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Example sentences for "docile"

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docet; docetic; doch; dochter; dochters; docilely; docility; dock; docke; docked
  1. The Tagbanuas are a rather timid and docile people, giving evidence of a considerable amount of Negrito blood.

  2. The Visayans are comparatively docile and law-abiding.

  3. At school I was an indolent, dreamy boy, shirking study, but otherwise fairly docile to my teachers.

  4. I describe myself as a docile child, but I was full of temptations to be otherwise.

  5. Artillery horses are not as a rule well bred; one finds in their characters an astonishing mixture of cunning, vulgarity, and docile good-tempered willingness which makes them altogether lovable.

  6. But on the next and on every subsequent occasion he was as docile as any veteran.

  7. I tell thee in one month thou wilt make of this coquette the matron the most sober in the town, and of all its wives the one most docile and submissive.

  8. The docile mule was up again directly, and stood trembling.

  9. She tried to coax her away, but the child resisted violently, though she was usually so docile with Ellen.

  10. She had always been a singularly docile and obedient child; this was the first persistent disobedience of her whole life, and it reacted upon herself with a cruel spiritual hurt.

  11. The function of the Gifts is to make the soul docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, and to supplement or serve the habits of virtue, and both these benefits are conferred by filial fear.

  12. She will make a desirable wife," they thought, "a docile and a useful one.

  13. Though long accustomed to be docile and obey, she showed at this time a sudden development of will, with inherent force to mould its own fate, and a strength of character that had not before asserted itself.

  14. Then, as the other laughed, he added: "Do you know what would make me the most docile patient you could ask?

  15. Docile doesn't seem just the word for you--but I'd be glad to know, in case of emergency.

  16. In spite of all this, when the missionary came among them they were as docile as if they had during all their lives been learning to obey, which is something very difficult even in religious orders.

  17. His parents loved him tenderly, for he was, like Benjamin, the youngest and was very obedient and docile by nature.

  18. The Japanese could not whip their over-docile troops into a fighting frenzy without allowing those troops to behave in a way which made deadly enemies for Japan among the peoples she came to "liberate.

  19. Finding them more docile and better able to endure hard labour than the Indians, more were called for, the benevolent priests also urging the matter to save the remnant of the Arawaks.

  20. Later, the trade was carried on in a particularly judicious manner, and the more docile tribes selected, to be sold in the colonies as "Prime Gold Coast Negroes.

  21. He is generous, if not chivalrous to his wife, and with proper training in America he may become a docile husband.

  22. This class has lost much of the Old World spirit and is neither so docile nor so polite as it was when first it occupied these quarters.

  23. The old creature was docile enough this morning, and when Ralph patted her head, she seemed to know the hand that touched her.

  24. He was more docile than a child now, and let her have her will.

  25. Yet both the common and the indigo species quickly become docile and show signs of recognition and partiality toward their human friends.

  26. The majority of the species are very docile when young.

  27. And in such cases they could not be indications of the cessation or diminution of the deepest and most docile energizing of the soul.

  28. Accustomed to the docile obedience of her son, who had never failed to keep his word, she said to him: "To the war?

  29. He was not an icy, mysterious tyrant ruling over a trembling and docile universe: his own secretary had literally told him to run away and play!

  30. His mother had no scruple against intimacy with Stella, and Stella was not docile with Lady Verny; she was enchanting.

  31. He had looked forward to telling her of this unexpected windfall; he had expected a flushed and docile gratitude.

  32. She was a little flushed, it is true, but she was neither docile nor grateful, and he did not quite see his way to continuing her line of argument.

  33. The wide reverence for the Scriptures is an impressive fact, until it is seen that no writings have been so guarded, nor have such pains been taken in regard to any other literature to create for it a habit of docile veneration.

  34. Most quiet, harmless, docile people, who could not stand in the way of the white people if they would, and who never thought of anything but of keeping out of their way!

  35. Tomlinson became docile as a child, resumed the pen, and said, "In whose favour is this transfer to be made?

  36. The delicate white corset yielded with docile elasticity to the shape which no invention of art could improve.

  37. Docile pupils of French chivalry, the Germans had no sooner learned their lesson than they found themselves in the position of being able to dictate to the world of chivalry.

  38. You might have thought the little mare had been raised in the enclosure of a Quaker meeting-house, so sober and docile did she seem.

  39. But the incantation of that law was having its effect on a nature that was more docile than it realized.

  40. It was as though one of the docile Dobbins of the hovel had suddenly perked up ears and tail and begun to play the part of a beast of prey.

  41. The great beasts, docile as dogs, kept an eye on him during the carnage.

  42. None has command of himself till he can wield his powers sportfully, life sparkling from all his gifts and taking captive alike speaker and hearer, as they were docile children of his genius and surprised converts for the moment.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "docile" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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