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Example sentences for "indefinite"

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indefeasible; indefectibility; indefensible; indefinable; indefinably; indefinitely; indefiniteness; indefinites; indehiscent; indelible
  1. But in Hawthorne we see astonishing power, always answered by the style, and capable of indefinite expansion within certain lateral limits.

  2. But as we rise in the scale the tone begins to become uncertain, until the highest note of the instrument is again indefinite noise.

  3. He might, indeed, drag on the proceedings for an indefinite period, but in the end the solution would probably be less satisfactory to his clients than would result from a well-considered arrangement "out of court.

  4. This may be thought to imply an indefinite prolongation of the Occupation.

  5. The artificial temperature of a city street is too local and indefinite a thing to be inscribed on weather maps, utilized by the forecaster, or embodied in climatic statistics.

  6. A sound resembling a distant muffled detonation, usually indefinite as to direction.

  7. They used this patent sophistry to justify the application of torture an indefinite number of times at indefinite intervals.

  8. The penance was enjoined sometimes for an indefinite period, and so long as he had to wear it, it would be difficult for the penitent to obtain employment.

  9. There are, I think, an indefinite number of types of objects.

  10. Thus language habitually sets before the mind a misleading abstract of the indefinite complexity of the fact of sense-awareness.

  11. The recognition of the fact of an indefinite number of families of parallel durations is what differentiates the concept of nature here put forward from the older orthodox concept of the essentially unique time-systems.

  12. According to the new theory, there are an indefinite number of discordant time-series and an indefinite number of distinct spaces.

  13. Produce your theory, not in a few vague phrases of indefinite meaning, but explain it step by step in definite terms referring to assigned relations and assigned relata.

  14. Lawrence wished to rouse himself to some sense of duty; but duty appeared to be something indefinite and very far away; and then perhaps he had been cherishing some old-fashioned, mistaken sense of what was duty.

  15. There was the old indefinite something in her manner which had once charmed him so.

  16. The pronouns in this sentence were so indefinite in their reference that Carolyn smiled at them.

  17. A fire of memory, and hope, and a strange, indefinite fear were in her heart.

  18. These nations, the orthography of whose names is far from uniform among different writers, are still farther subdivided into numerous indefinite tribes, as specified at the end of this chapter.

  19. Another fruitful source of confusion is the indefinite nickname 'Digger' which is applied indiscriminately to all the tribes of northern and middle California, and to those of Nevada, Utah, and the southern part of Oregon.

  20. But, as Lady Lyons loved going to bed early, the prospect of being out of it for an indefinite number of hours was not amusing; still the thoughts of seeing so many people, known only through the newspapers, sustained her.

  21. I hope the Highland air will set you up," he said; "you look as if you have not had sleep for an indefinite time.

  22. Claude was in the upper hall, putting on his coat to go down to the barn and smoke a cigar, when Bayliss came out from the sitting-room and detained him by an indefinite remark.

  23. This conception flooded the boy's heart like a second moonrise, flowed through him indefinite and strong, while he lay deathly still for fear of losing it.

  24. That's a pretty indefinite location, but I hope, once we get off the Uruguay coast, we can better it.

  25. I don't altogether like hunting for sunken treasure, with such indefinite directions as I have.

  26. Definite integrals can sometimes be evaluated when the limits of integration are some particular numbers, although the corresponding indefinite integrals cannot be found.

  27. Conversely, indefinite integrals are indeterminate to the extent of an additive constant.

  28. Newton gave the fluxional notation also in the tract De Quadratura curvarum (1676), and he there added to it notation for the higher differential coefficients and for indefinite integrals, as we call them.

  29. The descriptions of the disease are indefinite and confusing, but there are some grounds for the belief that such an entity does exist, although it is probably more correct to say that as yet the symptoms are very imperfectly understood.

  30. The chief methods for the evaluation of indefinite integrals are the method of integration by parts, and the introduction of new variables.

  31. The nutrition of the body is below par, and the patient frequently complains of indefinite symptoms of malaise referred to the heart and abdomen.

  32. The indefinite integrals of certain classes of functions can be expressed by means of a finite number of operations of addition or multiplication in terms of the so-called "elementary" functions.

  33. D^n means that the operation D is to be performed n times in succession; D^-n that the operation of forming the indefinite integral is to be performed n times in succession.

  34. He did not use it as we do for the determination of quadratures, or indefinite integrals, but for the solution of problems of the kind which were then called "inverse problems of tangents.

  35. Methods of reduction and substitution for the evaluation of indefinite integrals occupy a considerable space in text-books of the integral calculus.

  36. Some remarkable experiments were made in this direction, but the results were too indefinite for practical purposes.

  37. And now he was to pay dearly for the lack of prudence that had allowed him to send away, on an indefinite mission, the troops he should have kept to guard his prisoner.

  38. But as both plans seemed to leave Una out of their reach, they were discarded as impossible, and it looked as if they would have to settle down to an indefinite stay in the garden.

  39. Vinton," she said, "a little reason in these matters is better than an indefinite amount of sentimental nonsense.

  40. A dozen avenues to fortune opened before him, and he felt that his only task was to choose, believing that in some indefinite yet easily discerned way he would achieve more than falls to the lot of most men to accomplish.

  41. It was the child, that insignificant atom of indefinite humanity, that had intruded itself between them and was daily usurping his place in his wife's thoughts.

  42. The guest was carried off to see the son-and-heir in his crib and admire his indefinite features that were prophetic of beauty, and his limbs that were a miracle of elasticity.

  43. When Meredith saw her safely to Bombay, preparatory to her embarkation, he allowed himself to show something of the grief he felt at having to give up for an indefinite time what he most valued on earth.

  44. The difference between a legislature of definite and a legislature of indefinite powers is important.

  45. His scheme only provided for the more powerful members of the tribes, and took no account of the inferior members, each of whom in their degree had an undeniable if somewhat indefinite interest in the tribal land.

  46. The mere possession of so remarkable a voice as was hers rather set her apart in some indefinite fashion from her schoolmates.

  47. That is a somewhat indefinite statement," she said slowly.

  48. But they were all vague and indefinite with one another, stiffened in the fate that moved them apart.

  49. His indefinite nausea would not let him stay.

  50. For now he felt like a pair of scales, the half of which tips down and down into an indefinite void.

  51. It is doubtful whether any living man could exactly tell what is an Isabella colour; and the use of such a phrase in describing the hue of an animal's skin is altogether indefinite and, to say the least, absurd.

  52. By introducing one well-defined circumstance after another into the experiment, we obtain assurance of the manner in which the phenomenon behaves under an indefinite variety of possible circumstances.

  53. Man's reason and imagination have a long past; they have also an indefinite future.

  54. It was on the eve of the discovery of the function of the white blood corpuscles, which clears the way for indefinite advance in medicine.

  55. In the morning the information slowly reached the passengers that there were fifteen miles of washouts east of Winslow and it would be an indefinite time before repairs could be made.

  56. It is perfectly stable, and preserves its activity for an indefinite time.

  57. From modern forms like those just quoted, it has been imagined that the definite is merely the indefinite article transposed.

  58. Here the breath is transmitted by degrees, and the sound can be drawn out and prolonged for an indefinite space of time.

  59. In the generality of grammars the definite article the, and the indefinite article an, are the very first parts of speech that are considered.

  60. In Greek there is no indefinite, in Latin there is neither an indefinite nor a definite article.

  61. Its origin, however, is concealed; and an accidental identity with the indefinite article has led to false notions respecting its nature.

  62. Take a cylinder of wood, and bore an indefinite number of holes in it, each of them four lines in depth and four in diameter.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "indefinite" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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