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Example sentences for "fluffy"

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flues; fluff; fluffed; fluffing; fluffs; fluid; fluide; fluidic; fluidity; fluids
  1. Up to this time, he had only seen her in her short blue suit, and he told himself that this fluffy pink muslin gown was vastly more becoming to her.

  2. As she spoke, she tugged fiercely at her fluffy skirt which, wet to her knees, clung closely about her feet.

  3. Polk departed in the trail of Nell Kirkland's fluffy muslin skirts, smoldering dangerously, I felt.

  4. It was hard to keep that fluffy hair from getting tangled; so mamma used to tie it in the back with a big, broad ribbon.

  5. She was a pretty, rosy-cheeked little thing, with long, fluffy hair, and big round eyes that everybody smiled into when they saw them.

  6. The fluffy gray bundles were two young wolves, and were, for Ab, a great possession.

  7. It was tangled together in a compact and fluffy mass, and so did not wander into the woman's eyes, which was a good thing and a great convenience, for bright eyes and unobstructed vision were required in those lively days.

  8. The Blind Man asked: "Well, is it as fluffy and soft as a hare?

  9. Fluffy and Curly-Tail walked on very slowly, often stopping to look back at their mother as she stood there watching them.

  10. Here; these are for you,” she said, and she gave one to Fluffy and one to Curly-Tail.

  11. She saw the others laughing, too, all except Fluffy and Curly-Tail, and she saw that those two did not laugh, but looked worried and sorry.

  12. So Fluffy and Curly-Tail went some distance down the path, and then Squdge shouted “Go!

  13. Then all the other ducklings began to laugh, too;—all except Fluffy and Curly-Tail.

  14. At last she told Fluffy and Curly-Tail that she herself would go part of the way with them.

  15. Buff and Fluffy and Curly-Tail were girls, and the other three were boys.

  16. Fluffy was afraid if they did not take care they might fall into the river.

  17. The cardboard rings are then slipped out, leaving a soft, fluffy ball of many colours.

  18. A fluffy canopy and valance (or flounce) of flowered or striped white muslin will improve it wonderfully.

  19. Afterward the winner and the defeated players will equally enjoy eating the fluffy popcorn, or if the cook is particularly amiable they may be allowed to flock to the kitchen and make popcorn balls.

  20. Suppose we make him a great, fluffy worsted ball.

  21. Excited by the crowd, she flung out her arms and fluffy skirts as she came forward.

  22. The fluffy dress was a wet, charred rag, but Sylvia was unharmed.

  23. The fluffy part that you pull was for a moment left behind; then with a jerk it was gone, and Wiggs was left alone.

  24. Thus the whole mattress is transferred from a sodden heap to a high and fluffy mountain of carded wool, all baked by the heat of the sun.

  25. Then the shorter stick comes into play, picks the wool from the longer, throws it into the air, beats it this way and that, tosses it and catches it until every fibre is clear, when the fluffy mass is deftly cast aside.

  26. Then with added mischief: "And your hair is simply as fluffy as--as a feather duster.

  27. A vision of fluffy whiteness," cried Kate delightedly, as Helen sat down at the table.

  28. Then she admired the long gloves with no end of buttons, and the scrap of a bonnet, made of shreds of flower and feather in a wonderful way, and perched on a high tower of fluffy flossy hair.

  29. Last week it occurred to him to go and see how his treasure was going on; but on doing this he discovered, to his horror, that the mice had been making free with it, and that only a small heap of fluffy dust remained of all his wealth.

  30. He wondered how the Calhoun girl might look in a fluffy waist.

  31. Shockingly to her uplifted hands her short-cropped head loomed round and crisp and fluffy as a great worsted ball.

  32. Like the fluffy edges of two feather fans Daphne's lashes fringed on her cheeks.

  33. Fluffy is a good name," decided Bunny, and Sue said the same thing.

  34. For Sue had on a light and fluffy dress, and that really was a sort of life preserver.

  35. Both children were up early the next morning to see their new pet, and they fed Fluffy some dried crackers.

  36. The fluffy golden body was hurled far in front of its slayer; and the wheels struck it a second time.

  37. In the second, his hard-hearted owners made him sleep on a fluffy rug in a corner of the veranda instead of in his delectable piano-cave.

  38. His fluffy puppy-coat of wavy mahogany-and-white caught a million sunbeams, reflecting them back in tawny-orange glints and in a dazzle as of snow.

  39. He was fast asleep, his fluffy fair head fallen forward upon the red table-cloth.

  40. He saw his old clothes tossed aside, his curls lying near them in a bright, fluffy heap.

  41. At last he pulled the counterpane fairly smooth, but in an evil moment, looking under the bed, he perceived large quantities of fluffy and coagulated dust.

  42. On his head he bore a huge dome of fluffy bearskin, just the thing for a fashionable muff; oppressive in the heat, no doubt, but imparting additional grandeur to his mien.

  43. I do love to be fluffy and feminine, and my pearls really are unique!

  44. I've never had anything but the most useful and long-suffering garments, though I have yearned to be fluffy, and now I shall be as fluffy as I can be made!

  45. I do so long to be white and fluffy for once.

  46. Safely out of scorching distance a white cat dozed in front of it, her fluffy coat rosy in the firelight, her wide eyes like blinking topaz as she regarded the newcomers.

  47. To counteract it she dressed her hair with a fluffy softness unusual to her trim style; she took immense pains over her finger-nails and put on her best high frock.

  48. Stepping over the fallen tree you send the little yellow-brown babies scattering, like fluffy golf-balls rolling for cover.

  49. Great fluffy masses of pink purple at the top of large-leaved stems are the blossoms of the Joe Pye Weed, and smaller clusters of royal purple in the grassy places are the efflorescence of the iron weed.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fluffy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    airy; attenuated; bubbly; dainty; delicate; downy; ethereal; feathery; filmy; fine; fleecy; flighty; fluffy; foamy; frivolous; frothy; furry; fuzzy; gauzy; gossamer; hairy; hirsute; light; peachy; pubescent; refined; satin; satiny; shallow; silky; smooth; soft; souffle; superficial; velvety; volatile; weightless; woolly; yeasty