opponents and accusers did.

  13. It is not I who have blasphemed and opposed Moses: it is my accusers rather.

  14. The accusers had grown too audacious in their selection of victims; their clerical patrons had become too openly determined to give no quarter.

  15. Paul refers to the doctrine of a universal resurrection as being so well proved that even his accusers had to admit the truth, "that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.

  16. Meanwhile the false accusers had been devising a new scheme.

  17. Breadalbane's defence was that he was a greater villain than his accusers imagined, and that he had pretended to be a Jacobite only in order to get at the bottom of the Jacobite plans.

  18. Am I to lie all my life under the stigma of an accusation like this, merely because the violence of my accusers has scared their own witness out of England?

  19. He and he alone could undo what he had done, could save the accused from the gallows, could cover the accusers with infamy, could drive from office the Secretary and the Solicitor who were the dread of all the friends of King James.

  20. The Commons summoned the accusers and the accused to the bar.

  21. The false accusers were removed in custody.

  22. The Official Indictment, and the Real Charges What my accusers have said, Athenians, has been most specious, but none of it is true.

  23. It is just that I should begin by defending myself against my accusers from of old, in priority to Anytus and these other latter-day accusers.

  24. My accusers may procure that judgment, but hurt me they cannot.

  25. They first inspected the ship, and made a diligent survey of the form and manner of the work and the goodness of the materials, and then called all the accusers before them to hear their allegations.

  26. But again, these words do closely imply, that the coming souls are afraid that these accusers will prevail against them, as is evident, because the text is spoken for their relief and succour.

  27. One of the prominent knights, too, he compelled to fight in single combat on the charge of insult offered to his mother Agrippina, and when the man proved victorious handed him over to the accusers and had him slain.

  28. And he would accept accusers indiscriminately: a slave might denounce a master or a son a father.

  29. For not only were the accusers of various persons brought to trial, but those who had condemned them were in turn sentenced.

  30. He further commanded that the most notorious of those who had steadily acted as accusers should be put to death on one day.

  31. Ormonde had often begged Elizabeth not to hear his accusers in his absence; and Sidney may have reported against him, for he was now sent for.

  32. The leader of the Northern Geraldines, who had, perhaps, no fancy either for the Tower or for a renewed exile, had his accusers at this time, and later events tend to prove that they were not without justification.

  33. I thank God that, under such circumstances, I have had firmness and resolution enough to meet my accusers face to face, and provoke an inquiry into my conduct.

  34. It was not as accusers of the minister, but as counsellors of his majesty, whose duty it was to inform their master of the condition of his states, that they had despatched that letter to him.

  35. I gained them all and his accusers were condemned in costs, also to refund the so much per day which had been paid them by General Loewenwalde; but they were all poor, and I might seek the money where I could.

  36. Sixty-three civil suits had I to defend, and all the appeals of his accusers to terminate after his death.

  37. This was made oath of, and he was not entirely cleared of the charge in the revision, because his accusers had excluded all means of justification.

  38. The Greek philosopher not only pardoned his false accusers and iniquitous judges, he even desired them to treat his children as they had done himself, should they, like him, one day be happy enough to deserve their hatred.

  39. But Festus answered them: “It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to die, before that he which is accused have the accusers face to face, and have licence to answer for himself.

  40. He therefore sent Jesus and his accusers to Herod; before whom the charge was vehemently renewed and urged.

  41. One of his latest compositions was a defence of himself against the charge of impiety, and against the allegations of his accusers (as reported to him, or published) in support of it.

  42. The history of all nations, and more especially of our own, in the fresh recollection of those who took a share in these acts, teaches us that false accusers are always encouraged by a bad government, and may easily deceive a good one.

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