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Example sentences for "flexibly"

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flex; flexed; flexes; flexibility; flexible; flexile; flexing; flexion; flexional; flexions
  1. The pupil must throw plenty of life into her riding, and, while she sits easily and flexibly as regards her whole figure on the saddle, should keep the horse equally upon his mettle.

  2. Surely; for o'er wide water his oars move flexibly fleeting.

  3. Flexibly fleeting bent as they move rapidly through the water.

  4. Deliberation is rational in the degree in which forethought flexibly remakes old aims and habits, institutes perception and love of new ends and acts.

  5. The body was enclosed by closely-fitting calcareous plates, accurately jointed together; and the stem was made up of numerous distinct pieces or joints, flexibly united to each other by membrane.

  6. Unconsciously she was up and at the window--and he was gliding rapidly along the palm-lined road leading away from the sea, erect in the saddle, his waist giving flexibly to the pace of the pony.

  7. The book is now quite straight, and firmly fixed in the press, and we have to decide if it is to be sewn flexibly or not.

  8. A book that has been sewed flexibly will not have any saw cut in the back, so that on examination, by opening it wide, it will at once be seen if it is a real flexible binding or not.

  9. If however his concern with these technical subject matters has been connected with human activities having social breadth, the range of active responses called into play and flexibly integrated is much wider.

  10. In turn, the more numerous the recognized possibilities of the situation, or alternatives of action, the more meaning does the chosen activity possess, and the more flexibly controllable is it.

  11. Faraday first succeeded by the simple but ingenious device of using a light magnetic needle tethered flexibly to the bottom of a cup containing mercury so that one pole of the magnet was just above the surface of the mercury.

  12. Through the top cork is passed one end of a wire from a battery, and a piece of wire in the cylinder is flexibly connected to it, the lower end of this last piece just touching the mercury.

  13. It is vital that the authorities contained in the trade bill I submitted to the Congress be enacted so that the United States can negotiate flexibly and vigorously on behalf of American interests.

  14. It allows states to manage more flexibly and more efficiently.

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