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Example sentences for "inconsequential"

Lexicographically close words:
incongruous; incongruously; inconnu; inconsequence; inconsequent; inconsequently; inconsiderable; inconsiderate; inconsiderately; inconsiderateness
  1. There she went, flipping and dancing in her inconsequential fashion, doing very much as she liked, disconcerting old Miss Coates by her indifference to respectability and by her lack of reverence.

  2. To discriminate at a glance between important and inconsequential business letters, is what most men have been trained to do.

  3. Break this continuity of ideas by a space filler or an inconsequential argument and the reader loses interest that it will be hard to regain.

  4. She put one of those inconsequential requests with which she liked to busy everybody about her.

  5. Mr. Harold Bayley’s The Tragedy of Francis Bacon, is, in my opinion, an inconsequential contribution to the controversy.

  6. Mr. Theobald’s argument can only be described as a reckless, illogical, and absurd distortion of possibilities, and it is the more inconsequential since it proceeds to defeat its primary object.

  7. During first recitation, which was an inconsequential voyage into Greece, his imagination jumped the blackboarded walls and went wandering into the realm of the possible summer.

  8. His arrival brought a little constraint; the conversation, which had been at fever pitch as he stood rapping at the door, dwindled to desultory remarks on inconsequential things.

  9. To keep turning the wheels of some purely inconsequential machine, or strive like a gladiator.

  10. This time each took up his book in order to be found in an inconsequential attitude, outwardly indifferent, as all Anglo-Saxons should be.

  11. Dare to call in question its most inconsequential thesis and you are branded as an heretic; deny it in toto and you are denounced as an enemy of the Almighty!

  12. It was Kitty's which he opened first, perhaps because it was nearest; but the torrent of inconsequential words confused him by their unreason and he turned to Lucy's, reading it over thoughtfully.

  13. All around him floated airy, inconsequential chatter and high-pitched laughter.

  14. The young man stared dubiously at her; all this seemed inconsequential to him, this talk of thunderbolts and bullets.

  15. His hatred of Matlock was very bitter, but it was inconsequential in comparison with his savage self-objurgation.

  16. The narrative of American operations in France thus turns from recording local exploits such as that at Cantigny and the trench adventures that marked the inconsequential warfare along the American sectors east of St. Mihiel.

  17. The story is inconsequential unless Schuppanzigh had it from Beethoven who, as we have seen in an earlier volume (Vol.

  18. And now let the story of the Mass be resumed from the point where it was dropped in the preceding chapter; with it will be found statements bearing on a few other more or less inconsequential compositions.

  19. The recital of minor events and the introduction of the names of inconsequential or slightly important persons have been avoided, except in some cases where an enumeration has been made for purposes of illustration or emphasis.

  20. The shortcomings of this presumptively primitive type of character are weakness, inefficiency, lack of initiative and ingenuity, and a yielding and indolent amiability, together with a lively but inconsequential animistic sense.

  21. What a plague of inconsequential violators of any necessary peace!

  22. That was a mawkish attainment now; it was so cheap and inconsequential compared to the sense of accomplishment which had been his when Jane Hunter had thrown herself into his arms and begged that he carry her into his life!

  23. That his life was in danger, that his body hurt, were inconsequential details compared to the love that had died yesterday, to the hurt of his heart!

  24. Wealth is valueless to the possessor if it shuts out love; and if love be present, wealth holds but an inconsequential place.

  25. But described realistically and coldbloodedly, with all that wealth of minute and apparently inconsequential detail which Dreiser piles up so amazingly, he becomes a figure astonishingly vivid, lifelike and engrossing.

  26. Davencott had carried the tonic impatience of earlier years among inconsequential people into a sphere where bullying was a novelty with a direct traceable salutary effect.

  27. He was confused by the ease with which the real, the solid, became the nebulous and unreal, as though the only standard of values, of weights and measures, lay absurdly in his own inconsequential attitude.

  28. They who think independence is to be achieved by brilliant but inconsequential victories would do well to look at the magnitude of Yankee possessions in our country.

  29. For one thing, less inconsequential than most would think, he looked the part.

  30. This time the consequences--although intended to be devastating--had in fact been peripheral, an inconsequential detonation somewhere halfway into space.

  31. He was born to be incidental, I reckon, heredity, breeding and the chance of life all conspiring together to fit him for that inconsequential role.

  32. And then again, making a place away out here homelike never struck me as being anything but an inconsequential detail.

  33. It was quite useless at the moment for her to tell herself that Mrs. Toomey was only a pitiful inconsequential little coward, whose action was in keeping with her nature.

  34. Stripped of the virtues in which the girl had clothed her, she stood forth a scheming, inconsequential little coward in a weak ineffectual rack of a body--not strong enough to be vicious, without the courage to be dangerous.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inconsequential" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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