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Example sentences for "amenable"

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ameliorating; amelioration; ameliorations; ameliorative; amenability; amend; amendatory; amende; amended; amendement
  1. Theodosius showed himself amenable as regards this point, but wanted to know what was to be the device on the banner.

  2. They were to start the next day, accompanied by Mrs. Suydam's very amenable half-sister.

  3. On the next day there was hunting again, and Phineas was mounted on a horse more amenable to persuasion than old Dandolo.

  4. But a speaker who can certainly be made amenable to authority for vilipending in debate the heart of any specified opponent, may with safety attribute all manner of ill to the agglomerated hearts of a party.

  5. They have their fuero, their private charter, and are only amenable to their own tribunals, just as the clergy are to theirs.

  6. Neither class is amenable to the civil tribunals for debt or for any offences.

  7. And if her conquests and progress are not amenable to prophecy, for an interpretation, then the wonder is still greater.

  8. They are legally amenable to the rules of conduct they are to carry out; socially amenable to the community that appoints them; individually amenable to their own conscience and to God.

  9. They are all amenable subjectively to the notion of right; objectively to right itself,--to the conscience of the individuals and to God.

  10. Statutes are amenable to the constitutions; the constitutions to the institutions; they to the people; all subjectively to the conscience of the individual, and objectively to the conscience of God.

  11. The best English literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is amenable to the same criticism, except the dramatic and the religious.

  12. They are amenable subjectively to my notion of right, and objectively to right itself,--to conscience and to God.

  13. The constitution of the universe is not amenable to men: that is the law of God, the higher law, the constant mode of action of the infinite Father of all.

  14. They objected to serve beyond the limits of their states, were not amenable to discipline, and behaved as a rule very ill in the presence of the enemy.

  15. Of the simple compounds, only the fluoride is amenable to electrolysis in the fused state, since the chloride begins to volatilize below its melting-point, and the latter is only 5 deg.

  16. His judgments and decisions were amenable to estimates wholly novel to him.

  17. Frank, now perfectly sure that father, mother, and sister were entirely amenable to his influence, was determined to gratify his lusts to the full, and with the aid of Ethel he counted on carrying out his intentions.

  18. They were perfectly amenable to his every wish, Blanche stretching herself at full length on a fine rug made of the skin of wild cats (which are said to have such exciting effects on those who recline upon them).

  19. He is practically irresponsible, unlike the Attorney-General, who, being a member of the Government, is amenable to public opinion.

  20. In conclusion, they were called upon to "devise means to stay this hideous prostitution of the liberty of the Press, by making these shameless blasphemers amenable to the existing law.

  21. With the nominalist and conceptualist it was created by man, and amenable to correction.

  22. It of course consists of a legislative branch and an executive, and the constitution of each is amenable to the same principles as that of representative governments generally.

  23. Let them be ever so modest and amenable to reason while there is a power over them stronger than they, we ought to expect a total change in this respect when they themselves become the strongest power.

  24. The forces, it is contended, on which the greater political phenomena depend, are not amenable to the direction of politicians or philosophers.

  25. Not, of course, such delinquency only as makes them amenable to the law, but voluntary neglect of duty, or conduct implying untrustworthiness for the purposes for which their trust is given them.

  26. These are, first, that the subconscious is amenable to control by suggestion, and secondly, that it is greatly influenced by emotion.

  27. As sick-headache has always been considered a rather stubborn difficulty, not amenable to most forms of treatment, it may be well to cite a few cases which were helped by educational methods.

  28. The majority of so-called cases of flatfoot are, however, in the stage amenable to psychic measures.

  29. Every subject of the king is also amenable to church discipline.

  30. Essences and values alone are knowable and fixed and amenable to science.

  31. But he still regarded it as a foreign world and imagined, as not a few Americans have done, that his own world was a fresh creation, not amenable to the same laws as the old.

  32. And finally we see that insects are amenable to the great principle of Selection.

  33. The law is not, or should not be, a respector of persons, and Oscar Wilde, genius though he were, was not less amenable to the law than would be any ignorant boor suspected of similar crimes.

  34. An endeavour had been made to prove that Taylor was in the habit of introducing to Wilde youths whom he knew to be amenable to the practices of the latter and that he got paid for this degrading work.

  35. Whence, then, arose Lord Castlereagh's right to treat him as an offender amenable to England?

  36. You will not find conscience amenable to reasoning.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amenable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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