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Example sentences for "fallacious"

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  1. Whereas false doctrines and fallacious opinions need all the aid of imagination's vivid colours to disguise their real form with a goodly outside.

  2. Whatever may be the nature of insanity or our fallacious views regarding it, it is a matter of great consolation to find that our mode of treating it is at last founded on rational and humane principles.

  3. These notions are merely fallacious refinements, as every man of plain understanding, who is acquainted with the writings of the early reformers, or has considered their history, must acknowledge.

  4. It is one of the fallacious views of the Reformation, to which we have adverted in a former page, to fancy that it sprung from any notions of political liberty, in such a sense as we attach to the word.

  5. It would be altogether fallacious to forecast the position and probable achievements of medical science in a century's time on the line of simple development from the practice of to-day.

  6. By the middle of the seventeenth century, however, Carena tells us that it had been virtually disused by the Congregation, as most perilous, fallacious and uncertain.

  7. And when the hypocrites, and those in whose heart was an infirmity, said, GOD and his apostle have made you no other than a fallacious promise.

  8. But some of the advocates of equality have accepted the same fallacious separation between the family and modern culture.

  9. Now it would be fallacious to argue (as some do) that because distinctions of moral quality have been acquired and are not innate, they are therefore unreal when they are acquired.

  10. These things are so obvious to anyone who is acquainted with the simplest principles of mechanics that it is strange to see them stated in the fallacious manner in which Braid puts them forth.

  11. In this paragraph Braid is making a fallacious statement.

  12. Mother's eyesight is growing fallacious and frequently leads her to see what she would like to see.

  13. One cares not to see a half dozen proofs, more or less that a theory is fallacious who has learned that, and why, the theory cannot be true.

  14. These Orleans have wholly espoused and share in the fallacious and mischievous notions of the McClellanites concerning the volunteers.

  15. They calculate upon the comparative poverty of the rebels, repeating the fallacious adage, that money is the sinews of war.

  16. They shared some of McClellan's fallacious and petty notions, and very likely they have been gulled by the McClellan-Seward expectations of taking Richmond before July 4th.

  17. Most probably with the authority of their name, they confirm McClellan's fallacious notions about the necessity of a great regular army.

  18. His estimate of the minimum distance of the nearest star, based though it was on the fallacious test of apparent brilliancy, was a singularly sagacious one, but it was at best a scientific guess, not a scientific measurement.

  19. Similar claims had been made often enough before, always to prove fallacious when put to further test; but this time the announcement carried the authority of one of the greatest astronomers of the age, and scepticism was silenced.

  20. Yet, with a pleasing sorcery, could charm Pain for a while or anguish, and excite Fallacious hope, or arm th' obdured breast With stubborn patience as with triple steel.

  21. Their incessant influence is a cause of selfishness, and of the fallacious tendency existing in nearly every man, to exaggerate the importance of himself and of everything relating to him.

  22. The present scheme of paying off the national debt appears to me, speaking as an indifferent person, to be an ill-concerted, if not a fallacious job.

  23. Some fallacious rumours have been set afloat in England to induce a belief in money, and, among others, that of the French refugees bringing great quantities.

  24. It is of course in moments of excitement and hurry, when our observation is distracted, that we are most subject to fallacious illusions of memory.

  25. To explain this we must call in our first fallacious principle, the Impatience of Doubt or Delay, the imperative inward need for a belief of some sort.

  26. It was such fallacious analogies as these that Heine had in view in his humorous prayer, "Heaven defend us from the Evil One and from metaphors".

  27. The manipulation of the bare logical forms, without reference to fallacious departures from them, is no better than a nursery exercise.

  28. But all such fallacious theories as this are swept away by the XIV.

  29. But if they were correct in their premise, we yet claim that their second position is not sustained by the authorities, and is shown to be fallacious by a consideration of the principles of free government.

  30. Are not the colour tests of strychnia so uncertain and fallacious that they cannot be depended upon?

  31. The Roman empire, shaken by a thousand storms, and as often deceived by fallacious calms, places at last its whole hopes in you.

  32. Strong, but unwise, he laid the pledge of God In her fallacious lap, who basely sold Her husband's honour for Philistian gold.

  33. The rapid follies which his axle bear, Are short fallacious hope and certain fear; And many a promise given of Halcyon days, Whose faint and dubious gleam the heart betrays.

  34. Throw over the fallacious time-test, and there was nothing to show for it but a natural kind of patriotic feeling, which we all have, with a thoroughly provincial conceit, which some of us must plead guilty to.

  35. He saw that it was one of those districts where peat had been taken out in large squares for fuel, and where a fallacious and verdant scum upon the surface of deep pools simulated the turf that had been removed.

  36. It was the only rising ground in that vast extent of watery pastures, enclosed by the Ems and Lippe--the "fallacious fields" described by Tacitus.

  37. Aristotle, the great master of reasoning, cautions us, and with great weight and propriety, against this species of delusive geometrical accuracy in moral arguments, as the most fallacious of all sophistry.

  38. Political power and commercial monopoly are not the rights of men; and the rights to them derived from charters it is fallacious and sophistical to call "the chartered rights of men.

  39. To this President Day replies, "these are terms of very convenient ambiguity, with which it is easy to construct a plausible but fallacious argument.

  40. Believe that through all fallacious appearances of ebb and flow, of sound and silence, of presence and absence, I am always constantly yours, HENRY JAMES.

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