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  1. From the fort at Saybrook this little company set sail on the twentieth of May, 1637, and landed in brilliant moonlight near Point Judith, where they were reinforced by four hundred Narragansetts and Nyantics.

  2. Their task was to assault and carry an entrenched fort or walled village containing seven hundred Pequots.

  3. Two years afterward a few pioneers from Dorchester pushed through the wilderness as far as the Plymouth men's fort at Windsor, while a party from Watertown went farther and came to a halt upon the site of Wethersfield.

  4. Their winter supplies were sent around by water to meet them, but early in November the ships had barely passed the Saybrook fort when they found the river blocked with ice and were obliged to return to Boston.

  5. She only knew that the fort was being stormed; that the numbers of the enemy seemed multitudinous, and that the noise was deafening.

  6. The Council of Safety hath confirmed my commission as captain, and hath ordered me to take the company to Tom's River to garrison the fort there.

  7. Meantime we heard the cannonading and knew that the blockhouse was attacked, but by the time we could make our way back to the village, the fort had fallen, and the British were burning the town.

  8. From the fort of West Point proper, which lay on the edge of the river, to the very top of the mountain at the foot of which it stood were six different forts, all in the form of an amphitheater so arranged as to protect each other.

  9. But so long as the fort stood the village was safe, and breathlessly the anxious women waited the issue, striving, when the smoke lifted, to catch glimpses of what was occurring.

  10. A short distance beyond the fort a bridge spanned the river, for the village was situated on both banks of the stream.

  11. A telegram says that the fort blew up on the 24th.

  12. The fifth is not of much use for anything, but he is very fond of his master, a sympathetic survivor of 'Fort Chabrol.

  13. But we learn later that it was Begbie's factory and not the fort that exploded.

  14. Their chief demanded a volunteer to blow up the fort when farther resistance should become impossible.

  15. The baron was kept prisoner, and the Ubiches demanded a cap-full of silver for his ransom from the Russian commandant of Fort Ardler.

  16. At the fort of Michailoff, which made the most obstinate defence, the ditch was filled with their corpses.

  17. The fort of Swiatoi-Krest, built by the conqueror, was soon afterwards retaken by a swarm of fanatical mountaineers from the eastern Caucasus.

  18. This afternoon come Mrs. Lowther to me to the office, and there je did toker ses mammailles and did baiser them and su bocca, which she took fort willingly.

  19. This afternoon I had opportunity para jouer with Mrs. Pen, tokendo her mammailles and baisando elle, being sola in the casa of her pater, and she fort willing.

  20. They had reached the head of the lake when it was again necessary to stop and build a fort for their winter stay.

  21. He had on his red coat, which was his pride, and he was taking a fort protected by high walls of sand.

  22. A rude fort called Fort Rouge was built, and leaving his sons to trade with the Indians, Vérendrye pushed on up the Assiniboine and in one week came to the “Portage of the Prairie.

  23. The next year they reached Lake Winnipeg by way of the Winnipeg River, and near its mouth they built Fort Maurepas, now known as Fort Alexander.

  24. Sailing down the Pigeon River, they entered Rainy Lake and built Fort St. Pierre on its left bank.

  25. This was called by the explorer, Fort De La Reine.

  26. In seventy-eight days they reached Kaministiquia, a fur post on Lake Superior, where Fort William now stands.

  27. By this time they were beyond the range of the fort guns, and in safety; but notwithstanding the remonstrances of the terrified Intendante, Philip altered the course of the boat, and started back to the harbour.

  28. Had the boat of Senor Felipe entered the harbour under the opal flag, I would have ordered the fort guns to sink her for such audacity.

  29. On the flag-tower of the principal fort floated the banner of the insurgent leader, the same in all respects as that of the Republic, save that the colour was red instead of yellow.

  30. After mass we rode out to a mound that had attracted our attention a day or two before, and which proved to be a fort or temple, or probably both combined.

  31. The little island and fort of San Juan de Ulúa just opposite the wharfs, the island of Sacrificios a little farther to the left.

  32. Last year, when that enemy came to this bay, he helped to cast the artillery; and he worked at it day and night, until they had cast so many pieces that they sufficed to put the fort of Cavite in a state of defense.

  33. The governor ordered that the galleys and the three galleons which were there (the fourth, the one from the shipyard, had not yet arrived) should with many pennants and streamers draw a little apart from the fort of Cabique.

  34. Just now I learned from the king of Tidore that many Dutchmen were killed at the burning of the fort of Ambueno.

  35. From the Mindanaos there came persistent rumors that they were undertaking to set out with a large fleet to besiege the fort of Caraga which was in the same island, Mindanao, and held in check a province of that island.

  36. He also said that the fort of Ambueno was burned, where that fleet has stopped until it can be rebuilt; but that they consider it certain from what they write that they will be here sometime in the month of July next.

  37. To prevent this, a little fort was constructed, and a large force of good infantry and heavy artillery was placed there to guard the construction.

  38. The third elevation and mine is that called Baranaban, which is about one legua from the said fort and mine of Arisey, on a barren hill that faces south, which is flooded by the sun all day long.

  39. May two, one-half libra of quicksilver was incorporated with two arrobas of ore obtained from the vein and works of the streamlet at the new mine mentioned above as being near our fort of Santiago.

  40. Those designs, as we have heard, are to besiege this city, or the forts of Terrenate, or to establish themselves in Otton in your Majesty's fort on the point of Ylo Ylo.

  41. The same thing is being done with the fort at Cavite, as I wrote to your Majesty.

  42. As the French would soon again occupy the fort if it was left without a garrison, and as the Spaniards could not be depended on, it was necessary to blow it up.

  43. The frigate made a long tack off the coast; when she again stood in the fort was made out, situated on a commanding elevation, overlooking the road which wound along the shore.

  44. On a near inspection a battery was discovered thrown up on each side of the bay, while a strong fort in the centre commanded the anchorage, and sentries were seen pacing the beach to prevent the possibility of any prisoners escaping.

  45. In the other fort Mr Tarbot, the boatswain, had charge of a similar crew.

  46. An old French military officer, who acted as governor, was a very strict disciplinarian, and was continually going from fort to fort and inspecting his troops, so that neither he nor they were likely to be caught asleep.

  47. We had just passed the town and fort of Perote.

  48. In the distance we descried Vera Cruz, with its spires and domes, and the fort San Juan de Ulloa, that stood like a rock among the billows, above which shot the tall, slender masts of the shipping in the roads.

  49. The matter was easily arranged, and within two hours of our arrival at the fort I was installed in a little room in the men's quarters.

  50. My mother was the daughter of a company factor in charge of Fort Beaver.

  51. I reached Port Beaver the next day, read the cryptogram, and found the papers; with them were the receipt for the trunk at Fort Garry and the key.

  52. I was in the next file of three, with a couple of Fort Charter men for company.

  53. The dispatches come from Fort Charter, and contain information received there from Fort York and other northern posts.

  54. I will command one, take the wounded with me, and push on to Fort Elk, which is about eighty miles to the southeast.

  55. And the moment I saw him I recognized an old acquaintance--a hunter who had of late years served at Fort Charter.

  56. The rising of the redskins and the Northwest people may be checked by prompt action; it is probably not yet known beyond Fort Royal, nor have there been attacks elsewhere.

  57. If we set out for Fort Charter we shall lose our way, sir, and perhaps become exhausted and freeze to death.

  58. At a small table at the other end of the room three officers of the fort were playing cards with the silence and attention of old-world gamesters.

  59. It lies rather more than a hundred milts to the south, and your shortest route will be by way of old Fort Beaver.

  60. The ground dips down to the fort there, and we had a clean sweep.

  61. The Indians may have gone north to attack other forts on the bay, or possibly they will march to Fort Charter next.

  62. A number of men were talking in low tones, and after listening a minute we gathered that they had a prisoner and intended taking him down to the Northwest Company's fort in the morning.

  63. This necessitated a change of position of the division, and I moved to ground behind our works, with my right resting on Fort Negley and my left extending well over toward Fort Wood, my front being parallel to Missionary Ridge.

  64. Fort Reading was the starting-point for this exploring expedition, and there I arrived some four or five days after the party under Lieutenant Williamson had begun its march.

  65. On the morning of August 5 Lieutenant Hood started back to Fort Reading, and Lieutenant Williamson resumed his march for the Columbia River.

  66. So during all the period I lived at Fort Duncan and its sub-camps, nearly sixteen months, fresh vegetables were practically unobtainable.

  67. I pointed out to him on the map the spot where he would find the two men left on the roadside, and he was directed to take them into Fort Reading.

  68. At the outbreak of the Revolution the name of the fort was changed to Schuyler, and the next year (1777) it was besieged by Major Barry St. Leger with a force of Indian allies; the post was finally relieved by General Benedict Arnold.

  69. We found Fort Pièrre in great want of fresh provisions, no buffaloes having been seen during the whole winter, and the inmates of the fort, as well as the Indians, being very numerous.

  70. Fort Jackson was built by Chardon (for whom see our volume xxiii, p.

  71. Both commanded for the French among the Miami Indians, but the younger built (probably in 1727) the fort at the site called by his name.

  72. The first settler near the fort was a German, Johann Reuff (or Roof).

  73. At Utica, originally a ford on Mohawk River, a small fort was erected during the French and Indian War, named Fort Schuyler, but it was abandoned before the Revolution.

  74. On the 12th of September, near Fort Mc Kenzie.

  75. On the 15th of April, Picotte arrived with about twenty men, and had his boat laden with maize, which he was to carry to Fort Union.

  76. In 1705, Queen's Fort was built therein, and it was garrisoned until the Revolution.

  77. Besides staying four days with the Manitaries, Mr. Kipp and his party had been twelve days on their journey to Fort Union.

  78. Reinforcements of troops from Fort Niagara met with a similar fate, and fell into an ambush, when all but eight were slain.

  79. He brought nothing with him from Fort Pitt except his horse, a black-coated, fine limbed thoroughbred, which he frankly confessed was all he could call his own.

  80. How would we ever reach the fort by the big river?

  81. While at Fort Pitt I used to have spells of the blues which lasted for days.

  82. He was as white as that sheet and he stalked off toward the Fort without a word to me.

  83. If I were you I would not undertake that trip to Fort Pitt until the weather breaks.

  84. He says Mr. Miller was friendly with McKee, and the notorious Simon Girty, the soldiers who deserted from Fort Pitt and went to the Indians.

  85. Have you not met Mr. Miller before he came here from Fort Pitt?

  86. Wetzel told me to dig for the Fort and he left me in a hurry.

  87. The information he brought disturbed Captain Boggs, who commanded the garrison, as a number of men were away on a logging expedition up the river, and were not expected to raft down to the Fort for two weeks.

  88. Girty saw you when you were at Fort Pitt two years ago.

  89. I have not seen a book since I came to Fort Henry.

  90. If they make a rush all at once and place ladders against the fence we'll have the Fort full of Indians in ten minutes.

  91. Almost at the same instant a solitary rifle shot rang out and the daring warrior plunged headlong, sliding face downward in the dust of the road, while from the Fort came that demoniac yell now grown so familiar.

  92. That same day, several hours after Wetzel's departure in quest of the turkey, Alfred Clarke strolled over from the fort and found Colonel Zane in the yard.

  93. I know it was that soldier from Fort Pitt.

  94. Akbar's palace, in the fort of Agra, is built entirely of red sandstone.

  95. A few hours afterwards the forlorn wanderers entered the fort of Amarkot, near Tatta, which is surrounded by a dreary waste of sand-hills.

  96. In 1835 a fort was built on the eastern shore of the Caspian and several armed steamers were placed on its waters.

  97. In 1853 the Russians besieged and captured the fort of Ak Mechet, on the Syr, thought by its holders to be impregnable.

  98. The fort was at first built of wood, which was replaced by stone some years afterwards.

  99. While the fort was in process of erection a church was also built, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul.

  100. On that day, fatal to the Turkoman power, Skobeleff had taken the fort by storm, dealing death wherever he moved, until not a man was left alive within its walls except some hundreds of fettered Persian slaves.

  101. A fort was begun in the water near the island's shores, stone being sunk for its foundation.

  102. On the fifth day of the siege, from the walls of the fort a number of Tartar couriers, mounted on the swift Bactrian camels, were seen to cross the plains and ride into the Kalmuck camp at their highest speed.

  103. Thus insidiously has the power of the emperor made its way into the steppes, fort after fort being built, those in the rear being abandoned as the country became subdued and new forts arose in the south.

  104. In the early days of the eighteenth century his armies captured a small Swedish fort on Lake Ladoga near the river Neva.

  105. Within the fort thousands more had fallen, the women and children here being spared.

  106. In 1847 a fort was built on the Sea of Aral, at the mouth of the Syr-Daria, whose waters formed the only safe avenue to the desert-girdled khanate of Khokand.

  107. To this event was due the terrifying news that reached Barnaoul, the alarm being carried to a Cossack fort whose commandant was drunk at the time and sent out a series of exaggerated reports.

  108. Engineer and Artillery Operations against the Defences of Charleston Harbor in 1863; comprising the Descent upon Morris Island, the Demolition of Fort Sumter, the Reduction of Forts Wagner and Gregg.

  109. If that Christmas-tree had been a fort to be taken, or a campaign to be planned, I could not have spent more time and strength on it.

  110. He thought of sleeping children roused by tomahawk and scalping-knife in case the surprised fort did not immediately surrender.

  111. They must have taken the fort without firing a gun.

  112. The fort had been surrendered without a shot, to save the lives of the villagers, and they were all hurried to the distillery and put under guard.

  113. The thunder of the cannon fairly shook the earth and the clouds of smoke enveloped the fort in almost midnight darkness.

  114. Arriving at Charleston Bar on the afternoon of the 13th of April we passed into the harbour, and as we went by Fort Sumter the entire company assembled upon the upper deck and sang "Old Hundred.

  115. On his return to the fort on the fifth day he found it besieged by the Spaniards from the men-of-war; and, after a vain attempt to maintain its defence, he succeeded with a few companions in making his escape in a small vessel.

  116. Deogiri (Devagiri), and between this and the base of the upper fort are three lines of defences.

  117. The fort is a place of extraordinary strength.

  118. In 1294 the fort was captured by Ala-ud-din Khilji, and the rajas, so powerful that they were held by the Mussulmans at Delhi to be the rulers of all the Deccan, were reduced to pay tribute.

  119. The three first quarters once had formidable forts, of which the French fort alone survives.

  120. She must do her best with the ammunition at hand, and be quick about it, for here was her fort of refuge, and she must hold it while she fired her one shot.

  121. Two others left at the same time, and only a couple of the old guard remained to hold the fort with Win.

  122. Crawford was also one of those who took a prominent part in the defence of Fort Sumter, at the beginning of the war.

  123. Hall, commanding a brigade in Hancock's corps, who rendered this great service, was one of the garrison who defended Fort Sumter at the beginning of the war.

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