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Example sentences for "accustom"

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accusers; accuses; accuseth; accusing; accusingly; accustomary; accustome; accustomed; accustoming; accustoms
  1. He did this very slowly in order to accustom his frame to the change of pressure both of air and water, for he was well aware of the danger of rapid ascent from such a depth.

  2. He began by tumbling him into a washing-tub at odd times, in order to accustom him to water.

  3. I accustom myself, therefore, to this idea without reluctance; and since I have crossed the seas, I find my regret for the good company I left behind me, less pungent and uneasy.

  4. Men of sense, and taste, and letters, would accustom themselves to frequent your house.

  5. The captain blinked to accustom himself to the light.

  6. Walking slowly, to accustom his eyes to the gloom, Peter Gross left the friendly circle of light.

  7. Marches and dances that belong in the play make an imperative call for movement, and accustom them to action without self-consciousness and formality.

  8. If we accustom the children to it from the beginning, and never intimate to them that it is difficult, it is about as easy to get verse out of them as prose.

  9. Rome will never accustom herself to the rule of the Goths; she will always resist us--how can it be otherwise?

  10. You will have to get the better of that objection, Madam, and to accustom yourself to it very probably on many similar occasions; unless you adopt the remedy which is in your own hands, of giving me no cause of complaint.

  11. Accustom your souls to frequent and familiar exercise about their invisible objects, as well as your senses about theirs.

  12. Draw near and accustom thy soul to serious thoughts of God; for it is strangeness that maketh thee the more averse to him.

  13. That his heart might still keep waking, he would accustom himself to the meditation of those things that should beget both love and fear; and would always be very chary, lest he offended his conscience.

  14. I have observed that what a man loveth he will accustom himself unto, whether it be fishing, hunting, or the like.

  15. I would have you learn French, and take in a literary journal once a month, which will accustom you to various subjects, and inform you what learning is going forward in the world.

  16. However, such incidents are salutary, they accustom us to bear with cheerfulness the little vexatious interruptions which people sometimes bear with less equanimity than more serious grievances.

  17. Happy are those, my dear friend, who, like you, never accustom themselves to give way to it.

  18. We ought to accustom those we intend for great adventures, to great events.

  19. If you wish to know the course of this correspondence, you must accustom yourself to decypher my minutes; for I would not for the world take the trouble of copying them.

  20. I begin to accustom myself not to think about it, and I am very happy as I am.

  21. It is undoubtedly for the sake of revenge, that you accustom his mistress to commit little infidelities: you are a mischievous creature.

  22. I did not use to love Mr. de Valmont; I did not think him to be so much your friend; I will endeavour to accustom myself to him, and I will love him on your account.

  23. The new exercises in unaccustomed surroundings are begun by the men on strange horses, to which they have had no opportunity to accustom themselves.

  24. The very first lessons to accustom him to both saddle and rider are better given on the lunging rein than when led by an older horse, for nothing teaches the bad habit of 'sticking' more than this last practice.

  25. It is well to call attention to the fact that to accustom horses to the most varied food--rye, barley, wheat, etc.

  26. So also the tendency of the great mystical movement had been to accustom men's minds to a spiritual interpretation of outward forms.

  27. Let us accustom ourselves to what is good, then what was formerly unusual will become usual, what was rude will become polished, and what was unbecoming will grow to be fitting.

  28. Active and unquiet spirits continually require this nourishment; the imagination requires to be alternately alarmed and consoled; and there are thousands who cannot accustom themselves to tranquillity and the sobriety of reason.

  29. It were far better to accustom ourselves to sleep with our windows open, as the night air is not at all injurious in dry weather, unless an east wind is blowing.

  30. It is remarkable how soon we accustom ourselves to a strange situation.

  31. She was still struggling, groping, wondering, striving to accustom herself to the higher light of another world.

  32. Accustom yourself to be guided strictly according to established rules as far as you are informed on the subject.

  33. Accustom yourself as much as possible to strike with one hand, as it is much more graceful, and many players allow no other blow.

  34. Accustom yourself to ask not, “is this pretty?

  35. And, yet, I can not accustom myself to the idea of being an invalid, and a burden to others unto the end of my life.

  36. Gildas was beginning to accustom himself to the firing.

  37. One night when he was being unmercifully chaffed by the pit, he came to the front of the stage, and coolly addressed his persecutors as follows: "Gentlemen, it will be easier for you to accustom yourselves to my face than for me to change it.

  38. To accustom them to mount firmly and with grace, they practiced exercises in vaulting, for which it seemed to me they would have no use except at the Olympic circus.

  39. I desire that foreigners shall accustom themselves to show the greatest respect towards the constituted authorities of the Empire, and to treat with great consideration even the simple title of French citizen.

  40. One should accustom himself to everything.

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