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Example sentences for "amenability"

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ameliorated; ameliorating; amelioration; ameliorations; ameliorative; amenable; amend; amendatory; amende; amended
  1. We have defined responsibility as consisting primarily in amenability to constituents, and in the second place in amenability to an assembly.

  2. Amenability to such suit even during sojourns outside is viewed as an "incident of domicile.

  3. The test of amenability to service of process within the State was ignored in a recent case dealing with discriminatory assessment of property belonging to a nonresident individual.

  4. A low crown, on the other hand, indicates amenability to authority, a willingness to compromise, and a lack of domineering quality.

  5. This indicates more impressionability or amenability to influence, more desire for finding an easy and pleasant way to accomplish his end on the part of Mr. Taft than on the part of Mr. Roosevelt.

  6. Due to the cheapness of labor in India and the amenability of Indian mica to the splitting process, India splittings should continue to dominate the market in this country.

  7. Just here emerges another phase of his amenability to law.

  8. Here was a threefold ultimate standard to which Lincoln always made final appeal--the original Constitution; its amenability to due revision; and the people's free and deliberate decree.

  9. Given this notable blending in his mental habits of independent stalwartness and amenability to others' views, what is the inmost secret and explanation of his undeniable consistency?

  10. The chimpanzee differs from the gorilla in his amenability to civilisation.

  11. With so many authentic instances which can be cited of the amenability of the lion to kindly influences, the story of Androcles and the lion does not seem so improbable as it has been sometimes thought.

  12. During the vogue of the classical economics the accepted characteristic by which "wealth" has been defined has been its amenability to ownership.

  13. Neither in Adam Smith nor in the Physiocrats is this amenability to ownership made so much of, nor is it in a similar degree accepted as a definite mark of the subject-matter of the science.

  14. Slowly Tom rose and went, prodded into amenability by the muzzle of a rifle in the small of his back.

  15. He was looking down upon a point far below him where through a cleared space flashed the shimmer of flowing water, and where in a small pocket of acreage, the bottom ground rolled in gracious amenability to the plow and harrow.

  16. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amenability" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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