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describable; describe; described; describer; describers; describeth; describing; descrie; descried; descries
  1. His eyes swim with unshed tears as he describes the discomfort of the man whose collar, fastened by the customary button, cannot be given greater freedom on a hot, muggy day.

  2. Keats, in his lovely Ode, describes the figure of Autumn as stretched out "on a half-reaped furrow sound asleep.

  3. Sidenote: Describes Sufferings of Christians] Peter was put forward to speak first.

  4. The modern spiritualist who describes apparitions as having the "consistency of cigar-smoke," is one with the Congo negroes who leave the house of the dead unswept for a time lest the dust should injure the delicate substance of the ghost.

  5. Plimmer, an eminent bacteriologist, describes to the writer the action of a kind of yeast upon a species of Daphnia, or water-flea.

  6. Another chronicler describes the multitudes as resembling an army constantly marching both ways along the street.

  7. Gibbon thus describes it: "In the fever of the times the tense, or rather the sound, of a syllable was sufficient to disturb the peace of an empire.

  8. St. Bernard, who undertook a mission among them in 1147, describes the churches of the Catholics as without people, and the people without priests.

  9. Passavant thus describes the work: "It was in one of his inspired moments that the master composed this exquisite painting.

  10. Herod, misnamed the Great, had partly by bribery prevailed on Antony and Augustus to make him king of the Jews, and Josephus describes his visit to Rome on that appointment.

  11. An Arabian chronicler, Ibn Gouzi, thus describes his visit to Jerusalem before leaving the East: "The Emperor was ruddy and bald.

  12. And Gregory in his dream describes how the people during the sermon moved their bodies like the waves of the sea raised by the wind.

  13. St. Augustine describes the frenzy and fascination of the spectators for these brutal shows.

  14. Miss Gay describes their devotion and what true friends they were.

  15. The night-scene she describes near Jonesboro, where they were encamped, is most graphic and pathetic.

  16. Her pen describes scenes that bring tears for the pain and suffering, and laughter at the 'makeshifts' resorted to by those noble people in the hour of actual need.

  17. Her pen describes scenes that bring tears for the pain and suffering, and laughter at the "makeshifts" resorted to by these noble people in the hour of actual needs.

  18. Miss Gay was in the very heart of the strife, and she describes with the vigorous pen of one to whom the matter is a vital reality.

  19. After thirty miles more, this stony desert ceased with equal abruptness, and was followed by a vast plain of dried mud, which Captain Sturt describes as "a boundless ploughed field, on which floods had settled and subsided.

  20. The country around St. Francis' Ponds is as Mr. Parry describes it, with the exception of the water, which is gone.

  21. Johnson describes JOB as a low word, without etymology.

  22. D'Urville also describes his visit to the villages at Tamaki, where a namesake of the late ill-fated Hinaki was then head man.

  23. On this assumption, therefore, Tugan Baranovski describes the course of capitalist accumulation as follows: 'What would the workers .

  24. But so far Sismondi's explanations are not particularly illuminating on the subject which he himself describes as 'fundamental'.

  25. The great romancer describes it with much charm and correctness in the early pages of "The Taking of the Bastile.

  26. Numerous churches, all very ancient" describes them well enough for an itinerary such as this; the guide-books must do the rest.

  27. The comprehension and the absolute perfection of his prescience did not escape the eye of Lucan, who describes him as--"Nil actum reputans, si quid superesset agendum.

  28. The chronicle of Rheims describes the appearance, as if all the stars in heaven were driven like dust before the wind.

  29. She wandered amid what she describes as "beautiful green banks," which rose in natural terraces behind her mother's house, and where a cow and a few sheep occasionally fed.

  30. A planter of South Carolina, thus describes the effect of the scene upon the ignorant blacks: "I was suddenly awakened by the most distressing cries that ever fell on my ears.

  31. Sir William Wilde describes the Chapter-house at Mellifont, as he saw it in 1850.

  32. Cherry-Garrard describes the roar of the wind as it whistled in their shelter to have been just like the rush of an express train through a tunnel.

  33. We struggled along, for there is no other expression which aptly describes our case.

  34. Pierre Clement describes this part of the house as having been of an "incomparable richesse," - an estimate of its charms which seems slightly exaggerated to-day.

  35. This looked like the beginning of an adventure, for the old gentleman was puffing hard and in the condition which Jeremy Taylor describes as "very zealously angry.

  36. At the end of that book Stanley describes how when Arnold lay dying, he had, one evening, a very long talk with him about the Sacraments and the part they played in the religious life.

  37. One who describes or makes a map of a district or region.

  38. One who describes the universe; one skilled in cosmology.

  39. One who describes or writes about comets.

  40. One who describes fruits; one versed in carpology.

  41. One who describes crystals, or the manner of their formation; one versed in crystallography.

  42. One who describes the world or universe, including the heavens and the earth.

  43. When he is in the country, he classes the plants; when in town, he notes the skins of birds in shops; and when he eats whitebait at Greenwich, he straightway describes that dainty in the language of Tacitus.

  44. What he sees, and what he admires (and luckily for us he admires a great deal), he describes in letters to one Frederic Gedike, a professorial friend at Berlin.

  45. Nothing so well describes the state of his modern reputation as the familiar adage, 'Give a dog a bad name, and hang him.

  46. He describes graves with the minuteness of a body-snatcher; and when he would be impressive is disgusting.

  47. This is the way Scott describes this incident in the "Lord of the Isles": 56.

  48. The stirring verse of Macaulay best describes the spread of the news, the alarm, the anxiety, and the grand uprising of the whole people.

  49. He even conferred upon Cicero the distinguished honor of a visit; which the host thus describes in a letter to Atticus.

  50. Though Cicero often speaks of this house of his, he nowhere describes its general arrangements.

  51. Cicero describes something of this feeling in the following passage: "We had been listening to Antiochus (a teacher of the Academics) in the school called the Ptolemaeus, where he was wont to lecture.

  52. To seek for truth among the groves of Academus" is the phrase by which a more famous contemporary, the poet Horace, describes his studies at Athens.

  53. It was about three miles from Arpinum, a little town in that hill country of the Sabines which was the proverbial seat of a temperate and frugal race, and which Cicero describes in Homeric phrase as "Rough but a kindly nurse of men.

  54. It was indeed a terrible time that followed, Plutarch thus describes it: "He denounced against any who might shelter or save the life of a proscribed person the punishment of death for his humanity.

  55. The mind in later childhood should be what Froebel describes his own to have been.

  56. In gift work, too, he explains to the kindergartner what he is inventing, and for what purpose; he weaves gossamer threads of fancy about the objects constructed, or describes the forms of beauty and knowledge he has built by dictation.

  57. Here is a translation of the passage in which the lady describes the beginning of his affection.

  58. Yet, in his "Enemies of Books," he describes some rare encounters with the worm.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "describes" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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