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Example sentences for "inconsiderable"

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inconnu; inconsequence; inconsequent; inconsequential; inconsequently; inconsiderate; inconsiderately; inconsiderateness; inconsideration; inconsistence
  1. At the entrance of Oswego River stands a fort of the same name, garrisoned only at present by an inconsiderable party.

  2. These are defended by some small bastions, on which are mounted a few indifferent cannon of an inconsiderable size, just sufficient for its defence against the Indians, or an enemy not provided with artillery.

  3. Although so dingy and inconsiderable to the eye, he feared it might have more significance to the touch.

  4. In simpler times, demons would almost seem to have made no inconsiderable part of the population.

  5. His work derived no inconsiderable moral support from his unblemished personal character.

  6. The application of them all to our subject would be a task requiring the cooperation of many specialists in many lines for some not inconsiderable period of time.

  7. This attitude has been no inconsiderable factor in the relatively late industrial development in Catholic countries.

  8. The mock-heroic, by a contrary process, provokes the sense of the ridiculous by investing what is inconsiderable and mean with high-sounding epithets and dignified description.

  9. Remember that it is, in general, ungraceful to end a sentence with an adverb, a preposition, or any inconsiderable word or phrase, which may either be omitted or be introduced earlier.

  10. King Beder had wrapped up one of the two cakes in a handkerchief very neatly, took it out, and presented it to the queen, saying, I beg your majesty to accept of it, though it be so inconsiderable a present.

  11. Piero and Antonio Pollajuoli, though employed only as statuaries in the same Chapel, possessed no inconsiderable powers as painters.

  12. Thanks to the many Russian tourists and students who became imbued with these ideas during their sojourn in Paris, socialism, towards the end of “the forties,” attained no inconsiderable popularity among the educated class in Russia.

  13. The amount of “arrears” due by the peasants to the treasury is represented by no inconsiderable figure, as may be seen from the following table: Amount of taxes Arrears.

  14. It is obvious that whenever the use of a pasture is rented for horses or cows, a not inconsiderable part of the community is practically excluded from the agreement.

  15. The shoemaker is the only one of his trade in the valley--with one inconsiderable exception.

  16. Rockland was a town of no inconsiderable pretensions.

  17. Spring and autumn are inconsiderable events in a landscape compared with the shadows of a cloud.

  18. It is the persecution of man, the haunting of his trivial visions, and the oppression of his inconsiderable brain.

  19. This religious house was, no doubt, at one time of not inconsiderable size and importance, and was, it is believed, dedicated to our Saviour and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  20. D'Aubigny, who lay at this time with an inconsiderable body of French troops in the south of Calabria, saw the necessity of some vigorous movement to check the further progress of the enemy.

  21. It amounted in all to eighty vessels, most of them of inconsiderable size.

  22. Epirus ever was, and is at this day, deemed but an inconsiderable accession to the kingdom of Macedonia.

  23. Consentia and Pandosia, with some other inconsiderable states, submitted voluntarily.

  24. The Ausetanians were in the centre, the right wing was occupied by the Ilergetians, the left by some inconsiderable states of Spain.

  25. That rumour decided war; and that the most inconsiderable incidents had power to excite hope and fear in the mind.

  26. It gave Lewis great joy when he heard that the English, instead of pushing their victory, and attacking the dismayed troops of France, returned to the siege of so inconsiderable a place as Terouane.

  27. But this infidelity did the king inconsiderable prejudice, in comparison of the treachery which he experienced from the selfish purposes of the ally on whom he chiefly relied for assistance.

  28. The advantages gained by this powerful confederacy between Henry and Charles, were inconsiderable during the present year.

  29. An inconsiderable rebellion broke out in Yorkshire, headed by Sir John Nevil; but it was soon suppressed, and Nevil, with other ringleaders, was executed.

  30. Neither of these bodies appears to have had more than a temporary existence, although the commission sat for some time and accomplished no inconsiderable amount of work.

  31. Yet how inconsiderable would the number of invaders appear did the Britons but compute their own forces!

  32. The Burgundians are not mentioned by Tacitus, probably because they were then an inconsiderable people.

  33. The object of the expedition being unattainable, Lord Stirling commenced his retreat, which was effected with inconsiderable loss.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inconsiderable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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