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Example sentences for "fuzzy"

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futurus; fuze; fuzes; fuzz; fuzziness; fwhat; fwom; fyce; fyer; fyft
  1. You are on the Easter Novelty Counter," was the Fuzzy Rabbit's answer.

  2. Oh, they are not so far away," answered the Fuzzy Rabbit.

  3. I mean until the clock-work inside me runs down," explained the Fuzzy Rabbit.

  4. The Fuzzy Rabbit stopped waving his ears and became quiet.

  5. Providence of Goddlemighty comes a streak of some kind of creepy, fuzzy lightning and they're struck dumb and blind and plumb crazy--eh?

  6. Fuzzy was there on his back, his legs crossed, his tail twitching.

  7. But I wasn't ready for the booby hatch even if I had seen a fuzzy little thing that could talk.

  8. Fuzzy squeezed his head up from the levers.

  9. Fuzzy pulled the rest of himself out of the bars and stood on hind feet.

  10. In this doorway stood two half-grown lucivees, fuzzy and gray and savage-looking, their backs still up, their wild eyes turned in my direction apprehensively.

  11. Fuzzy took her turn at all these odd jobs, and though she was beginning to show here and there a few places where her luxuriant hair was rubbed off a little, she was still as lively and willing and industrious as ever.

  12. And it was a glorious victory for Fuzzy and her companions.

  13. But Fuzzy did seem to be loafing there in the entry.

  14. One day Mary saw Fuzzy stretching her head down into one open cell after another in the brood-comb.

  15. There was Fuzzy dragging, with much effort, a dead, black bee along the rough stone.

  16. Then Fuzzy would turn around, head toward the queen, and form part of the little circle of honor that always kept forming and re-forming around the queen mother.

  17. When Fuzzy got up just under one of the holes, we took the cork-stopper out gently and thus let her come walking slowly up and out on top of the roof.

  18. And Fuzzy was all ready to come out into the world.

  19. On the ninth day Fuzzy brought in her first loads of pollen, two great masses of dull rose-red pollen held securely in the pollen-baskets on her hind legs.

  20. Well, when Mary saw Fuzzy sticking her head down into the cells with the bee-grubs in, she knew at once what Fuzzy was doing.

  21. Fuzzy seemed to be loafing, but both Mary and I have seen so much of the feverish activity and the constant work of bees in the hive, and out of it for that matter, that we never expect to find a worker honey-bee really loafing.

  22. Fuzzy and the other bees fanning their wings so fast and steadily were ventilating the house!

  23. But almost the first thing that Mary did at the table was to straighten up suddenly and cry out, "I wonder if Fuzzy swarmed!

  24. And here is another bee about two inches in front of Fuzzy doing the same thing; and another," called out Mary, who was greatly excited.

  25. In a minute the fuzzy brown fisherman came shuffling along the narrow path through the bushes.

  26. The old man's fuzzy brown cheeks seemed to grow darker, as if his blush was of a color with the rest of his make-up.

  27. So May sat on his fuzzy back as on a soft cushion, and his strong legs and sharp claws carried him finely over the rough, steep places, while Blue-bird and Skip went beside her, and Iris flew in front to show the way.

  28. From where we lay hid behind log house and palings we strained our eyes towards the prairie to see if Lamothe would take the bait, until our view was ended at the fuzzy top of a hillock.

  29. He had known her since a time when she bestrode a small fuzzy pony in the park, cool as a grapefruit and with a critical eye, even in her ten years, for social forms and observances.

  30. Careful examination of the root of one of the seedlings of mustard, radish, or barley grown in the pocket germinator shows a covering of tiny fuzzy structures.

  31. The store was a plain wooden building which had never been painted, but had received from time and the weather a gray, fuzzy coat which answered every purpose.

  32. Doesn't Fuzzy go just like a little pony?

  33. And we can bring Fuzzy to see his mother sometimes, to pay her a visit, you know.

  34. I'm afraid Miss Dolly and the perambulator would soon all be in a heap on the road if Fuzzy was to have a try at pushing," she said.

  35. But when Dolly's a good bit bigger, and when Fuzzy is quite a trained dog, he may come into the house sometimes, mayn't he?

  36. And yet it was only looks, for Fuzzy was in the best of spirits, quite pleased with himself, and thinking that Leigh's shouts only meant he was to go faster and faster.

  37. I wiss poor Fuzzy wasn't coming," she said.

  38. The truth was, he was making harness for Fuzzy and trying to teach him to be driven.

  39. They went slowly, and Fuzzy did nothing worse than stand still every minute or two, and look over his shoulder to see what was behind him.

  40. It would be dedful for dear little baby Dolly to be hurted, though I'm kite sure Fuzzy wouldn't mean it.

  41. And being by this time come to the ass, the boy enfolded in his arms the creature's fuzzy head and gently stroked its preternaturally long ears.

  42. At just fifteen minutes before seven, to the pungency of coffee and the harsh sing of water across the hall, Mrs. Lipkind in a fuzzy wrapper the color of her eyes and hair, kissed her son awake.

  43. There were fuzzy Canadian horses pulling buckboards sagging under the weight of all the men who could cling on.

  44. A fuzzy and ancient silk hat topped his head, a rusty frock-coat flapped about his legs, and he tugged along at the end of a cord a dirty buck sheep.

  45. Fuzzy barked madly round as the tinies flocked out.

  46. He walked quietly away, followed by Fuzzy sniffing at his heels.

  47. In the fuzzy nothingness ahead one could see no point on which to fix the eye, and the compass required standing still to look at it every time.

  48. As we got into our bags the mountain tops were fuzzy with drift.

  49. Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper, as she saw Uncle Wiggily, the bunny rabbit gentleman, hopping off the front porch of his hollow stump bungalow one morning.

  50. Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper, had boiled the eggs too long and they were as hard as bullets.

  51. Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper, as Mr. Longears, the rabbit gentleman, started to hop out of his hollow stump bungalow one morning.

  52. This is your friend Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy talking to me.

  53. If anything like that is going to happen to me today," said the bunny uncle to himself, "I ought to have brought Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy along, so she could enjoy the fun.

  54. So, telling Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, his muskrat lady housekeeper, that he was going out to get a new hat, away hopped Uncle Wiggily, over the fields and through the woods until he came to the green meadow.

  55. So, calling good-bye to Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat lady housekeeper, Uncle Wiggily and Squeaky-Eeky started off over the fields and through the woods.

  56. As he did so he brushed off some of the pollen, for he was right in amongst the stamens, and this powdery pollen stuck to his fuzzy body and he carried it away with him.

  57. The cowcatcher caught her up-- And she awoke to see a fuzzy bumble-bee just alighting on her nose!

  58. He was a very fuzzy lamb and he had very long legs.

  59. Tibullus Theognis=, a fuzzy lamb with very long legs.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fuzzy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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