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Example sentences for "flexibility"

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flewed; flews; flex; flexed; flexes; flexible; flexibly; flexile; flexing; flexion
  1. Observations on the Grammatical Structure and Flexibility of the Odjibwa Substantive.

  2. Much of the flexibility of the substantive is derived from these properties, and they undoubtedly add much to the figurative character of the language.

  3. Either less attention has been paid to the other parts of speech, or results less suited to create high expectations of their flexibility and powers have been attained.

  4. By this means the granular carbon is retained in the chamber and the necessary flexibility or freedom of motion is permitted between the front and the rear electrodes.

  5. The steel spring 5 is rigidly mounted in the clamping piece 9 at the upper part of the bracket 3, and the reed tongue is permitted to vibrate only by the flexibility of this spring.

  6. All organic beings, whether plants or animals, possess a certain flexibility or pliancy of organization, rendering them capable of change to a greater or less extent.

  7. Flexibility of organization in connexion with climate, is seen in a remarkable degree in Indian corn.

  8. One of the splendid things about this new system is its great flexibility and the fact that it can be adapted to any household.

  9. And one of the chief excuses for its existence is the flexibility of its service.

  10. The plumy and expanded extremity of these is often bent upwards, sometimes back and up again, giving an appearance of great flexibility and unity at the same time, as if the clouds were tough, and would hold together however bent.

  11. The following examples are excellent for increasing the compass and flexibility of the voice, and the pupil must practice them frequently and with sustained force.

  12. US business firms enjoy considerably greater flexibility than their counterparts in Western Europe and Japan in decisions to expand capital plant, lay off surplus workers, and develop new products.

  13. Observers point to the flexibility of the labor market as a basic strength for future economic advances.

  14. The version of Molière, in which he did little by way of improvement on his original, has given it fresh currency as a classic; but the French play gives but an imperfect idea of the spirit and flexibility of the dialogue in Plautus' hands.

  15. In the fourth and fifth books of the Elegies there is a wide range of subject; the verse is being tested for various purposes, and its flexibility answers to almost every demand.

  16. The Greek elegiac, as it is known to us by the finest work of the epigrammatists, had an almost unequalled flexibility and elasticity of rhythm; this quality Propertius from the first seized, and all but made his own.

  17. To meet these new conditions, certain modifications were introduced from time to time, giving the theory a flexibility that would allow it to cover all cases.

  18. The greatest advantage of thread sewing over wire lies in the flexibility of the spun thread; with sharp pressure it lies flat in the sheet, whilst wire does not give at all.

  19. They take a very high polish under the calendering machine and become very hard, and are therefore very suitable for some work if flexibility is not essential.

  20. The many effects regularly available were augmented on special occasions and it is safe to state that this apparatus built upon a huge scale provided a flexibility of fireless fireworks never attained even with small-scale devices.

  21. A number of these lamps in the living-room insures great flexibility in the lighting, and the light may be kept localized if desired so that the room is restful.

  22. The windows may usually be arranged for twin beds as well as for a single one with obvious advantages of flexibility in arrangement.

  23. It is made possible primarily by the fact that human beings possess a variety and flexibility of vocal reflexes possessed by no other animal.

  24. Thus by some investigators the flexibility and emancipation of the Greek genius were attributed to their access to the sea and their constant intermingling with other cultures, especially the Egyptian.

  25. Fixity and rigidity in social life would give place to flexibility and wise continual adaptation.

  26. In her action she was very happy; and as her performance possessed that flexibility of muscles and face-play which constitute expression, she succeeded equally well in furious, tender, and amorous parts.

  27. To the daughter of a scrupulously exact family, which regarded tardiness as a fault, and breaking an appointment as a crime, this high-handed flexibility in dealing with time and bonds and promises had an exciting quality of freedom.

  28. The section of these vertebræ presents two hollow cones, connected only by their summits to the centre of the vertebræ, which would permit of the utmost flexibility of movement.

  29. The primary meanings, while sufficient for the amateur, will soon be seen by the student to be lacking in that completeness and flexibility demanded by the adept.

  30. The flexibility and transferability of money was becoming a power and, like all powers in inexpert hands, a danger in human affairs.

  31. It is the flexibility of the standard equipment of the American railroads that today offers perhaps the largest opportunity for its successful military use.

  32. In the front of the body, the flexibility of the abdominal muscles is finely contrasted with the strong framework of the ribs.

  33. It is the early cultivation of the imagination which gives the right flexibility to the thinking faculties.

  34. This grand style of armour was in use from the time of the Conquest, and was most effective in the way of protection, as it was fitted by its flexibility to give full play to the energetic action of the wearer.

  35. From the point of view of activity and flexibility the violin takes pride of place among stringed instruments, then, in order, come the viola, 'cello and double bass.

  36. Here it may suffice to say that in their games the young animals acquire the flexibility of mind and muscle upon which much of the social co-operation, as well as the individual effectiveness, of their later life depends.

  37. The deluded lacks grasp and flexibility of attention.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flexibility" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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