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  1. They had the shrewd, keen look of the driller and the wildcatter.

  2. My driller Burns figures it at from twenty to thirty thousand barrels a day.

  3. The driller places his bit in the drill, turns on the steam, and the drill starts.

  4. Take, for instance, a driller working with a steam drill in fairly even rock, with no marked obstacles in his way and with very little mucking to do.

  5. When the driller takes too long in changing bits, it is largely his own fault, and he should be watched more carefully by the foreman, and, if necessary, instructed.

  6. Then note just how many men are required to move the drill, and just how long it takes them to do it; and finally, how long it takes the driller to get his drill again in working order and started.

  7. Slogger Meacham was a fighter as well as a driller and his flight with the prize-money was not the first time that he had lapsed from the ways of strict rectitude.

  8. You know he thinks he's a mining expert, and he's been crazy to look at the diamond drill cores; and the other day the boss driller was over and he told me how he got rid of him.

  9. No real damage except a few nasty bruises," the driller grunted after he had applied artificial respiration with more vigor than was really needed.

  10. Nice team to work with," answered the driller as he looked proudly at his men, who were about equally divided between Indians and whites.

  11. Hosteen Buray, we need your help," said the driller after his gift had been accepted.

  12. The driller turned a flashlight beam into the hole.

  13. And I soon found out that an Indian oil driller is about as much in demand as a two-headed calf.

  14. I know this territory like the palm of my hand," the driller said as he drove carefully into dark gorges where the sun shone only around noon.

  15. She and Ralph went arm-in-arm until Hall met another oilman, got into a business discussion, and called his driller back to take part in it.

  16. You can if you call me Ralph," answered the tall driller as he slowed to let a Navajo woman drive a flock of goats across the trail.

  17. As Ralph and Sandy stood outside the bunk trailer, almost too tired to go in and take their clothes off, the driller said lazily, "See that big mountain there to the north?

  18. Sandy joined the driller on another box that was scantily padded with a piece of blanket.

  19. His favorite character was a driller named Gib Morgan.

  20. This time, Sandy asked to ride with the driller because, as he explained, "I've got a lot of questions about things.

  21. The driller read it and turned to the others with a frown.

  22. When they arrived at their destination the driller took a brief lesson in the operation of the ear, slipped its harness over his shoulders, and draped Maisie's hide around his hips.

  23. When he learned about the events at Kitty's school, the driller nodded grimly.

  24. Presently in the deepening twilight a huge shadow appeared at the foot of the long hill, and the driller heard distinctly the sound of a horse coming leisurely up the sandy road.

  25. To which the driller had responded with barbaric profanity that the pumper had been employed to pump, and that he might hold his position by holding his tongue, but not otherwise.

  26. The driller looked up at the oil streaming down from the timbers of the derrick; then he made a mighty angular gesture with his bare right arm.

  27. The important information of the oil driller had added a mighty element to the matters with which he was evidently concerned.

  28. The old driller spoke rapidly, as though half ashamed of his treason, and when he had finished turned and began climbing the high fence.

  29. The driller stood for some moments gazing almost worshipfully at the pair; then he straightened suddenly and coming up close to the horse rested his arms, wet with petroleum, on the pommel of the saddle.

  30. As it approached, the indefinite shadow took on a clear and decided outline, until one in the position of the driller could have seen that it was an enormous man, riding a red roan horse.

  31. On the way home in the evening I had the conversation with the driller of which I have spoken; and his statement made the scheme as plain as day light.

  32. When they were opposite, the driller spoke.

  33. The oil driller stopped at the road side and leaned his long body on the rail fence.

  34. The driller extended his close inspection to the horse; when he had finished he stepped back in the road and an expression of intense admiration spread itself over his rugged features.

  35. August, quite sufficient to have distracted the attention of the ordinary man, but through it all the driller had maintained his watch.

  36. The driller is a friend of mine, and he has told me that his casing is set.

  37. He was a practical oil man, a driller and a sort of promoter, too.

  38. He discovered what next when the driller he had sent up to Arkansas in charge of his rig one day came into the office in great agitation.

  39. I drove out there, and his driller told me it is looking good.

  40. He declared the outfit he was working for were no good and wouldn't pay a driller a bonus if he made a well for them.

  41. When the man they were talking to came out, it was Pete, that driller who put down the first well for us.

  42. He knew how to dress tools when I got him, but he's a pretty good driller now.

  43. Then, somewhat later than the official had intimated, the motor driller was completed, and our hero was drafted to the Gorgona works for some days, to practise with the implement and get thoroughly accustomed to it.

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