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Example sentences for "accustoming"

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accusingly; accustom; accustomary; accustome; accustomed; accustoms; ace; acento; acephalous; acequia
  1. A man becomes a glutton by accustoming himself to eat too much, a good walker by exercising his legs.

  2. Training to act in accordance with established rules; accustoming to systematic and regular action; drill.

  3. The act of domesticating, or accustoming to home; the action of taming wild animals.

  4. Besides accustoming the student to demand complete proof, and to know when he has not obtained it, mathematical studies are of immense benefit to his education by habituating him to precision.

  5. The same means is adopted in this case, as in accustoming the colt to the clogs.

  6. The necessity, caused partly by the nature of the ground and partly by the length of their excursions, of shoeing the horses of the Sahara, has shown the expediency of accustoming the colt to let himself be shod without resistance.

  7. I was resolved that mine should be more robust, and therefore set out with accustoming it to everything.

  8. And by accustoming her to that poison, you have endeavored to neutralize the effect of a similar poison?

  9. During the week which would have to elapse before the chieftains could all bring their followers to the trysting-place, he utilised his enforced leisure by drilling his small body of cavalry, and accustoming the horses to stand fire.

  10. Sunburn is an inflammation of the skin produced by the action of the sun's rays and may be prevented by gradually accustoming the skin to exposure to the sun.

  11. Troops and Captains not familiar with such procedure, by accustoming themselves to this general grouping, will always be able to present a dignified appearance.

  12. But to pass by these considerations, is not accustoming one's self to mildness and a human temper of mind an admirable thing?

  13. Amongst whom, Democritus in his writings advises and exhorts to the learning of the science of politics, as being the greatest of all, and to the accustoming one's self to bear fatigues, by which men attain to great wealth and honor.

  14. This exercise, by accustoming the horse always to yield the use of his forces to the direction of the rider, will be also useful in forming his intelligence, as well as in developing his powers.

  15. Equality of sensibility of flanks in all horses; means of accustoming them all to bear the spur alike.

  16. By accustoming you to be pleased with ridiculous and corruptive objects, and silly and corruptive changes, she confines your relish to worthless things.

  17. Captains famous to posterity, he taught them how to muster Quarts and Pottles, and by accustoming them to be dead-drunk, shewed them the way to contemn death.

  18. I value it not only on grounds of cleanliness and present health, but also as a wholesome means of making the muscles supple, and accustoming them to bear without risk or effort extremes of heat and cold.

  19. There are also advantages to be derived from accustoming a child to a great variety of sounds; both as regards their strength and character.

  20. We may err either by accustoming our pupils too much to the consideration of tangible substances when we teach them arithmetic, or by turning their attention too much to signs.

  21. We hope that we have, in the chapter on books, fully explained the danger of accustoming children to read what they do not understand.

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    accommodation; adjustment; conditioning; habituation; hardening; naturalization; orientation; seasoning; taming; training