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  1. As fluidity is the nature of liquids, and fluctuation is that of the winds, and as vacuity is the state of the sky, so is creation the condition of the spirit or divine soul.

  2. It is the fluidity of liquids and the flatulence of air; it is the flame and flash of fire, and the cogitation of the understanding.

  3. As the waves mix with themselves, by the fluidity of their waters; so the minds of wise unite with one another, by the solubility of their understandings, like elastic fluids and liquids.

  4. As the body of waters fluctuates itself (owing to the fluidity of the element); so is there oscillation in the solidity of the Divine Intellect (owing to its spiritual nature).

  5. He is often thought bad, but this is a mistake; for the truth is that the intemperance of lust is due to the fluidity of the marrow produced by the loose consistency of the bones.

  6. The truth is that the intemperance of love is a disease of the soul due chiefly to the moisture and fluidity which is produced in one of the elements by the loose consistency of the bones.

  7. Here the water as well as the heat are required not only as a stimulus, but as a causa sine quâ non of fluidity and motion, and consequent life.

  8. And although the older economists loved to dwell upon the fluidity of labor as well as upon the fluidity of capital, they failed to take account of the bankruptcy that attends the one or the appalling conditions that attend the other.

  9. It is no answer to say that the evil results of overproduction are promptly remedied by the fluidity of capital to flow towards profitable and to withdraw from unprofitable manufactures.

  10. The main points seem to be tolerably clear; they are as follows: The surface of the moon as we see it is that which was formed when that body, passing from the state of fluidity from heat, formed a solid crust.

  11. These facts bear out the conclusion that the fluidity of the heated stone depends in considerable measure on the water which is contained, either in its fluid or vaporous state, between the particles of the material.

  12. It need not be supposed that the rock beneath these countries, which when forced out became lava, was necessarily in the state of perfect fluidity before it was forced through the fissures.

  13. The elasticity and fluidity of the organic form manifests itself, within the type, freely in all directions, and to an unlimited extent.

  14. The heat thus combined is the cause of the fluidity of the water.

  15. He admits also a sideric mercury, the foundation of fluidity and volatilization.

  16. The only exception to the rule of avoiding purgatives is as stated by Jonathan Hutchinson: "In certain cases when impaction of feces is suspected, and in cases of stricture when fluidity of feces is desirable.

  17. With the exception of the organs of digestion no uniform lesions are observed in any of the viscera in cholera infantum, except such as are due to change in the quantity and fluidity of the blood and its circulation.

  18. Whenever the frequency and fluidity of the stools are such as to be regarded as pathological, some stage or other of catarrhal inflammation may be assumed to exist.

  19. But, quite apart from this, nothing but fluidity of judgment can ever lead the man of affairs to success.

  20. Fluidity of judgment, adversely described as fickleness and inconsistency, is the essence of success.

  21. London financial institutions have a degree of expertness, growing out of specialization, in large part, which makes all manner of paper fluid in the London money market which would lack fluidity in New York.

  22. In both records the ocean gives birth to the first dry land, and it is the sea that is first inhabited, yet both lead at least to the suspicion that a state of igneous fluidity preceded the primitive universal ocean.

  23. I have said that the Bible, which informs us of a universal ocean preceding the existence of land, also gives indications of a still earlier period of igneous fluidity or gaseous expansion.

  24. At first sight, it might seem as if, in the fluidity of these successive waves, everything is indeterminate.

  25. On the Fluidity of Sulphur and Phosphorus at common temperatures, by Mr. Faraday.

  26. The addition of phosphorus promotes the fluidity of the metal and makes very clean, fine and strong castings.

  27. When the iron parts with its carbon it loses its fluidity and becomes plastic and coherent, and is formed into balls called blooms.

  28. This bubble by reason of its comparative levity to the fluidity that incloses it, would ascend to the top.

  29. The state of being melted or dissolved by heat; a state of fluidity or flowing in consequence of heat; as, metals in fusion.

  30. It was this want of organization, this looseness and fluidity of the new movement, that made it penetrate through every class of society.

  31. Now this superior fluidity in air indicates the least degree of adherence possible between its constituting parts, and supposes them of such a figure as only to be touched at one point.

  32. The manifest object therefore to be achieved in all such cases is to restore the normal fluidity and circulation of the blood without unduly taxing any vital organ.

  33. But, as a matter of fact, the fluidity of the ocean plays an important part in the phenomenon, as does also the elasticity of the earth.

  34. The zone of fluidity for all rocks lies at a depth of about one hundred kilometres, where the temperature is 2,500 deg.

  35. Thus “fluidity of nothing” is a phrase without meaning.

  36. If the illusion in trying to name and define mental states is due to their fluidity and privacy, by the same token the same treatment of physical objects, which Bergson regards as valid treatment, is in fact equally illusory.

  37. This vague dogmatic sentiment about "the fluidity of life," is one of the instinctive ways by which we try to pretend that our prison-walls are not walls at all, but only friendly and flowing vapour.

  38. I maintain that this modern tendency to talk dogmatically and vaguely about "the evasive fluidity of life" is nothing more than a crafty pathological retreat from the formidable challenge of life.

  39. It may be thought, however, that the igneous fluidity of the internal part of the globe is too mighty and improbable a conclusion to be based upon the increase of temperature, observed only to the depth of two or three thousand feet.

  40. To prove the original igneous fluidity of the globe, we might have adopted another course of argument.

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