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Example sentences for "flexile"

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flexed; flexes; flexibility; flexible; flexibly; flexing; flexion; flexional; flexions; flexor
  1. From their flexile and unformed minds I can carve out my fittest tools.

  2. It grinds not in the mill of use, Nor asks for leave, nor begs excuse; It makes the flexile laws it deigns to own, And gives its atmosphere its color and its tone.

  3. Its leaves are long and narrow; its trunk smoother, and its branches more slender and flexile than those of the populus angulata.

  4. On they glided, like swans descending a tranquil stream, their flexile forms swayed by the ebb and swell of unseen and gentle waves.

  5. Two to ten inches long, consisting of a flexile chain of funnel-form bracts, depending one from another; each having six flowers like clappers.

  6. Long flexile antennae which taper somewhat from the base to the apex.

  7. When the antennae on one side send forth from the joints, except those at the base, long flat flexile branches, which open and shut like the sticks of a fan.

  8. Flexile and retaining the marks of pressure.

  9. By the soft and flexile motions of her shape she captived me, Swaying as the limber branches sway upon the cassia-tree.

  10. Her cheeks are like blood-red anemones and her face like an apple; she hath lips like wine and breasts like double pomegranates and a shape flexile as a willow-wand.

  11. And O the shame of the branch at sight of his flexile grace!

  12. Maltravers was silent, for his flexile and excitable fancy was conjuring up a thousand shapes along the transparent air, or upon those shadowy violet banks.

  13. Soft grow her limbs, and flexile seem her bones; “Her nails their hardness lose.

  14. Such tempests cannot fail to blight the souls they sweep over; they bow the cracking forest, and strip it of its leaves; the tender sapling, alone and unprotected in its flexile youth, can hardly escape undesolated.

  15. The lesson that she should have lisped at her mother's knee, that should have been implanted before any earthly desire had taken root in her flexile soul, had never been given to her.

  16. Narrow-minded pedantry and injudicious ignorance often rush in, to responsibilities and duties that angels might well tremble to assume--the moulding for good or evil, the flexile souls of children during the most vital years of their lives.

  17. The collodion flexile forms a coating or protecting film, which excludes the air, while the sedative liniments allay the irritation, generally of no trivial nature.

  18. This large tree rises with opposite branches on all sides, with long egged leaves; each branch emits a slender flexile depending appendage from its summit like a cord, which roots into the earth and rises again.

  19. Haste, lingering swain, the flexile willows weave, And with thy wonted care thy wants relieve.

  20. While leaning on a flowery bank I twine The flexile osiers, and the basket join.

  21. On the former supposition, the ovipositor must be remarkably long and flexile to enable the animal to place the eggs on its back.

  22. Two or more slender, filiform or setaceous, jointed, flexile anal organs[1146].

  23. The most impenetrable ones that occur to my recollection are those of Illiger's genus Doryphora, and the softest and most flexile those of Telephorus, Meloe and affinities.

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    Other words:
    adaptable; buoyant; compliant; ductile; elastic; facile; flexible; flexuous; formative; giving; impressionable; limber; lissome; lithe; lively; malleable; plastic; pliable; pliant; receptive; resilient; responsive; sensitive; soft; springy; stretch; submissive; supple; susceptible; tractable; willowy; yielding