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drihten; drill; drilled; driller; drillers; drillings; drills; drily; drinc; drincke
  1. With her school experience in coaching juniors, Winona was able to give her family some drilling in the matter of cricket, though she did not find that younger brothers and sisters proved such docile pupils as the members of III.

  2. Among other improvements in the school welcomed by the girls was the advent of a fresh drilling mistress, and some new apparatus for gymnastics.

  3. Drilling was going on as on the previous day.

  4. The scene became soon animated, and the usual drilling was pushed on with more ardour than ever.

  5. The monitresses meant to stand no nonsense, and marshalled their flocks as if they were drilling them in the gymnasium.

  6. She was as zealous as a Parliamentary whip in making her chorus attend practices, and drilling them while they were there.

  7. She helped to train a chorus, but did not otherwise interfere with the music, confining her attentions mostly to drilling her own students in the rather elaborate dances which they had undertaken.

  8. Instantly the processors in charge of the two squads named marched them off the drilling area.

  9. In little more than a quarter of an hour, Squad 17 was marching back to the drilling area.

  10. An officer on board a warship was drilling his men.

  11. Mironoff pleaded in excuse for being late for dinner that he had been busy drilling his little soldiers, but his wife cut him short ruthlessly.

  12. I want to find out if she has been to his tomb," he repeated with dull, drilling persistence.

  13. Now the Castle Esplanade, that all day had proudly supported the harsh, virile sounds and colours of the drilling regiments, would show to the slums its blank surface, bleached bone-white by the winds that raced above the city smoke.

  14. As soon as he was fit for duty, he had rejoined, and had been engaged, early and late, in the work of drilling the recruits, and in the general organization of the regiment.

  15. This altogether exceeds my hopes, but I fear that I know nothing of drilling them.

  16. For the next fortnight, drilling went on from morning till night, the officers receiving instructions privately from the sergeants, and further learning the words of command by standing by while the men were being drilled.

  17. The custom, still in use among some primitive people, of drilling for fire in the dry, inflammable bark of dead trees of a particular species, may have forcibly directed the choice of tribal trees.

  18. On the following page the figure of a dead woman is stretched on a red disc whilst a priest is drilling the fire-stick into a circular symbol, with four balls, which is the well-known symbol for chalchiuitl=jade.

  19. A man was working for this company, drilling holes for blasting rock.

  20. So, as he sat there quietly drilling away, there was an explosion.

  21. The setting-up stuff didn't bother me but the drilling was a little too much--I guess I wasn't built for that kind of stuff.

  22. That drilling in the rain was a tea party, compared to what happened the following morning.

  23. The drilling sergeant turned to his men again, and once more sent them through the bayonet charge.

  24. They were far removed from the center of the camp, so the noise of the men drilling or at their various occupations came but faintly.

  25. He wore a cravat which was twisted into a long string; trousers of blue drilling worn and threadbare, and an old gray tattered blouse, patched on one of the elbows with a bit of green cotton cloth, sewed on with a twine string.

  26. The genial Hardcastle is drilling his servants.

  27. After the loss of a tooth we feel an enormous cave in the mouth, and what a nonsensical idea we have of what is happening when the dentist is drilling a hole in a tooth!

  28. The ports are formed by drilling from the outside, and afterward forming the slot, with a graver or small sharp chisel.

  29. We entertain an increased belief that the coming year will exhibit a continued falling off in the volume of production, notwithstanding all the modern improvements in drilling and the great energy with which they are employed.

  30. Stocky, high-shouldered build; bill strong and long for drilling holes in bark of trees.

  31. A gun crew was forward, drilling with a five-incher.

  32. All through January, Mr. Davenant was busy drilling his troop.

  33. In the first place nearly all the three hundred thousand men have already been sent across the ocean to fight the Germans in the French war trenches, or else they are drilling in England.

  34. Well, once upon a time, on Holliday's Hill, they were blasting out rock, and a man was drilling for a blast.

  35. You don't want to be always drilling and drilling and drilling.

  36. Beginning where they had left off, drilling and climbing for a week, he had at last set foot upon that awful summit and gazed down into the depths where Mirror Lake reposed, nearly a mile beneath.

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