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flews; flex; flexed; flexes; flexibility; flexibly; flexile; flexing; flexion; flexional
  1. They had made a number of bags of a flexible bark for containing stores; but now so many were filled that Margaret was afraid, if they had to set out soon, they should be unable to carry all off.

  2. It has been classed with the Halcyons by naturalists, and named Dacelo gigantea; yet, in its social habits, and flexible and apt organs of voice, it seems rather to resemble the jay.

  3. The Resurrection Man took one of the long flexible rods which we have before noticed, and thrust it down into the vault.

  4. Entering the Bone-House he took from amongst a quantity of implements in one corner, a long flexible iron rod similar to those which we have already described as being used by the body-snatchers.

  5. They then took long clasp-knives, with very thin and flexible blades, from their pockets; and inserted them between the joints of the stones.

  6. Holes are then bored through the cleat, through which the flexible tubing can pass.

  7. In wiring for switches, flexible tubing must be used on the conductor ends from the last porcelain support, as shown, the same as on conductor ends for other outlets.

  8. Flexible conduits are made of metal while flexible tubing is non-metallic.

  9. It is less expensive than the rigid conduit or the flexible steel conduit, but more expensive than cleat wiring or knob and tube wiring, and is strongly recommended in preference to the latter.

  10. Where conductors are very large (as for instance dynamo leads), and where it is essential that they should be as flexible as possible, strands as small as No.

  11. The pipe conduit is secured to the box by means of lock nuts, with porcelain bushings or flexible tubes protecting the wires.

  12. It is flexible and the conductors are well protected from mechanical injury.

  13. Operation: From any convenient electric light fitting remove one of the lamps, replacing it by the plug attached to the flexible cord.

  14. Holes partially punched, which can be knocked out with a hammer blow, are provided in the sides and back through which the flexible conduit wire protection can be extended.

  15. Flexible tubing, such as circular loom may be used in crossing wires in dry locations.

  16. When the wires are placed in a pipe they should be first encased in a piece of flexible tubing that will extend from the insulator below the end of the pipe to the first one above it.

  17. Flexible conduits are used to advantage in many cases where rigid conduits would not be desirable.

  18. The hirsute blue tinge about the jaw and lips helped to accentuate the virile strength of the long, flexible mouth, which could be humorous, which could be sorrowful, which could be grim.

  19. Max spread wide his palms, and the flexible lips expressed sympathy with the doctor's stupefaction.

  20. Posterior margin of the right wing, consisting of flexible feathers.

  21. In his theology of nature he describes a schematic wing as consisting of a rigid ribbing in front, and a flexible sail behind.

  22. It is, on the contrary, highly elastic and flexible throughout.

  23. FOLD, a pleat or bend in a flexible material, or a curve in any surface, whence its particular application in geology with which this article deals.

  24. Borelli's artificial wing, it will be remembered, consists of a rigid rod in front and a flexible sail behind.

  25. It lowers itself--the front part of the wing strongly resists, the sail which follows it being flexible yields.

  26. This author, distinguished alike as a physiologist, mathematician and mechanician, describes and figures a bird with artificial wings, each of which consists of a rigid rod in front and flexible feathers behind.

  27. The natural kite formed by the wing differs from the artificial kite only in this, that the former is capable of being moved in all its parts, and is more or less flexible and elastic, whereas the latter is comparatively rigid.

  28. He was a man of superb physique and excellent carriage, with a flexible and sonorous voice, and manners of rare distinction and elegance.

  29. It is doubtless owing to the combination of a circular with a horizontal movement in that flexible limb; but it is impossible to see an elephant fanning himself without being struck by the singular elegance of motion which he displays.

  30. When dried in the sun it produced a hard, smooth surface, flexible enough to be twisted into any shape without cracking.

  31. By mixing half a pound of magnesia with a pound of the gum he produced a substance whiter than the pure gum, which was at first as firm and flexible as leather, and out of which he made beautiful book-covers and piano-covers.

  32. In course of ages great skill was acquired in thus using all kinds of flexible materials; artistic baskets were produced of raffia and reeds, and fine garments of linen, wool and cotton.

  33. To illustrate, tool A is of a shape suitable for rough-turning large and rigid work, while tool B is adapted for smaller and more flexible parts.

  34. The straight dog, however, is used more particularly to do away with the leverage l of a bent dog, as this leverage tends to spring a flexible part when a cut is being taken.

  35. It is not suited, however, to thin work, as the pressure, being concentrated in four places, would spring a flexible part out of shape.

  36. The depth of roughing cuts often has to be reduced considerably because the part being turned is so flexible that a heavy cut would spring the work and cause the tool to gouge in.

  37. The driving dog, especially for large work of this kind, should be heavy and stiff, because light flexible clamps or dogs vibrate and frequently cause chattering.

  38. Application of Steadyrest to a Flexible Rod] Fig.

  39. Steadyrests can often be used to prevent flexible parts from springing, as previously explained, but there are many kinds of light work to which the steadyrest cannot be applied to advantage.

  40. Flexible Boring Tool used for Recessing a Bushing in Automatic Chucking and Turning Machine] =Adjustments for Automatic Feed and Speed Changes.

  41. Steadyrest and Follow-rest for Supporting Flexible Parts] =Steadyrest for Supporting Flexible Parts.

  42. If the work were too flexible to permit turning a spot at n, this could be done by first "spotting" it at some point o, and placing the steadyrest at that point while turning another spot at n.

  43. The ends of the helix surrounding the magnet cores may be attached as usual to two terminals, or soldered to a flexible conductor communicating with the other parts of the telephone apparatus.

  44. For gas furnaces, Mr. Loiseau is constructing a handle-lighter which is connected with the side of the furnace by flexible cords.

  45. Furthermore, they are both flexible and durable, though entirely lacking in artistic qualities.

  46. Large numbers of these rugs are of moderate size and slightly oblong; and are flexible yet stout.

  47. He was too near for the long lash to have the full effect intended; but Jack felt the sting as the flexible thong curled round him.

  48. A swish of its flexible tail, a snap of its savage teeth, and ranunculus disappeared--a choice morsel for breakfast.

  49. They are covered with reddish brown hair, and the sides of the face, in adult males, are commonly produced into two crescentic, flexible excrescences, like fatty tumours.

  50. This leaves the material nicely flexible and coats the texture up so dense and full that a couple of coats of paint are saved.

  51. In front of the rostrum and the piercers lies the pointed flexible labrum and within its base a small hypopharynx (fig.

  52. This hideous and loathsome-looking animal had projecting eyes that seemed to glare at one, very long and flexible antennae or feelers, and gigantic claws.

  53. A writer in a certain New York paper has put the ferrets to a peculiar use, on account of their flexible bodies.

  54. T is a bottle from which the bottom has been removed; D, a flexible and elastic membrane tied on the bottle, and capable of being pulled out by the string S, so as to increase the capacity of the bottle.

  55. Resembling fat; the name of the oily secretion by which the skin is kept flexible and soft.

  56. The bones of the infant, consisting almost wholly of cartilage, are not stiff and hard as in after life, but flexible and elastic.

  57. To show how the spinal vertebræ make a firm but flexible column.

  58. These bones are united by strong but flexible ligaments.

  59. A tough but flexible material forming a part of the joints, air passages, nostrils, ear; gristle, etc.

  60. The blood-vessels are flexible tubes through which the blood is borne through the body.

  61. It forms a sort of flexible framework of the body, and so pervades every portion that if all the other tissues were removed, we should still have a complete representation of the bodily shape in every part.

  62. Massinger's verse is more regular than that of Fletcher and others, in the matter of extra final syllables and the like, but free and flexible in the use of run-on lines and generally progressive movement.

  63. It is no less flexible than Tennyson's, but (as in most of Browning's poetry) sacrifices more of melody in adapting itself to the thought.

  64. At least so I thought, till I discovered that they had utilised my English files to cut through the metal so that they could slip their flexible hands in and out quite easily.

  65. Hopelessly dark for the eyes as I woke one night to the touch of a small flexible hand on mine.

  66. Other accessories are an hour-circle, around the north pole, a compass placed beneath the globe, and a flexible quadrant used for finding the distances between places.

  67. The young shoots, being flexible and tough, are employed in France as whips.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flexible" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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