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Example sentences for "dreamy"

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dreamlessly; dreamlike; dreampt; dreams; dreamt; drear; drearie; drearier; dreariest; drearily
  1. The songs of birds from the gardens came sweetly to the ear: a dreamy stillness, such as is often to be observed towards the close of some delicious summer day, seemed to pervade all things.

  2. Let then the dreamy “castle builder” pile story upon story of his æriel fabric,—he will be the nearer Heaven.

  3. Weymouth lay, dreamy and umbrageous, among the low foothills along the brow of a Southern valley.

  4. But I kept on talking in the key of C, which is the ladies' key; and presently she sat still in her chair and a dreamy look came into her eyes.

  5. In five minutes Clara's uneasiness had vanished, and she was listening to the music with a dreamy languor quite foreign to her usual composure.

  6. She felt, in a dazed, dreamy fashion, that this was the hunchback's declaration of love.

  7. When I see you sad and dreamy I am always afraid our retreat bores you.

  8. She seemed dreamy and said little; she started involuntarily and frequently.

  9. The charm is flown; the tree of knowledge has been plucked; and never more can we taste the dreamy yet intense delight which attended the first unfolding of the gates of the Alps, and the first rising of the fair vision of Italy.

  10. It was but a dreamy sort of slumber, which failed to bestow entire unconsciousness to external objects.

  11. Much less was it right to use it to gratify a dreamy whim that had in it perhaps just a touch of selfishness.

  12. They have been so listless and weary since they came here; it is so cold and dreamy in this Castle in the North.

  13. In this reaction against naturalism in Belgium, Maeterlinck's work was hardly more effective than the dreamy poetry of Georges Rodenbach.

  14. The best of travel is in looking back upon it from the dreamy quiet and rest of home--laughing at the things that once rasped your nerves, and enjoying, through recollection, the scenes you only glanced at wearily.

  15. The slender, yellow, dreamy student of theology and the ruddy athlete became fast friends.

  16. She said all this in a dreamy way, as if uttering her own thoughts, rather than seeking to enlighten Charlotte.

  17. Oh, Summer so lovely, lost and dead, I miss your sunshine and balmy hours, And blissful calms, when the noontide shed Its dreamy radiance on fields and flowers!

  18. Well I remember that long, dreamy summer, With all its sunshine and its cloudless days; The pleasant rambles through the lanes at even, When earth was glowing in the sunset rays.

  19. The angry light in his brown eyes gave way to the dreamy look once more.

  20. Then with his own hands he fetched from the attic two small old desks, trusting only Ben to help him worry them downstairs, and grew dreamy at the marred and squeaky things, chuckling over jokes superseded forty-odd years before.

  21. Queer, dreamy fragments come back to me sometimes," she said.

  22. But he rarely spoke unless obliged to do so; and whenever he felt himself at leisure, and knew that his work was not calling for him, he seemed to relapse into the half-dreamy state which was his more real life.

  23. Where haze-like creatures with smooth houri forms Stoop thro' the curling clouds and float and smile, While calm as hope in all her dreamy charms Sleeps the enchanted isle.

  24. She looked up at him with a curious, dreamy smile, but was silent.

  25. With upturned, dreamy glance, he followed the graceful movements of the pure, white clouds, and the rapid flight of the birds.

  26. That was the cannon-shot which roused all Europe from her comfortable slumber and dreamy rest.

  27. Musa, having satisfied hunger, sat with his long eyelashes cast down in dreamy Oriental revery.

  28. Nothing," answered the Andalusian, his dreamy eye wandering over the marble tracery on the wall above.

  29. But his fancies fled and his dreamy face grew hard and alert as he came to the clearing before his hut.

  30. As he stood there with the rays of the setting sun falling through the open door on his shaggy white head, old memories burned in his faded eyes and a strange, dreamy smile played about his mouth.

  31. His mother might have thrown up her hands in despair had she seen the dreamy look in his large eyes.

  32. She had firm white teeth, light brown hair which fell in a sort of fringe about her forehead, and eyes which could be dreamy but were more often humorous.

  33. His eyes had lost their dreamy look, he glanced furtively about him, he had the air of a man who has committed a crime and fears detection.

  34. I think I could even exert myself more; but there is such sweetness in this dreamy life.

  35. Sara gone, she went back to her old dreamy life.

  36. But they melted away in silence; and then the dreamy quietness of the hour stole over Olive's sense.

  37. She was happy, she knew not why--happy as she had been in her dreamy girlhood.

  38. It made her dreamy and sad, so she arose and looked out upon the sunny slopes of the Braid Hills until her cheerfulness returned.

  39. Then she thought, as one of dreamy mood is apt to do under such circumstances, of how many times she should lay her head down on the pillow in this same room, and when, and how would be the last time.

  40. In the dreamy quiet of her sick-room, all things belonging to the world without, all cares, all sufferings, grew dim to Olive.

  41. Hers were black, and their gaze was shrewd and sharp and sometimes sternly hard; while the dreamy lustre of her son's, which were blue, lent his face an almost feminine softness.

  42. Perhaps he can look dreamy still; but of this he granted us no opportunity to judge, and he has grown stout, and has lost the delicate refinement of his youth.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dreamy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    absent; absorbed; abstracted; airy; anesthetized; apparent; autistic; bemused; calming; charmed; chimerical; comatose; deceptive; delusive; divine; doped; dreaming; dreamy; drowsy; drugged; ecstatic; elsewhere; enchanted; engrossed; entranced; fallacious; false; fantastic; fantastical; faraway; forgetful; hazy; heavy; illusive; illusory; imaginary; languid; lethargic; lost; lulling; marvelous; meditative; misleading; mollifying; mooning; musing; napping; nodding; oblivious; ostensible; pacifying; pensive; phantasmagoric; phantasmal; phantom; preoccupied; quixotic; rapt; restful; rocking; seeming; sentimental; sleepy; somnolent; soothing; soporific; specious; spectral; spellbound; stuporous; supposititious; tranquilizing; transported; unconscious; unfounded; unreal; unsubstantial; vague; visionary; yawning