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Example sentences for "drill"

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  1. His regiment is his highest praise In point of drill and discipline it is second to none in this corps.

  2. When Christopher came to give me my drill in the forest near the camp that day he brought disturbing information.

  3. They were crude soldiers and their drill was childish, but my training knew the value of discipline to any extent, and I remembered Gato's tactics.

  4. But if he makes one break I'll drill a leg for him.

  5. A great variety of penal enactments were recommended, but no one suggested the school master's drill but Sir George Arthur and the late Colonel Oglander.

  6. Same as asked me one day why we didn't drill 'em in wider.

  7. Meanwhile Clement, dreaming now of a girl's face, now of a new drill which he had seen that morning, now of the passing sights and sounds which would have escaped nine men out of ten but had a meaning for him, drew near to the town.

  8. He finishes his work, and does in fact obtain leave, without help from me, to go on shore at five o'clock, after drill and manoeuvres.

  9. This was a great disappointment to them, as they had been to the expense of uniforms and band and drill hall; in addition to which they had been drilling for months, and now all for nothing.

  10. They used to drill on Church Hill in the evenings, and were a great attraction.

  11. The drill have brook into the Last Dollar tunnel.

  12. You ought to have seen the way he stayed by that drill when the water was pouring through the cracks in the granite.

  13. His drill goes through and lets loose about 'steen million gallons of water.

  14. The boss sent us oop while Tom and him stayed to put the charges in the drill holes to blow oot the wall.

  15. Of course his interest in the war and in the regiment was unbounded; he did not take to drill with especial readiness, but he was insatiable of it and grudged every moment of relaxation.

  16. Many other men had rival propositions to urge, for they gained self-confidence from drill and guard-duty, and were growing impatient of inaction.

  17. Christy observed the drill a great deal of the time, and Bertha Pembroke was often his companion.

  18. It was an exceedingly quiet time in the little fleet of vessels, though the drill on board of the Vixen was closely followed up.

  19. The use of a fine dental drill and small circular saw, worked by a dental motor facilitates the manufacture of these aluminium handled instruments.

  20. A fine dental drill attached to the dental engine renders the manufacture of aluminium handles needles (see page 71) quite an easy matter.

  21. I see'd the Yankee soldiers drill right thar in front of our house," he said.

  22. She does remember being taken to see the Confederate soldiers drill a short distance from the house.

  23. I went with him to inspect the 12th Pennsylvanian Cavalry at the time the regiment had just been mustered into the United States Service, and was appointed Drill Instructor to the regiment.

  24. Lord Lucan could see that Lord Raglan intended the whole cavalry to advance in one body, but he could not give the word of command for his two brigades to move together, not knowing the drill in vogue.

  25. But you must be goot and attend how I drill you.

  26. The window looked upon a walled yard, in which fifteen girls of various ages were walking through some kind of drill under an instructress whose appearance puzzled her until she remembered that Miss Dickinson's cook was "busy for the moment.

  27. After that, Fire-drill gave his son a fresh bow and arrows and a great club.

  28. As he walked along the path, the son of Fire-drill beheld someone in front striding very fast; and the boy chased him till he came first to the Mink people and then to the Marten people.

  29. Beyond drill and exercise, they never had anything in common with the regular armies of Europe and India.

  30. During the rest of the drill Mr. Henley performed his work well enough to escape further rebuke.

  31. There was a deep scowl on Henley's face when he reported for the first boat drill under a plebe crew captain.

  32. From the serious faces of all this might have been one of the most important bits of drill in the whole course at the Academy.

  33. While this drill was proceeding, however, the wind died out considerably.

  34. On the first five evenings of each week, while one half of the class went to the gymnasium, the other half indulged in singing drill in Recreation Hall.

  35. The singing drill isn't given with a view to fitting you to sing in opera.

  36. The others were sent to drill with the fourth class men.

  37. And at my very foot I have noted the erection of our Volunteer Drill Hall, and the removal of the old City Gaol.

  38. The well-remembered Fisheries Exhibition was held in the Drill Hall in 1881.

  39. Amongst my various public uses, you have probably all seen soldiers from the barracks on my roof practising flag-drill in connection with others in Chapel Field.

  40. Spit it out, or, by Christmas, I'll drill you!

  41. As he spoke a white drill skirt fluttered past the open state-room door, and I caught a glimpse of an upturned moustache beyond.

  42. Then mark off the holes for the guide holding-down screws, and drill and tap them.

  43. Drill three 3/16-inch holes in the turnover for the holding-down screws.

  44. Then mark the position of the two screw holes in E; drill and tap them.

  45. Also drill and tap a hole for the lubricator.

  46. Solder the covers lightly to the foot side of their standards, marked sides outwards, and drill 1/8-inch holes through cover and standard at the punch marks.

  47. Make the rivet holes a good fit, and drill the two parts to be held together in one operation, to ensure the holes being in line.

  48. Drill the holes for the holding-on screws; drill and tap a hole for the adjusting screw; insert the screw and centre it correctly on the spindle point.

  49. Mark out and drill the tube holes in the bottom, and then the flue hole, for which a series of small holes must be made close together inside the circumference and united with a fret saw.

  50. Cut off the rung at the cross lines; drill the four nail holes on the skew, as shown in Fig.

  51. Drill all holes in the turnovers before bending.

  52. Remove the standards, drill and tap the bed-plate holes, and replace parts as before, taking care that the lubricating holes in the bearings point vertically upwards.

  53. Drill holes in the lever and base large enough for the spring to pass through freely, make a small cross hole through the lever hole for a pin, and cut a slot across the base hole for a pin to hold the bottom of the spring.

  54. The two holes for any one tube should be bored independently, with a drill somewhat smaller than the tube, and be opened to a good fit with a reamer or broach passed through both holes to ensure their sides being in line.

  55. Drill a couple of screw holes, and screw the other end down so that the coil is gripped fairly tight.

  56. As the metal is thin, drill squarely, so that the steam shall emerge vertically.

  57. By way of exercise we had a battalion drill in the open field from eight to nine, and found it hot work.

  58. From time to time he rapped the drill with a pole-pick when it stuck fast or fitchered.

  59. In the Burly drill he saw a queer counterpart of his old-time dental engine; and what were the drills and chucks but enormous hoe excavators, hard bits, and burrs?

  60. The Burly drill boring for blasts broke out from time to time in an irregular chug-chug, chug-chug, while the engine that pumped the water from the mine coughed and strangled at short intervals.

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